Forget The Gifts: Couple Requests 1000 Goats For Their Wedding

Although highly unusual, the most recent registry request from Naples, Florida-based couple Katherine Parker and Edwin Dean was presented for the best of reasons. It came out of the passions both have for improving the lives of other people through their work in Malawi, Africa with Children of the Nations’ Villages in Partnership program. Children of the Nations' a charitable organization which aims high to provide sustainable living options to at-risk families in countries such as Africa and the Caribbean.


Edwin, a Naples-based emergency doctor, had first become involved with the nonprofit. He would work to better the day-to-day lives of the almost twenty thousand people residing in twenty-five villages all throughout Malawi. His love for volunteering and his focus on “helping people,” as he mentioned in an interview with Fox 4 WFTX, was one of the many things that finally led him to meet his “soulmate on so many different levels,” as his blushing bride Katherine described.

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As an entrepreneur from Indiana, Katherine has had spent many years – over fifteen in fact– donating her time and money to help others by developing schools. The charitable achievements of Katherine and Edwin, to say the least, is exactly what brought them together.

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“We’re trying to make the world a little better place,” said the new Mrs. Katherine Dean. The two tied the knot officially on June 16. “We’re both into our fifth decade,” Edwin added in an interview with News-Press. “We don’t need blenders or housewares. Let’s call great attention to this cause. We felt very grateful to pay back and that’s why we decided to do this.”

The Deans felt that the donation of the said goats to the various villages was the least they could do to help combat the lack of income and food many of the area’s families are forced to face on an everyday basis. As one Villages in Partnership spokesperson noted, just one single goat –which costs about fifty dollars– “offers food security” and has the ability to aid farmers in the production of a “fruitful harvest” by using its byproducts as fertilizer.

Families living in the villages have also been highly encouraged to breed the goats gifted to them and to sell the offspring to local markets as sources of additional income, which can significantly improve their quality of life. “I think people were very moved that instead of wedding presents we were asking for donations,” Katherine gushed in an interview with Fox News. Their guests were so moved that some of them purchased multiple goats. There was even a group that decided to buy a hundred goats, Edwin claimed.

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Donations are being accepted here, so if you want you can do your part and forget those blenders, champagne glasses, or department store gift cards. Goats seem to be the newest trend in wedding gift-giving and because they're helping the world, we’re all for it.

To this date, they've raised enough money for close to seven hundred goats the be sent to the villages. However, the newlyweds still have high hopes to reach the 1000 mark soon. If you want to make a contribution to their cause, there is still time to do so.

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