10 Creative Ways to Make A DIY Fidget Spinner

Bored in class? Nothing to do at work? Looking for a distraction? You need a fidget spinner. A tiny toy you can hold between two fingers and spin, a functional distraction device. It is said they can be used as an aid for children with ADHD, but regardless it will aid you in your journey to find the perfect device to help you procrastinate.


You could go out right now and buy a fidget spinner from your local store, or you could even look up a virtual spinner online, but none of those will you bring you great satisfaction. People want to be unique and different, and the same concept applies to this. You could be boring and have the same spinner as everyone else, or you could make your own. It could have a unique shape, color, and assembly that every kid or coworker will envy. Keep reading to learn 10 ways to DIY your own fidget spinner.

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10 Cardboard Genius

This is for those of you who refuse to go to the store to buy a bearing. but it will cost you between three cents and three dollars, depending on the types of coins you use to make it. This project needs cardboard, three coins, glue, and a toothpick. Simple, and easy enough to find the materials around the house.

The first step is to cut out your spinner pattern from cardboard, scraping out the interior to form three craters on your spinner. Next, you place you three coins of your choosing in the three slots, but make sure they are the same coin. You also need to cut out two cardboard circles matching the size of your coins, putting them on either side of the middle of your spinner. The final step is to put a toothpick through the middle, applying glue around the edge of the toothpick before cutting off the unnecessary ends. This spinner leaves it open for creativity, and a way to be different from the rest of the world's average spinner.

9 A Lego Masterpiece

This is a fairly simple assembly and especially easy if you have a box of legos. This assembly involves two circle pieces with holes in the middle, four 2x2 flat bricks, eight 2x4 flat bricks, and a half inch post.

You attach your 2x2 flat bricks to the ends of four of the 2x4 flat bricks. Then, you place these four pieces on the underbelly of one of the circle pieces creating a diamond shape. Next, you place the four barren 2x4 flat bricks over the ones you just placed, resting them on the top of the circle. The final circle piece is put above these and the post slides through the middle of the circles, completing your fidget spinner.  You can choose from a variety of colors and even add on to the length of the arms, allowing you to make it your own.

8 Keep it Simple With Only Paper

Anyone can make this spinner at home, whether it's from a scrap of newspaper or an old essay. This DIY only involves a sense of creativity and paper, possibly some coloring utensils if you wanted to add a bit of flair to your design.


The first step is to acquire two half sheets of paper and fold them in half, then turn the edges in opposite directions until you have a square in the middle. Overlap the squares of the two separate pieces of paper, folding the ends into the middle, like you would do to close a box without tape. Scrunch it together and you will find yourself with a completely free fidget spinner. If you forget your spinner at home this is easy enough to do at work or school, so you never have to go without one.

7 A Bike Enthusiasts Dream

This is for the true artists and bike enthusiasts out there, as you need special tools to complete this design. You need a bike chain, chain key, bearing, glue, and a piece of paper. The first step is to apply glue to the edge of your bearing and attach a piece of paper around its outer edge.

Next, you apply another layer of glue on top of the paper, attaching the correct number of bike links around your bearing, using your chain key to remove them. Make sure you have an open end at the end of your chain so you can attach the two ends together, completing it by pounding in the finishing post. Some people use finger buttons to enhance the spinning experience, but they are not needed for you to make this spinner.

6 The Luxury of a 3D Printer

This is for the spinners who accept nothing but the best. You can create a spinner using a 3D printer, which you can buy for around $250 if you don't own one already. You can make virtually any type of spinner in this machine, but this particular schematic requires a bearing, PLA filament, WD-40, and an oil resistant container.

The first step is to remove the grease from the bearings by soaking them in WD-40 for two days. Then you download or create a file for your spinner, which can vary depending on the number of bearings you plan to use, and print the body of your toy. The final step is to put the bearings in and begin playing with your new fidget spinner. The variety of colors and styles varies widely and some designs forego bearings altogether. The possibilities with this machine are endless.

5 Another Use for Your Spare Rubber Bands

This spinner is probably the fastest to assemble, as it involves the least amount of work. All you need is three rubber bands and three bearings. You put the one rubber band around all three of the bearings, placing the other two bands in the gaps between them.


This is easy to fix too, only needing a few rubber bands to make any repairs on the go. You can use any number of colors of rubber bands, but otherwise, this design concept leaves minimal room for you to be different.

4 A Carpenter's Dream

Do you enjoy wood carving or carpentry? Then this is the fidget spinner you should be showing off to your friends. You will have to own some tools, like a motor saw and drill press. You will also need bearings, wood oil, hard lumber, and super glue or epoxy.

The first step is to draw a template of your spinner, the use the motor saw to cut the shape out of a piece of hard lumber. Next, you will use a drill press to cut out the holes in the middle of the spinner that will hold the bearings. Once this is done you will take sandpaper and tune the edges of the surface until they are rounded and smooth. The final steps are to apply the wood oil and then glue the bearings into the finished piece.

A craftsman can be creative in his design and even etch smaller designs into the spinner. He can stain the spinner or paint it if he prefers a specific color. This spinner is open to interpretation and only masters of their craft will be able to pull this one off.

3 Science in Action

This is for all of the science nerds out there who enjoy experimenting with the forces of nature. This spinner uses a bearing, magnetic strip, a circular magnet with a hole in the middle, a sharp tool, and anything magnetic.

The first step is to cut the magnetic strip into tiny pieces, placing them in between the edge of the magnet and the bearing, holding it in place. Now is the fun part, because you can add any number of things to the outside of the magnet, including screws, coins, or other magnets. You could change the look of your spinner daily, becoming the center of attention due to your superior fidget spinner.

2 The Marbled Creation

Marbles are swirls of color and texture trapped beneath a glass surface and perfect for a fidget spinner. This design requires a bearing, duct tape, and three marbles. First, you need to cut six strips of duct tape the same width as your bearing and three inches long.

Next, you attach the marbles by using the tape to twist around each one onto the bearing, forming a triangle. You take the remaining pieces of duct tape to secure the placed duct tape holding the marble onto the bearing. It is simple and fun to create, the finished product a blur of color and fun.

1 Team Coke or Team Pepsi?

A pop drinker's dream is to have their favorite type of drink become a part of their fidget spinner. This can be done using four plastic bottle caps, sand, a hot glue gun, and a paper clip. The first step is to fill three bottle caps with sand and then hot glue the top of the cap to prevent the sand from escaping.

Next, you puncture the top of your middle bottlecap to create a small hole, arranging the other three bottlecaps around it as you glue them into place with your hot glue gun. It is given the ability to spin by threading an inch of a paper clip through the middle of the cap, placing two pieces of a glue stick on both ends of the metal tips. This spinner will show your pride for being pro-Pepsi or pro-Coke, declaring your side in the constant war to decide which drink is better.


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