Life In The Doghouse: Couple Turns Their Home Into Fully-Staffed Dog Rescue

Couple Lives In A Literal Dog House To Protect Man's Best Friend

One South Carolina couple has decided to live in a literal dog house to keep their canine companions from being euthanized.

There are plenty of dog lovers in the world. Most will adopt a dog from a shelter and say they’ve done enough, that saving the one life is their duty. Some will go back for another, maybe even volunteer, but that’s the end of it.

Ron Danta and Danny Robertshaw didn’t stop at one. Now their house is home to over 80 dogs that would have otherwise met their end in a shelter, unloved and unmourned.

But Rob and Danny’s story isn’t just one of a crazy couple that went bonkers one day and adopted all the dogs at the shelter. They actually got their start after Hurricane Katrina, the 2005 superstorm that ruined much if the Southern US. There were so many dogs left homeless than Rob and Danny started taking them in, offering them food and shelter until their real families could be found. If they couldn’t, then they’d take care of their guests until a new family could be found.

Couple Lives In A Literal Dog House To Protect Man's Best Friend
via CBS News

From there Rob and Danny’s operation just sprung a life of its own. They started taking in pooches from all kinds of horrible backgrounds: abused, neglected dogs, former dog-fighters, puppy-mill pups, and especially animals destined for doom in kill shelters. The couple takes in all kinds and provides them with a loving home until they can find their forever homes.


Their organization is now appropriately called Danny and Ron’s Rescue. They typically have anywhere from 40-50 dogs living with them at once, but they recently told CBS they had as many as 86 dogs living with them.

It’s not just the two of them either: the whole place runs like an adoption agency. They’ve got staff to help feed and play with the pooches, make sure they get all their shots, and take them to the vet when things go wrong.

Premiering on September 12th, Danny and Ron will star in their own documentary film called 'Life in the Doghouse', telling their real-life story and showing people what life with dozens of dogs really means.


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