10 Wacky Holidays You Should Be Celebrating

For the most part, the majority of us join in on celebrating the big, national holidays, such as New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day, and Halloween. We make toasts at midnight when a new year starts, we send lovey-dovey cards to people in February, and we dress up in October.

But every day should be a party in our opinion! Life is short, so we should all take every chance that is out there, all in order to feel joy, spend time with loved ones and make the most of it all. That being said, we should also all be aware of all the weird and wonderful celebrations that take place between major holidays. Even when there does not appear to be anything on the calendar, there is probably actually some strange holiday going on, like National Pizza Day and National Cat Day (which are always posted all over social media).

Down below, we have rounded up 10 holidays that are pretty wacky, that are not that known and that you should be celebrating!

Some may sound strange, and you may wonder how to go about actually celebrating them. We will provide some context, though, we may offer up some ideas on how to celebrate, and we will encourage you to partake in all of these and more... any excuse for a party, right?

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10 Learn Your Name In Morse Code Day

Via: YouTube

After the New Year rolls in, people can celebrate Learn Your Name in Morse Code Day on January 11th. It may not sound as exciting as the start of the new year, but it does give us all an excuse to learn something new. Plus, you never know when Morse Code skills could come in handy!

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9 National Handwriting Day

Via: Huffington Post

The Writing Instrument Manufacturers Association started National Handwriting Day in 1977, and each year, this unique holiday falls on January 23rd – John Hancock’s birthday. This day exists to encourage people to use pens, pencils, and paper, so we urge you to perfect your cursive, turn to poetry or write letters to loved ones!

8 Fun At Work Day

Via: Days Of The Year

Many of us spend hour after hour at work, so pay attention to this next holiday: National Fun At Work Day! That is right, on January 28th, you must have fun at work. Now, you still need to get your job done and get paid, so don’t go too crazy... but you and your coworkers should at least get to eat cake or go out for lunch or something.

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7 Clean Out Your Computer Day

Via: Virtual Vocations

Speaking of work, the second Monday in February is National Clean Out Your Computer Day, and we highly suggest devoting time on this day to any and all computers. Think of all the files, memory, and trash... and think how satisfying it will be to organize files, clear up some memory and fully empty out that recycle bin!

6 International Picnic Day

Via: The Gathering Ottawa

When June rolls around, people are found heading out on trips, enjoying time at the pool or lake and participating in outdoor activities. On June 18th, specifically, people can be found celebrating International Picnic Day. Picnics can be a great way to catch up with friends, become one with nature and try out new recipes. Plus, they are just so cute and fun!

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5 Guacamole Day

Via: Taste Made

Another food-related holiday is Guacamole Day, which falls on September 16th. If you are (gasp!) not a fan of guac, maybe you should use this day to try some again – just to make sure. And if you love this dip, then you are allowed to eat even more of it than normal on this day. You must! You will!

4 Miniature Golf Day

Via: YouTube

Mini golf is another great way to bring people together, another great excuse to get outside and another fun activity that has its own holiday. Yes, September 21st is Miniature Golf Day, so call your friends, find the coolest or nearest course, and show everyone what you've got out there (or at least go make some attempts and have some fun)!

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3 National Dessert Day

Via: YouTube

Without a doubt, we should all mark October 14th on our calendars, because that is National Dessert Day. Pies, cakes, cookies, pastries, ice cream... Think of all the goodness that can be consumed on this day - of all the sweetness that actually has to be enjoyed on this special day!

2 Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day

Via: Jubilant Stewards

We are all unique, special, different, and talented, and on November 24th, we should celebrate all of that more than we usually do. Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day is a day to find out where you are skilled. It is a time to show off your style. And it is a holiday that exists to honor you – all of you!

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1 Make Up Your Mind Day

Via: Executive Secretary

When the last day of the year comes about, we can all celebrate Make Up Your Mind Day. On December 31st, many people find themselves reflecting on the past year and preparing for the new one. People make resolutions, and we encourage you to make up your mind, take a risk, chase your dreams, and party!

See what we mean? There are so many zany days out there! We admit some of them are kind of odd, but there truly is something for everyone. That being said, go do some research, because there is probably one happening right now, one that you could join in on... and you deserve some cake, a drink and a reason to go crazy.

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