10 Creative Valentine's Day Gifts For Boyfriends

Finding the perfect Valentine's Day gift for a guy can be pretty hard sometimes, particularly when there's so many feminine, lame, or downright creepy gift ideas out there. Although not many people will admit it, Valentine's Day is basically a girl's holiday, complete with red flowers, pink balloons and sappy pre-written Hallmark cards, so how are we supposed to make the men in our lives feel included without weirding them out? Don't worry, finding the perfect gift doesn't necessarily mean you have to break the bank or squeeze your body into some ill-fitting lingerie! Here are 10 creative Valentine's Day gifts for boyfriends, all with varying degrees of cheesiness (but hey, it's kind of a cheesy holiday).

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10 Adventure Fund

Do you and your boyfriend love to travel or go on adventures together? Why not gift him with an "Adventure Fund" jar, a super-cute idea that was popularized by the movie Up! This creative love-gift doesn't require a lot of money upfront and it's a great way to work together to accomplish a mutual goal/dream. The two of you can decide what kind of adventure or trip you want to save for and add money to the jar throughout the year. You can either purchase a jar like the one above or you can decorate your own (feel free to add your adventure's theme if you already know what you'd like to save for).

9 I Love You Because...

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Why not give your boyfriend a gift that can be used by both of you all year long? Hang this personalized frame on your wall and write something new on it every single day so that you both know how much you love and appreciate each other. It truly is a romantic gift that keeps on giving, year-round.  Super Savings has a great tutorial on how to make your own frame for only $1.18, so head over there for specific instructions!

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8 A Year Of Dates In A Box

I found the idea for a "year of dates in a box" on The Babes Ruth, a page that provides specific details on exactly how to put this gift together for cheap (and how to keep it organized). This date box will ensure quality time with your man over the next 12 months, so what are you waiting for? The gift is all-inclusive, which means that everything that you need for each date is taken care of and ready-to-go. Feel free to use all twelve of her out-of-the-box date ideas, available as downloadable documents, or create some of your own.

7 Netflix And Chill Gift Basket

As I'm sure most of you millennials know, "Netflix and Chill" means more than just sitting on the couch and watching movies, so prepare a Netflix and Chill gift basket that your man will never forget! Feel free to include a bottle of wine, popcorn, candy, a Netflix gift card (or your favorite movies), and whatever X-rated material you feel comfortable with (lingerie, perhaps?). I would give you more ideas, but I think I'll leave that up to your very vivid imaginations.

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6 "Hooked On You" Tackle Box

Does your man love to fish? If so, get crafty and create your very own "hooked on you" tackle box, complete with his favorite candies inside. It's inexpensive and 100% cheesy, but it's also a cute way of letting your guy know that you care enough about him to go out of your way. Click here for a step-by-step tutorial on how to make this gift on a budget, or feel free to just wing it. This is also a cute idea if your man is a teacher (use a school supplies container so he can re-use it later). Does your man like tools? Use a toolbox! I'm sure you get the idea.

5 DIY Beer Basket

Does your man enjoy a good craft beer? Why not make a stop at all of his favorite breweries and create a customized beer gift basket, complete with personalized Valentine's Day beer labels. You can include his favorite drinking snacks, gift cards, or maybe even a few pint glasses or t-shirts from his favorite dives. If you aren't exactly sure what kind of bottle labels to choose, click here for some inspiration.

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4 Mix Tapes

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Does your boyfriend enjoy music? Then why not show him some vintage love by giving him a mixtape (but with a modern twist). USB mixtapes are available for purchase on Amazon, complete with an original retro design, personalized label, and themed gift box. You can add your favorite songs, first date songs, or first dance songs. If you know his favorite bands, you can make him a playlist that he can enjoy when he's driving, traveling, or just sitting around the house. The options are endless!

3 Memory Box

Who doesn't love taking a trip down memory lane, particularly on Valentine's Day? There's nothing better than a homemade, thoughtful gift, and what can be more personal than writing down all of your favorite memories and putting them in a special box to keep forever? Start by selecting a large box from your local arts and crafts store (or Walmart) and personalize it with stickers, decals, pictures, or whatever else strikes your fancy. Once the decorating is done, it's time to fill the box! Feel free to write the memories down on separate slips of paper, like in the picture above, or you can go the extra mile and include pictures, mementos, souvenirs, old movie tickets, etc.

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2 "Open When" Envelopes

"Open When" cards are a perfect way of letting your boyfriend know that you love him throughout the year, particularly when he's sad, happy or when you've just had a massive fight. All you need are some cards, some envelopes, and whatever else you'd like to include (just make sure it fits). Feel free to stick some sports/concert tickets in his birthday card or add some Hershey's Kisses for when he's mad at you. Check out this page for some really cool "filler" ideas.

1 Romantic Shoe Box

Is your man a "sneakerhead," or has he had his eye on some nice shoes for the past couple of months? Don't worry, you can get him exactly what he wants and be creative at the same time! Seriously, who doesn't love a good pun? If he's a runner, you can write "because you've been running through my mind since the first day I met you."  Has he been eyeing up a fancy pair of loafers for work? Include a note that says "perfect fit, long-lasting, a keeper," and he's sure to get the double entendre. Remember, don't be afraid to think outside of the box (pun intended).

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