Couple Transforms Their Spare Room Into A Rainforest So Their Pet Sloth Feels At Home

A couple in Wisconsin has a rather unusual pet, and before that pet could call their home his home, the pair had to make some pretty arduous changes to the house.

When you ask someone if they have any pets, and they reply yes, there are a handful of animals and creatures that spring to mind. Cats and dogs first and foremost, at least for most people. Smaller things like a hamster, gerbils, or maybe even a rabbit. Perhaps some slightly more exotic fare such as a parrot or a tortoise.

If we asked you what pet you had and you replied with "a sloth" we would be quite taken aback. However, that's exactly what Wisconsin couple Jenni and Terry Koenig would say if you asked them that question. Despite living in the United States, the married couple has a pet sloth, a couple of sugar gliders, and even a hedgehog. Plus, you know, a regular labrador-cross too, just for good measure.


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Jeeni told Metro that in order to welcome Enzo the sloth into their home, they had to make some pretty big changes. Enzo has a room all to himself, but it's no ordinary room. The bedroom, that once belonged to the couple's eldest daughter, has been kitted out to feel as if you are deep in the Amazon rainforest, a sloth's natural habitat. They did that via an infrared heater and cool mist humidifier since the rainforest tends to be pretty warm and humid.

Along with the appropriate micro-climate, Enzo has a number of towers and ropes to swing from, plus a selection of soft toys he apparently loves to play with. While the exotic pet doesn't like the idea of being picked up just yet, he does sound like a pretty affectionate little guy.

"He licks me on the nose like a dog quite often and tries to put his arms around me as though he’s hugging," Jenni revealed.

Keeping a sloth as a pet is apparently not as unique as it sounds. Enzo's owners revealed that having them as pets is the latest fad. However, they also explained that sloths usually live for around 30 years so once that fad ends, there might well be a lot of sloths looking for new homes. Acquiring your very own Enzo won't come cheap either. A baby sloth tends to go for something in the range of $12,000.

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