19 Cringe Photos Of Fans With Athletes (Who Don't Want To Be There)

Celebrities, in general, get hassled to take pics with their friends just about every day, but perhaps none get this treatment more often in this world than athletes. It does not matter what the sport happens to be that they play for. Be it basketball, football, mixed martial arts, soccer, hockey, wrestling, baseball, etc. Every athlete gets the same hassling treatment from fans at all times of the day, often straight after a game (whether they win or lose).

For a lot of fans, they are just happy to get a picture with their favorite star, but a lot of times, as readers looking at them from the outside looking in, it is just way too cringy to see how happy the fans are compared to just how disinterested, annoyed, or sometimes angry the stars themselves look to be there taking the pic. Here are just some of the most cringeworthy pictures we could find of athletes and fans together.

19 Connor McDavid

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With just under five years in the NHL, Connor McDavid still has a lot to learn on how to act like he wants to be there in fan photos. Here, he is trying and failing miserably at trying to act like he is happy to be around a touchy fan.

18 Randy Orton

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As a man who was literally born into the sport of professional wrestling (both his father and grandfather were wrestlers before him) and has been wrestling himself for the better part of two decades, Randy Orton has been dealing with fans approaching him outta nowhere everywhere he goes for just as long, but there comes a point where even he just wants to find peace in the bathroom without getting a photo snapped while washing his hands.

17 Chuck Liddell

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Judging by his attire (headphones locked in, bulky black hoodie in broad, likely summer daylight), Chuck Liddell was not planning to take a photo and was out for a morning jog. However, he was forced to force a smirk and a pose when a fan approached him for a picture.

16 Patrick Kane

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We all know that Patrick Kane has a knack for getting in trouble and getting a little too wild when he's away from the hockey rink. When he's not playing for the NHL, you can probably find him at your nearest pub passed out at the counter, just like he is here. The fan next to him looked just as confused at the scene.

15 David Beckham

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You would assume that with how big of a sport soccer (or futbol in some areas of the world) is that security would be tight at all times, but in this instance, security was a little more leisurely than usual. This allowed for a fan to bum rush the field and attempt a selfie with David Beckham, who didn't look too happy before security finally busted onto the scene.

14 Damian Lillard

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When he's not battle rapping with Shaq, Damian Lillard is a pretty mellow guy. The Portland Trailblazer is typically always cracking a smile with fans, but forever reason in this photo from his rookie years, he does not look like his usual chipper self. We can only assume that he just got back from losing a game.

13 Mike Tyson

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Mike Tyson earned his nickname of the Baddest Man on the Planet. Anyone gunning to crack him in the mouth was begging to get knocked out. But when he needs a quick paycheck at a meet and greet, he'll give fans a pass at pressing their own fists to his jaw, no matter how visibly annoyed he may look in the photo.

12 DeMarcus Cousins

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This might be the most awkward we have ever seen a celebrity take a picture with another celebrity. But in this instance, Drake was more of a fan than a fellow celeb. We all know from this year's NBA Finals, Drake can get too passionate about basketball. Too bad DeMarcus Cousins failed to share Drake's enthusiasm.

11 Kelly Kelly

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If you want to talk about a real trooper when it comes to taking fan photos, look no further than former WWE wrestler, Kelly Kelly. Clearly, she wants nothing more than to finish her phone call on her way to her car in the parking lot. She had every right to turn down this funny looking fella for approaching her, but instead, she smiled right through it all.

10 Becky Lynch

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Before Becky Lynch became globally recognized as "The Man" who beat Ronda Rousey in the main event of WrestleMania, she was just another wrestler on the roster looking to make a name for herself. To gain popularity, she did everything she could to make fans happy, much like how she made this fan a little too happy during a meet and greet, no matter how uncomfortable she is about it.

9 Kevin Durant

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Never both someone while they have their headphones on. This should be common knowledge by now; and should be viewed as an unwritten rule. It's ill-advised to approach someone at the gym or while they're jogging outdoors because they are in the zone when they're locked into their headphones and it throws off their game. Which is why Kevin Durant looks so annoyed someone asked him for a pic here.

8 Megan Rapinoe 

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After winning the FIFA Women's World Cup this year, Megan Rapinoe has been viewed as America's new sweetheart but drew some controversy at the ESPY Awards earlier this year when she signed a fan's soccer ball without even looking at him. People got the impression she didn't even want to be around or acknowledge the kid.

7 Sasha Banks

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What fans who stop celebs at the airport do not understand is that after spending several hours on a plane (and that's not even factoring things like jet lag, flight delays, or other nuisances), the last thing someone wants to do when trying to get to their destination is stop for a picture. This picture of WWE's Sasha Banks is a prime example of how celebs really feel during these airport selfies.

6 Allen Iverson

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DennyCCW grew an online following from being Allen Iverson's number one fan. As evident by his sign, he spent $800 to sit courtside at one of AI's games and another $1,000 on a flight from Hong Kong to America with his girlfriend. Iverson was nice enough to take a picture with the lifelong fan but wasn't as excited to see him.

5 Becky Lynch (again)

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We saw Becky Lynch earlier with a fan at a time when she wasn't as big as she is today. Now that she's the most popular wrestler on the WWE roster today, she's less likely to force a smile when fans get too touchy. Here's a prime example, where she's got an agitated fist cocked and clearly anxious to get this pic over with.

4 Connor McDavid (again)

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Another look at Connor McDavid tells us he still does not know how to how to take pics with fans, but maybe he has a reason not to smile properly. We do not know what this couple said or did to the NHL star to get him to take this picture, but the hockey player looks horrified while taking the photo.

3 Conor McGregor


Coming out of UFC 202, Conor McGregor had defeated Nate Diaz, but he took a walloping from his opponent in the process. Readers can see just how bad the beating was judging by the sad look on Conor's face and the crutches he is on. Readers can also see the fan backstage who was totally oblivious to Conor's pain and took a pic despite it.

2 Nate Diaz

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For a guy who made a living in the UFC for kicking the lights out of folks in the octagon, Nate Diaz has been said to be surprisingly and refreshingly approachable to fans in public. However, in this pic, he does not look so approachable with the mean mug on his face.

1 Stephen Curry

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NBA fans who have been watching the past few years should remember the infamous moment during the Finals in 2016 where a thirsty fan was giving Stephen Curry the sultry eye from across the court. This "fan" was discovered to be IG model, Roni Rose. The look she gave Curry went viral, which for a Christian man happily married with a child, Curry probably wasn't happy fans were calling this woman his "side chick."

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