CrewsCrew Is Fighting Big Hollywood Bullies

Brooklyn Nine-Nine star Terry Crews has expressed his gratitude to the subreddit, CrewsCrew. His claim and subsequent testimony have elicited massive support across the internet, especially from this group. Redditors came together to encourage Crews to keep "fighting the good fight", inundating the subreddit platform with a myriad of kind messages. Overwhelmed by the support, Crews posted a heartwarming message in appreciation.

"You have no idea how much strength your encouragement gives to me and the millions of other survivors all over the world," read a portion of the comment. (You can read the rest here). The concise yet comprehensive message from Crews has since garnered hundreds of warm replies on the subreddit CrewsCrew.

The group rallies around Terry Crews' campaign against harassment and in the wake of Crews' recent testimony in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee, CrewsCrew has been a hive of activity.

In his evocative testimony earlier, Crews laid out the detailed account of his encounter in front of the Senate. He began by lauding the significance of the #MeToo movement and its role in exposing the powerful men in Hollywood of their wrongdoings. Crews further detailed the harassment he faced at the hands of the Adam Venit, the erstwhile head of the talent company WME, at a party in 2016.

When Hollywood tumbled under the #MeToo wave in 2017, Terry Crews was one of the prominent figures who came forward with the allegations. Not to mention, Crews found himself on the cover of Time's Person of the Year edition as one of the "Silence Breakers". He followed the allegations with lawsuit against WME and Adam Venit, which saw a closure in March of 2018.

After making a successful career transition from the NFL to acting, Crews has starred in The Expendables series and Deadpool 2, among other films and TV series. The Brooklyn Nine-Nine cast and co-star Andy Samberg were in full praise of him after the testimony.

On the other hand, Crews' testimony has evoked fair share of backlash too. Rapper 50 Cent's Instagram post seemingly mocking Crews' testimony was doing the rounds in the aftermath. Needless to say, 50 Cent faced stern response from the internet community and Crews himself, prompting him to delete the post subsequently. Subreddit CrewsCrew, however, is ardently rallying for Crews' cause.


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