25 Weird Cosplays That Put The Originals To Shame

Cosplay is about creativity and finding new takes on favorite characters, but is it really possible to cosplay any character, even the ones that are supernatural or cosmic in nature? Even when on a strict budget? Or if the character is of the opposite gender?

Of course it is! To prove it, we have gathered 25 of the most amazingly creative cosplayers that will make anyone crack a smile at how clever, and sometimes hilarious these costumes are. While these guys might not have the money or resources that Disney, Marvel, DC, or any other massive corporations have, they certainly have creativity and boldness on their side. In some cases, we actually prefer these to the originals. Come check out 25 weird cosplays that put the originals to shame!

25 Deadpool Imperial Trooper

via Digital Spy

This is just so awesome! First of all, it's totally believable that Deadpool would don a Storm Trooper suit. Second, the bananas are hilarious... and a great potassium-rich snack. Third, it's a great plan B in case there are either too many Deadpools or too many Storm Troopers at the convention; He can either stay both characters or fully switch to one of them.

24 French Bulldog Arrow

via Digital Spy

Ever since the TV-series, Arrow has become an increasingly popular character from the DC universe - perhaps especially so regarding cosplay. Our favorite Arrow of all time is definitely this French Bulldog. Seriously, we don't ever need to see another version of Arrow, it will never be as good as this one!

23 Another Dalek

via Getty Images

Here's another Dalek. This version is arguably better than the previous one. Although the Daleks looked entirely robotic, they were, in fact, cyborgs, with a living body encased in and supported by an armed and mobile outer shell of protective metal armor. Daleks' bodies had mutated so drastically from their ancestors they had lost all humanoid appearance, save for one eye.

22 Zombie Snow White

via Digital Spy

This is pure brilliance! We love the zombified Snow White carrying her poisoned apple. Those who've read the old original European fairytales know how scary they were before Disney made them more family-friendly. There's no doubt that this version of Snow White would fit right in there, perhaps she would be hunting children and eating their brains as well?

21 Aliens Power Loader

via Instructables

This here is actually a full-sized version of the Power Loader from Aliens. You know, the one used in the awesome fight between Ripley and the Alien Queen. Apparently, the total build cost was $225, which must be said to be a bargain. One question though, would it be practical at parties?

20 Strange Wolverine Bot

via Pinterest

Wolverine is one of the most awesome mutants to ever walk the Earth. He's been a member of various X-Men teams, the Avengers, and judging by this outfit... the GoBots? Given how blocky this is, perhaps this is a Minecraft version of Wolverine? Or maybe in an alternate universe, Wolverine was not only a mutant but also a part of the Playmobil toys?

19 Grumpy Cat Venom

via CBR

The character of Venom hasn't really been a successful one. Topher Grace was not a well-received choice, and Tom Hardy got a mixed reaction from fans. We'd like to see Grumpy Cat Venom next! Is there a real cat under there? If so, could this be the best and most sinister of combinations: a venom symbiote on the most selfish of all animals?

18 Volstagg

via Pinterest

In the comic books, Volstagg had a chance to be Thor, dubbed War Thor. Here we see a warrior that may have been buff back in the day but he's past his prime with a big round belly and a giant bushy beard. It's the exaggerated big stomach and facial hair that makes this cosplay so much fun.

17 Bucky

via CBR

James Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes started out as Captain America's sidekick during World War II. He died in the same plane crash that resulted in Captain America being frozen in water, but would later return and become the Russian assassin known as the Winter Soldier. Instead of focusing on the Winter Soldier, this cosplayer went for the World War II outfit. We love all the buttons!

16 Deadpoolachu

via Pinterest

Deadpool is a hilarious character because he doesn't take himself seriously. In fact, he doesn't take anything seriously. Here we see Deadpool crossing over to the Pokemon universe by becoming a weird Deadpool-Pikachu hybrid. What's more disturbing: the fact that Deadpool would actually do this, or that it looks really good and he should have done this a long time ago? Well played, Deadpoolachu!

15 Fantastic Four

via Deviant Art

Here in this massive cosplay, we're treated to some awesome Fantastic Four action. Once you're done admiring the details of the Thing's rocky orange skin, Mr. Fantastic's Ultimate Nullifier or Sue Storm's invisible shields, you'll notice in the background Mole Man, Silver Surfer, and Galactus. Watching them from a slight distance is The Watcher! Don't think we don't see you back there, Uatu!

14 Ghost Rider

via CBR

The Ghost Rider features a flaming skull and the Penance Stare, a fiery glare that makes someone have to relive the pain of their victims. Behold the budget Ghost Rider, complete with "metal" head and paper fire coming out of his mouth! This costume is genius, tapping into Ghost Rider's scary persona in a fun, accessible way.

