20 Cosplayers Who Clearly Had No Idea Who They Were Cosplaying

Cosplay is one of the most fun things to do out there, there's no doubt about that. Some people are crazier about it than others, but in the right mindset, what can't be fun about dressing up as somebody else for the day, forgetting your worries, and living the life of someone you idolize? It's also an extraordinary way to express creativity, embrace self-expression, and many other things.

Often times cosplay is a way to help build confidence, to branch out, and to grow friendships. It's also the backbone for many different kinds of cons, from ComicCon to Anthrocon. In any case, there's something for virtually everyone to enjoy in cosplay. But not all cosplay are equal in quality or skill, so let's take a look at some cosplayers who clearly had no idea what they were cosplaying.

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20 Could Be Worse, Maybe

via pinterest.com

This cosplay is so reprehensible that is is hardly even recognizable at first glance. Yes, this is indeed Iron Man himself, though it would be quite hard to note that fact to be true, considering the inexcusably bad quality of costume. Someone clearly didn't really know what they were doing with this one.

19 What A Mess

via reddit.com

With the new Sonic the Hedgehog movie coming out soon, it's hard to think of anything else that could ruin our childhood video game hero more than that treasonous atrocity. This cosplay does a pretty good job at getting close to that, though. It's pretty bad, and by pretty bad we mean horrifyingly bad. What happened to his face?

18 Hardly Even Bothered

via pinterest.com

These people hardly even bothered with their cosplay at all, really, it's just a sad group of people who barely even look like what they're supposed to even be cosplaying. The bad costumes are one thing, but the tennis shoes are really just on a whole different level of lackadaisical.

17 Iconic

via reddit.com

In the comedy world, it's hard to come across a name or man that is more iconic than Will Ferrel himself. He really is unmatched in so many different ways. Here he is in costume, presumably dressed up as Megamind, though really it's such an iconically bad representation it could be anyone's guess.

16 It's All About The Heels

via reddit.com

The ghosts from the Ghostbusters movie franchise are disturbing enough as is, let alone when someone decides to cosplay them in real life. This person looks like they found this bag in a closet somewhere and put it on with their crazy red heels and called it good. We wish we could just unsee this one.

15 Just Got Nightmares

via deskgram.com

The movie Despicable Me is a genuine classic of our generation, but the one black spot in many people's mind are the godawful Minions, the helpers of Gru, the main antagonist turned protagonist. Yet somehow they grew to immense popularity, much to the chagrin of many. These are not some of those many. Please send help.

14 Just Horrifying, Really

via funnyjunk.com

When you have a family that seems to fit in with you favorite sitcom, and then you realize that your family is also the same number of members, that does not mean it's okay to do this. This, whatever you want to call it, is not okay, no matter what. Let's hope they didn't go out in public, and only took a picture.

13 Kitchen Gloves Will Do The Trick

via reddit.com

This man is out here, fearlessly showing off his cosplay, and there's dignity in that. What there isn't any dignity in is the level of quality concerning his outfit. Green kitchen gloves, no matter what, are not an acceptable prop in a costume. It's just lazy cosplay, really, and they must be uncomfortable to wear all day.

12 Maybe In Some Fan-Fic Somewhere

via kiwireport.com

When googling cosplay ideas, something like this may pop up. You may have never seen Star Wars, never really cared much about it, but, like, omg, they are so cute and matching and there's three of my friends so we can all match. They're just scary, really, and not in the movies at all. Maybe in some pretty steamy fan-fic or something, though.

11 Missed The Point Entirely

via pinterest.com

Okay, either this guy is seriously clever, or seriously confused. He must have meant to do it, considering he is a redhead, but it's still hilarious, really. He literally is a ginger bread man. He's carrying bread in satchels. Hopefully he sells it or eats it before it goes stale.

10 More Like BatCan

via reddit.com

There's ways to do a Batman costume, and there's ways not to do a Batman costume. This is just an example of how not to do a Batman costume. There is a cutout plywood chest piece which has to be horrifically uncomfortable, as well as a literal can for his head. Someone call Bat Can to the scene.

9 Not A Good Cosplay Period

via kiwifarms.net

This person seems to have just put a very incomprehensibly bad mask over their head and deemed it good enough for this cosplay. At least try to look presentable, even though no one knows who you really are or what your actual identity is. We don't need to see your face to be embarrassed for you.

8 Not Doing It Right

via pinterest.com

This ragtag bunch of friends seems to have just googled very quickly what Star Wars was all about and in as much of a rush imaginable threw together these truly bad costumes. Some of them are so pathetic that they're not really even recognizable. R2-D2 is just a trash can with a label.

7 Halo Kitty...Close But Not Quite

via deviantart.com

Hello Kitty and Halo Kitty are two very different things, and that means that either this person did this on purpose to be funny, or they really have no idea who they are cosplaying. In any case, it's pretty amusing to look at, especially considering how bafflingly short they are.

6 Not Sure She's Read The Book

via reddit.com

Sometimes elderly people get very confused, or think they are in the know and the hip, but really aren't. This older lady is either way with it, having read the books and is now making fun of them, or has never read the books and just decided to go with the title in whatever way she decided. Not sure which is more clever.

5 Not Sure Who Thought This Would Be A Good Idea

via pinterest.com

So the thing about Yoshi and Mario is that they are of similar size, and while yes, technically you can ride a llama like Mario can ride Yoshi, this is not a very good idea. It seems a bit like animal cruelty to me, and the end result isn't impressive, it's just confusing.

4 Not Very Historical

via flickr.com

Roman Centurions can turn into some pretty spectacular cosplays. If they're done right, that is. There's a lot that goes into making a great one. This is just lazy cosplay, though, as it's not very historical, considering Romans neither had cardboard nor did they have glasses, red t-shirts, and cargo shorts.

3 Someone Is Just A Little Confused

via reddit.com

Poe Dameron is quite a bit different than Edgar Allen Poe, and either this person is aware of this and is making a clever play on words, or they're very confused about who they're cosplaying. Perhaps they are having an identity crisis about who they really are. Or not, who knows.

2 F For Effort

via reddit.com

If the poses struck by these two weren't indicative enough, the quality of their cosplay reveals just how little of an effort they put into their costumes, one being Thanos and the other being She-Hulk. Either way, they could use a little character building.

1 Beedle And Tingle

via reddit.com

For anyone who has played The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, this cosplay will be particularly funny, as the characters will be quite recognizable. Beedle is a character that you are introduced to right away and interact with for most of the game, Tingle is a character outfit DLC extra. For these two, however, it's perhaps for the best they check out the game again.

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