Copycat Looks Gone Wrong: 20 People Who Were Just Doing Their Best

Thanks to social media, pretty much everyone has at least one friend on their list that spotted something super cute and artsy online that they just HAVE to try and recreate to show off how talented they are to the entire world.

Most folks know that unless one has mad skills in whatever kind of subject they’re trying their hand at, such as baking an elaborate cake, the work of amateurs is likely always going to come out looking like a gong show.

Underneath is a hysterical compilation of amateurs that proved that the popular online tag “expectation versus reality” is NOT just a figure of speech, but a comedy-inducing thing one can expect from their buds on social media.

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20 Messy Hair Don't Care

Via: 9Gag

Look, braiding hair can be super difficult, especially if one’s hand-eye coordination is less than phenomenal.

This half-arsed attempt is just plain ol’ pitiful and would make hair stylists scream in horror. It honestly looks like a hyperactive toddler did it OR one of their friends attempted to braid their hair with their feet.

19 Goth Look Gone Wrong

Via: Pinterest

Don’t these people know that most of the fancy makeup and hair that they see online is USUALLY done by a) professionals or b) folks that WANT to be professionals in that field?

This looks like the lady got up at 3 a.m. and decided to take a few sips of Red Bull before performing an impromptu manicure.

18 Ronald McDonald Approves Of The Look

Via: Imgur

After that atrocious end result staring back at this chick from the mirror, she honestly should have just decided to wash her face and create a last-minute Halloween costume that didn’t require any makeup.

The black lines around the nose are on point but it just looks weird AF without the bold red lipstick and those measle-looking red dots.

17 She Doesn't Know How To Describe The Color Lavender

Via: Imgur

Look, rocking lavender hair seems to be all the rage now, but this poor woman should have realized that she needs to bleach her hair platinum blonde a la Daenerys Targaryen in order to correctly pull this off.

It doesn’t even look lavender—there MIGHT be a hint of pink if one squints but the dye laughed so hard at her stupidity and noped out of there.

16 RuPaul Is Cackling Right Now

Via: Instagram

Not sure why anyone in their right mind would want to wear bright lime green eye shadow unless it’s Halloween or they are celebrating St. Patrick’s Day.

At least the professional makeup artist made the neon color look SOMEWHAT nice, this woman looks like she hired a clown to apply her eye shadow.

15 Worst Celeb Impersonation Attempt Ever

Via: Imgur

The best part of this fail is that this dude isn’t even wearing an actual DRESS from a store; he simply grabbed a piece of fabric similar in color and half-assed making an actual outfit. That’s the kind of laziness I can get behind!

The awkward-looking Chihuahua stuffies really sell it though—clearly this dude has never been around that breed of dog; they’re weird looking but they don’t look like deformed Pokemon.

14 Not Sure If Wig Or Real Hair

Via: Pinterest

Sure, there’s a lot of complicated hair tutorials floating around online that require a bit of witchcraft to turn out nice, but this is a BUN. It’s really not that difficult to do—just grab some friggin’ hair pins and hair ties.

This woman must have two left hands plus terrible hand-eye coordination; there’s really no other explanation for the rat’s nest on her head.

13 Just Buy A Damn Keurig

Via: Imgur

At first glance, this pile of mud looks like it came from one of those mix-it packet coffee grinds and it’s like bro, get a damn Keurig—no one has time for packets anymore.

Knowing it is a MUG CAKE that is PURPOSELY made to simple a toddler can do it is even more hilarious. Did they forget that you gotta get a spoon and STIR the thing?

12 Listen--That Is The Sound Of Benedict Cumberbatch Laughing

Via: Twitter/Imgur

It is considered cool to be geeky now and conventions are more popular than ever. Some folks cosplay as their favorite characters; there’s a few that simply pick up an outfit from the local party store but others go all out.

This guy gets a giant F for fail because his costume looks like his grandma with bad eyesight made it in a half-hour. Those gloves are WAY too big for his hands and the character’s tunic is not made of such a hideous blue fabric, my dude.

