Couple Cleaning Up Before Thanksgiving Finds $1.8M Winning Lottery Ticket

While this couple was trying to make their house look like a million bucks before the holiday, they managed to make their bank account look the same too.

While they were preparing their home for the Thanksgiving dinner, in Mandeville, Louisiana, Tina, and Harold Ehrenberg found a bunch of old lottery tickets in one of the drawers in their nightstand. And among the pile was a winning ticket that was worth $1.8 million! And they happened to find it just in time too because it was going to expire a couple of weeks after Thanksgiving. The ticket they found was from the drawing on June 6th, and any prize you win has to be claimed within 180 days, which is roughly 6 months after the drawing. So if you are someone who tends to play the lottery, try checking some of the recent tickets you’ve gotten, in case you have a winning ticket lying around in your home as well!

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After they checked the numbers online and realized their ticket was the only one that actually won the prize, they decided to call the winning numbers hotline. And they kept calling, several times, just to really confirm that it really happened and it was real. They also couldn’t believe that they were lucky enough to find the ticket at all, just before the deadline to claim the prize passed. After the taxes, the couple is going to take home around $1.2 million. They’ve stated that they plan on making a wise choice and putting all of the money toward their retirement, instead of spending in on big trips or buying crazy things.

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The winning numbers, which are the same numbers on their ticket of the lotto drawing were 03-07-30-31-35-38. And they purchased this ticket at International Market on Barron Street in Metairie. The store that sold the ticket, is also going to receive a one-time selling bonus, that costs $17,948.07, which equals to 1 percent of the total cash prize. Finally, after discussing what they planned to do with the money, Harold said that the most fun he’s going to have with the cheque is depositing it at the bank.

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