16 Cosplays That Are Too Gorgeous To Be Accurate

Something dangerous happens when beautiful women decide to get involved in cosplay. For starters, they tend to showcase the parts of their bodies they are used to displaying, and there is nothing wrong with that. However, it can take away from the accuracy of the cosplay itself.

Jessica Nigri is the queen of turning cosplay into her own personal costumes. There are times when she nails the cosplay and then there are times when she flat out gets it wrong in order to add her incredibly sexy features over anything else.

Many more women have done this and have made the decision to forego the accuracy of their cosplay and instead put their biggest, and best, features on display for the droves of fanboys that are going to gawk over them.

Here are 16 of the cosplays we found that were so gorgeous, there is simply no way they can be accurate.

16 Hermione (Harry Potter)

via ivoiregion.net

To be fair, this one is actually pretty accurate...at least, the top half is. It's unlikely that Harry's friend would ever strike a pose like this, and everything from the waist down is very unlikely to be found in any wizarding store in J.K. Rowling's world. It's certainly not Hogwarts appropriate.

15 R2D2 (Star Wars)

via aliexpress

To date, there has simply never been a single woman that has accurately been able to pull off the R2D2 cosplay mainly because he was a robot, not a human being.

In order to accurately pull this one off, you would have to create a robot in which you ride inside and control, similar to the ones used in the films. So, even though she is gorgeous, a robot she is not and never will be.

14 Boba Fett (Star Wars)

via reddit.com

In a perfect world, Boba Fett would take off his helmet and this would be the person underneath all that armor. It could still happen in the next wave of Star Wars films but it would have to be his daughter or something like that.

Regardless of how we get to it, we need this version of Boba Fett in our lives and so do the millions of Star Wars fans all over the world.

13 Joker (DC Comics)

via pinterest.com

From the moment we came across this image, we knew something was not right. It feels as if this woman was focused on doing the makeup for the Joker more than worrying about the rest of the outfit.

In other words, after she finished the makeup, she realized she was out of time and just put together whatever she had lying around to finish it off. Either way, it works for us.

12 Darth Vader (Star Wars)

via deviantart.com

There have been many people who have helped make Darth Vader cosplay sexy and this model is one more.

She has thrown away almost all of the actual costume but left just enough to remind us that this is supposed to be Darth Vader. Even without a mask, we would know thanks to the voicebox.

11 Iron Man (Marvel)

via themarysue.com

Iron Man is no longer going to be making movies for Marvel, at least not Robert Downey Jr., anytime soon, so maybe the time for a female Iron Man is now. We have no clue if that could happen but if so, who are we to complain otherwise?

The shear fact that this beautiful woman has constructed such a sexy version of this cosplay tells us that the possibility is there, even if the accuracy is not.

10 Wampa (Star Wars)

via dorkly.com

Nope, no, and no thank you.

If there is any characters from the Star Wars franchise that should never be turned into a cosplay, it has to be a Wampa. These creatures are disgusting and vile and have zero appealing qualities that would turn on anyone, let alone fanboys.

However, this gorgeous model has turned a Wampa into a sexy cosplay by basically just using the horns, which is good enough for our eyes but not for our brains.

9 Bowser (Super Mario Bros.)

via select game

Bowser is the last character you would think someone would turn into a sexy version through cosplay, but she has done it and, for that, we applaud her.

Bowser is in no way attractive but we seem to forget about all of that after seeing this cosplay and wondering where she was during our early years playing Nintendo. Even though this Bowsette thing has become very popular in recent years.

8 Lola Bunny (Space Jam)

via tumblr.com

We have to give her props for being the most accurate on our list. That said, anytime you decide to cosplay cartoon animals such as bunnies, you need to follow a few simple rules if you want to be accurate.

First off, you need to have the fur. No fur, no animal. Second, you must give us the feeling that you are an actual living creation brought to life from the cartoon. She is gorgeous but a Lola Bunny she is not.

7 Link (The Legend of Zelda)

via rice digital

Anytime a female decides to put the Link outfit on, they are going to almost always tear away the stomach and shorten the pants. It is almost a certainty when it comes to the women cosplaying Link.

However, this incredibly beautiful woman added her own flare by turning the top into a crop-top, showcasing cleavage and abs over the accuracy of the character. Of course, we would much rather this version of Link than all others.

6 Misty (Pokemon)

via storenvy

It hurts to consider this an inaccurate cosplay because most fanboys would tell you just how accurate of a portrayal of Misty this is. The problem is, the creators of Pokémon did not really expect their characters to grow up and continue wearing these outfits.

In other words, as sexy as she is, this Misty is just plain too sexy for anything you would ever see in the Pokémon world. Although, Jessica Nigri has done a great job of turning Pokemon characters into sexy cosplays.

5 Sonic (Sonic The Hedgehog)

via gdestefano

Everything about this outfit is so wrong it makes us all wonder if she was really going for Sonic the Hedgehog or if that was a ploy to get fanboys over to her booth.

Although we love her version of the super-fast blue rodent, we cannot help but wonder about the accuracy of the outfit if a man were to wear it. That would be a very big problem.

4 Vegeta (Dragon Ball)

via ebaumsworld.com

Vegeta is one of the most popular Dragon Ball Z characters of all time and he is a guy, not a beautiful female model.

This outfit is so inaccurate that we almost had to double-check if this was who she was really trying to portray. After carefully doing research on it, we found out that she was definitely doing Vegeta and this is simply her version of the star character.

3 Elsa (Frozen)

via reddit

There are so many teenage males who will never be able to watch Frozen again after seeing their favorite Ice Queen, Elsa, turned into a Princess Leia slave from Star Wars. This is a mash-up version of the Disney star that makes us all curious about the film.

Either we missed something or they cut this scene out of the film entirely. Either way, if they decide to feature Elsa in the next one wearing this outfit, we would only be complaining as to why Disney would do such a thing.

2 Green Arrow (DC Comics)

via cosplayarchive.com

Green Arrow is one of the more underrated of superheroes and is a man, to be accurate. When females decide to portray a male character, they tend to change some of the outfit in order to better fit themselves.

Even with the accuracy of this cosplay being far above many of our others on the list, the knee pads take away from the entire costume and leaves us wondering just where she went wrong.

1 Captain America (Marvel)

via vixenphotography.com

Captain America cosplay is always one of the most popular among men and women. This version, however, is not even close to accurate and makes us really curious what the other Marvel characters would end up looking like through the eyes of this woman's idea of a cosplay.

Maybe it was the hat, or the fact that she is clearly a cowboy version of Captain America, but there is just something about this that makes no sense.

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