11 Someone Needs To Re-Learn How To Bake

Via: Imgur

It’s pretty damn funny seeing how that oh-so-perfect snowman turned into a blonde Jabba the Hutt from Star Wars after being in the oven.

Guess she learned the hard way that unless you’re a professional baker and have in-depth knowledge of how to make cool cookies in different shapes, the oven will laugh at your attempts and bloat the cookie so the form is way different.

10 Looks Like Old Pantyhose

Via: Imgur

First off, what on Earth is a shaving cap? What woman would wear that when shaving their legs? For those that shave their legs in the shower, isn’t that what shower caps are for?

Second, this product looks like someone grabbed some panty hose and came up with a clever marketing gimmick in an attempt to get rich quick.

9 Designed By A Toddler

Via: Pinterest

Okay, this is a super cute idea but the execution of this art print attempt was utterly pathetic.

This woman’s hand-eye coordination is pitiful, especially considering it is not ROCKET SCIENCE to slop paint on an apple and hold it in place for a few minutes. Johnny Appleseed is so disappointed in her lack of artistry, y’all.

8 Mom Is Off Camera Laughing Hysterically

Via: Instagram/Imgur

Sure, new parents might find themselves a little flustered when it comes to all of the contraptions they need to hold, feed and entertain their baby; but most people tend to read the instructions or watch tutorial videos and they get the hang of it pretty quickly.

Pretty sure this guy’s ego got the better of him and thought he knew better than the instructions, much to that poor baby’s chagrin.

7 Flipper Is Giving Some Major Side-Eye Right Now

Via: Reddit

Flipper is probably staring at the photo on the left and thinking that he could’ve done a better job even WITHOUT opposable thumbs.

Unless someone has a thin knife for slicing food items up, this was NEVER going to work. The poor drink maker has terrible eyesight too since it’s clear as day that the banana they picked is short and squat, which means their dolphin came out looking more like Free Willy.

6 That Child Is Going To Develop A Fear Of Stuffed Animals

Via: Reddit

There is so many things wrong with this photo and the parents better pray that the CDC never sees it, otherwise they’re going to be sent a strongly-worded letter.

Pretty sure that elephant stuffed animal is considered a major hazard for babies and the awkward position that child is in doesn’t help.

5 Talk About A Waste Of Precious Time And Effort

Via: Reddit

Are we sure that this so-called tattoo artist wasn’t just some college student bombed out of their minds armed with ink and a tattooing machine? This tattoo doesn’t match to the original at ALL.

Did the tattooist need glasses or something, because DAMN I’m not sure how tiny flower petals go to looking like a piece of candy or how a pink flower magically becomes red.

4 Arts And Crafts 101 Was A Dud

Via: Reddit

Errr, didn’t the person that attempted this realize that this was likely made of YARN and held together with some sort of Incredible Hulk-esque glue?

Anyone with at least half an inch of common sense knows that pipe cleaners don’t make for good Christmas ornaments arts and crafts because they don’t stay on without a lot of muss and fuss. Go for the yarn and glue next time my dude.

3 Leonardo DaVinci Is Weeping

Via: Reddit

This so-called portrait is so damn BAD that even die-hard fans of One Direction would have a difficult time trying to figure out which member of the group that was supposed to be.

Instead of looking like a member of a popular boy band, the artist looks as if they tried to re-create a Neanderthal.

2 Ramsay Gordon Fainted At The Sight Of This Burnt Husk

Via: Instagram

Seeing the side-by-side photos is a great way to lose one’s appetite—the black and white square cake on the left looks so tempting but that burnt out mess is definitely vomit-inducing.

Folks, unless you have mad baking skills or know someone who does, stick to making things that aren’t as difficult to screw up, like chocolate chip cookies or icebox cake.

1 Disney Is Laughing All The Way To The Bank

Via: Reddit

Well played, Disney, well played—selling a bunch of cheap arts and crafts supplies for harried parents to purchase for their kids that comes out looking like something a sleepy toddler would make.

Given the rinky dink supplies, it looks downright impossible for anyone other than a master artist to bring Forky to life.

Sources: Reddit, Imgur, Instagram

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