Cottage Essentials: Why Every Cottage Should Have These Things

When going off to a cottage, whether it's rented or your own, it's important to have a few key supplies packed to bring with you. It is always best to be prepared, and at times it is the thing you least expect that happens. You want to have the perfect vacation or retreat at your cottage, but wasting time and money because it doesn't have the key components you need can out a damper on the festivities.

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We have compiled a list of things your cottage should have so you are never forced to enter the world of reality once again until your adventure is over. You want to be able to enjoy yourself, instead of wondering what else you forgot to pack. Keep reading to learn about ten essentials every cottage should have!

10 Firewood

No cottage experience would be complete without a night spent outside making smores over a campfire. If you don't like these tasty treats there is still something freeing about hanging out with friends and family beside a crackling flame.

It is a part of the experience and something everyone learns to enjoy, despite the lingering smell after it's over. You should have a nice supply on hand, as 0nly a few logs are never enough once the party starts and everyone settles in to spend time together.

9 Cooking Spices

Whether it's your cottage or you are renting from someone else, it's always a good idea to bring some basic cooking spices. This can be as simple as salt and pepper, or as complicated as throwing some garlic powder and paprika into the mix.

Food usually needs something extra, and everyone has their own preferences in terms of taste, which is why spices are so important. It is better to pack them and not need them, then forget and realize all of the food you have been making is blander than your great uncle's oatmeal.

8 DVDs, Board Games, and a Few Good Books

You might have plans to spend every waking moment possible in the great outdoors, but the weather doesn't always want to cooperate. We have all had that vacation where the skies decided to open up and rain for the entire week, which is when an ample supply of DVDs, board games, and books can come in handy.

It might not be what you originally had planned for your whirlwind adventure, but it will provide you with something to do other than staring out the window for the duration of your time. If you are traveling with your family it is a perfect way to bond as you rekindle the joy you didn't know you had lost.

7 Candles and Matches

Many times a cottage is used as our place to escape, which means they can be pretty far from civilization. Power outages can and will happen which is why you should have some candles on hand just in case this happens. If you don't have an outage, it can still make for a great evening as the candles set the mood for a relaxing night.

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If candles aren't your thing you can always pack a flashlight instead, but make sure to double-check you bring extra batteries just in case your old ones decide to sputter out at the worst moment.

6 First Aid Kit

This is one thing that tends to slip our minds until we actually need it. Accidents can and will happen, so it is important to be prepared. Many cottages rest in the middle of nowhere and hospitals can be hours away, so it is vital that you have some sort of first aid kit available to you. The location of your cottage can help you determine just how extensive your kit needs to be, but you should always plan for worst-case scenarios.

5 A Few Gallons of Drinking Water

It is not uncommon for a cottage to use well water as the only source of available drinking water. This water will not harm you, but it can make things like coffee and tea taste quite terrible.

It can be a good idea to have a few gallons of distilled drinking water on hand for this reason, and if you are not keen on the taste of well water, it might be for your own sake as well. You might think you can go without coffee or the taste of demineralized water, but the moment you are without it you will realize what you have actually given up.

4 Basic Cookware

You might not be a phenomenal cook, but hours spent at a cottage could be the time you learn to improve at the craft. Food is not always nearby, so it is important you have the means to cook meals for yourself. Some rentals will provide the cookware for you, but it is always important to check beforehand and never assume.

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You could try that new recipe you had been craving to make or attempt a simple batch of macaroni and cheese. The important thing is that it is there if you need it and will not leave you stranded in no-man's land without any food.

3 Fan

Cottages can get quite hot in the summertime and without proper air circulation, they can become quite unbearable. A fan or two can help solve this issue as it moved cool air around your quaint home with ease. If you are a fan of sweating through your sheets, then you might be able to go without, but for those who crave cool air, this is the product you need to survive. It might take up space in your already cramped vehicle as you head off on your vacation, but it will be worth the hassle when the temperatures reach new heights.

2 Extra Clothes

The weather can change in an instant and you probably won't have access to a washer and dryer, so it is important to overpack. You want to make sure you are comfortable each and every day, and if you do decide to pack light, then bring some detergent so you can wash a few of your clothes by hand in the sink. This should always be last resort, but accidents involving mud and rain can occur. It might seem a bit overkill to have two outfits for the same day, but it is something you won't regret when the weather changes on the fly.

1 A Touch of Home

The time you plan to spend at the cottage may only be a few days, or for some, it's a few months, but it can make you homesick. You should bring something sentimental from home, whether it's a favorite blanket or a special book. Some will scoff at the idea, saying they are old enough not to have to worry about this, but it can happen to anyone. It might come as an unexpected shock when it hit you, but something sentimental can help keep these unwanted feelings away while you are trying to relax at your cottage.

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