13 Rasta Venom

via CBR

The Venom symbiote certainly is an organic creature that has the ability to create webbing, change its appearance to resemble clothing, change its size and create weaponry. It also increases the wearer's strength and speed. Since it moves around on its host like liquid, they have added protruding tendrils to give us a sense of the suit being a creepy, living organism... Still kinda looks like dreadlocks though.

12 Kung Fu Avengers

via CBR

In the spoof Kung Fu Avengers, we see Tony and Steve with some very clever martial arts alterations to their iconic uniforms. They'll probably take their fighting to a new level as the two characters engage in a fight to end all fights. Check out Cap's red, white and blue farmer's hat, and Tony's still cool with his red jacket, gauntlets and arc reactor.

11 Young Avengers

via Pinterest

Some may think the Young Avengers is a rip off of Teen Titans, but YA is quite different from Teen Titans. Young Avengers storylines grappled with bullying, sexual identity, drug use and other topics affecting young adults. Although the Young Avengers dealt with serious topics, these cosplayers are taking a break from being superheroes to rock out and have some fun in a jam session.

10 Female Cable

via Pinterest

The Scarlet Witch made the majority of the world's mutants lose their powers. Cable, the time-traveling mutant, said a child named Hope would eventually become a savior for humans and mutants alike. He then took Hope to the future to better protect her. Here we have a female Cable in a sweet outfit, complete with a little mutant baby carrier. The baby is even a redhead to match Hope.

9 Dr. Octopus

via CBR

The evil Doctor Octopus had four mechanical arms were grafted onto him after a freak accident. In Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 2, it took four puppeteers per arm to get the movements right, so how is she doing this all by her lonesome self? She even has the ominous red light emanating from inside each of the claws. We wonder how much those arms weighed when mounted on her back!

8 Galactus

via Pinterest

Galactus has an insatiable hunger that can only be satisfied by consuming the energy of a planet. Here, the giant purple man that stands at around 30' weighing approximately 18 tons has been replaced by a cosplay girl who has a wonderful take on the giant Galactus headpiece. We hope it's not as heavy as it looks! She's got the purple outfit down as well, with a decidedly pinker twist.

7 X-Force

via Pinterest

Behold the new X-Force! We're impressed at the X-Force version of Wolverine, and even Archangel in the background seems to be rocking a blue face and metallic wings. Cyclops looks like he'd rather be in a Wes Anderson film, and instead of the Beast, an adult version of Stitch joined the group! No wonder Psylocke is looking in the other direction!

6 Lady Skeletor

via SyFy

Skeletor is the main antagonist of the Masters of the Universe and is the evilest and most dangerous threat on Eternia. His only goal is power, and he's in direct conflict with the only man powerful enough to stop him, He-Man. Except, we're not sure He-Man is strong enough to withstand this version of Skeletor. We bet he'll be telling himself "I have the POWER!"

5 Adorable Dalek

via SyFy

Anyone who's ever heard of Doctor Who probably knows what a Dalek is, for those who haven't; The Daleks were a warrior race made up of genetically engineered mutants who were originally from the planet Skaro. The mutants were usually encased inside armor consisting of polycarbide and the metal Dalekanium. This outfit is barely passable, but we'll let it slide because it's both hilarious and adorable.

4 Weird Popeye

via Pinterest

We're conflicted... The face and teeth on this version of Popeye are downright scary. If he looked like this in the cartoons, we doubt he'd be much of a success. And it seems he has broken his massive forearms. We love the rest of the outfit though, so overall, this is a great costume.

3 Forbush Man

via Pinterest

How many Marvel fans know about Irving Forbush, the Forbush Man? He rocked a cast-iron pot with eye slots cut out, and red long johns with the letter F. His only power was his "Forbush-vision," the ability to cast realistic illusions into people's minds. This cosplay is an awesome depiction an obscure superhero with a hilarious version of the Infinity Gauntlet - Infinity Stones glued to a yellow cooking mitt.

2 Sandman

via CBR

Flint Marko, the Sandman, can counter any attacks by turning into soft sand and letting them pass through him, or he can attack by shaping his body into rock hard weapons like a spike or a mace. Here we see Marko's iconic green and black shirt, but his left arm has swelled up in size and is a giant sand hand.

1 Juggernaut

via CBR

If you're going to cosplay the Juggernaut you have to go super big or go home. If you have the option of working out or wearing a buff costume, we would also go the giant muscular costume route every time! As an added bonus, with just a few modifications, this costume can be turned into Walnut from Plants vs Zombies.

Sources: Syfy, Digital Spy, Bit Rebels

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