15 Country Music Stars Nobody Wants To Work With

Here Are 15 Country Music Stars Nobody Wants To Work With.

Country music stars can be rich and successful and still have their fair share of critics, some of whom may be part of the country music community. Country music stars are celebrities and some celebrities are hard to work with, or tough to deal with for other reasons.

Anyone who's into country music should check out this list. It's loaded with fascinating facts about country music feuds and drama.

Sure, these talented musicians have fans who love them. They just rub some people the wrong way.  For this reason, some musicians may shy away from working with them.

Sometimes, rivals may be jelly and avoid collaborations with these stars because they don't want to be outshined. The country music world is a competitive place.

15 Luke Bryan Threw Shade At Blake Shelton

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Luke Bryan opened up about his feud with Blake Shelton during an Art19.com podcast. The feud was one of those competitive things. These two were rivals and both want to be number one.

Luke Bryan once insulted Blake's character while leaving a restaurant. Paparazzi baited him by asking about Blake and he gave them quite a soundbite.

14 Maren Morris Gets Heat For Being Overproduced

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Country music purists balk at country music that is too pop and too produced. They think it's not real country music. Maren Morris is someone who delivers a pop-inspired, slick country that isn't to everyone's taste, according to The Guardian.

She doesn't need to please everyone, because she's got her own fans. They appreciate what she does.

13 Kenny Chesney Has Been Rude To Fans

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Sometimes, country stars get a little too big for their britches. When people are always catering to you, you may start to believe the hype.

Kenny Chesney has been criticized for being rude to fans, according to Tdpri.com. A particular fan said the country music sensation, who used to be married to Renee Zellweger, was conceited, too.

12 Charles Kelley’s Soft-Rock Style Gets Criticism

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How soft is too soft? Charles Kelley is a guy who does the soft-rock thing and some people just don't appreciate that style of country music, according to The New York Times.

Musicians and producers who prefer country with a harder edge may not want to be linked with Kelley's softer kind of country. His style just isn't for everyone.

11 Toby Keith Feuded With The Dixie Chicks

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Country music beefs are out there, just like rap beefs. One notable beef was between Toby Keith and the Dixie Chicks, according to Tasteofcountry.com.

Dixie Chicks lead singer, Natalie Maines, accused Keith of putting out "ignorant" music. Keith retaliated with rude tour t-shirts featuring her image. Keith eventually got over the whole thing.

10 Jerrod Niemann Got Flak Because Of A Remix

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When Niemann brought Pitbull on-board for a remix, some country music folk were anything but impressed. A lot of people thought that bringing a rapper on-board was a massive mistake, according to Laweekly.com.

There are always going to be critics. Artists need to do their own thing, even if a lot of people intensely dislike it.

9 Garth Brooks’ Alter Ego Thing Was Weird

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Garth Brooks took fans for an interesting ride when he emerged as a rock alter ego named Chris Gaines. This alter ego was misunderstood, according to Wideopencountry.com.

Garth actually did hosting duty at SNL as his alter ego. The album Brooks produced as Gaines sold decently but wasn't the big success of the country stuff

8 Jason Aldean Is A Hothead

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In 2014, Jason Aldean got huffy when he was called out for breaking his marital vows. He wanted people to stop talking about the issue, according to People.com. He tried to patch things up with his wife, but she's an ex now.

He was angry about the impact that all of the negative press had on him.

7 Blake Shelton Is Too Hollywood

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Blake is a country music sensation who has definitely gone Hollywood. He's got the superstar girlfriend, Gwen Stefani, he's got the hit TV show (The Voice) and he's got the film roles (he performs in the Uglydolls and Angry Birds movies, according to Imdb.com).

Is Blake more Tinseltown glitzy than country these days? Some people think so.

6 Miranda Lambert’s Life Choices Make Some People Mad

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Miranda has gotten some heat for her life choices. Fans and people in the country music scene often judge her. She does what she pleases, in true diva fashion.

When she got together with a Big Apple cop who'd just had a baby with another woman, she practically broke the Internet. according to Radaronline.com.

5 Faith Hill Has Acted Like A Diva

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Faith Hill has a very clean image, but there have been blips which show a dramatically different side of the country songbird.

She got mad at a fan for touching her husband, Tim McGraw, while he was onstage, according to Dailymotion.com. She also got bad press for appearing disrespectful at the 2006 CMAs.

4 Carrie Underwood Has Clashed With Taylor Swift

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Carrie Underwood's feud with Taylor Swift was described as "icy", according to a report from Metro.co.uk. In 2012, Carrie provoked Taylor's wrath by joking about Swift's romantic life during an awards ceremony.

This feud is reportedly ongoing. The two superstars prefer to stay away from each other when they can.

3 Willie Nelson Has Been In Trouble With The Law

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Willie is a bona fide country legend, but he's had his run-ins with the law. While many admire his authenticity and his outlaw image, his struggles with law enforcement have tarnished his legacy, according to Theboot.com.

Willie believes in the power of positive thinking and uses positive thoughts to get past problems.

2 Natalie Maines Is So Opinionated

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Natalie seems to revel in her outspoken image. She never backs down from a fight. Her status as an opinionated woman inspires some people and turns off others.

Natalie hasn't hesitated when it comes to insulting some powerful people, according to Theboot.com. She speaks her mind and takes the consequences.

1 Alan Jackson’s Reputation Has Taken Some Hits

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Alan Jackson is a purist and he gets upset when country music veers too far away from the tried and true. In 2016, he got bad press for walking off the stage while Beyoncé was doing a country-style song at the CMAs.

During Bey's performance, Kenny Chesney was also criticized for making a face.

Sources: Art19.com, Tdpri.com, Nytimes.com

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