15 Cringeworthy Harry Potter Toys That Actually Got Made

The magical universe of Harry Potter seems to have taken on a life of its own, and its popularity shows no sign of slowing anytime soon. Although the major books have come and gone, new movies continue to be released, and we can expect an almost endless stream of products and releases as JK Rowling continues to cash in on her creation. And why shouldn't she? This author has successfully inspired an entire generation to lose themselves in the magical experience of reading. This is no easy feat in the current era of Fortnite, iPhones, and Netflix.

But sometimes, Harry Potter toys can go a little too far. Sometimes, they cross the line into seriously cringey territory. If you want a few clear examples of this, just check out our list of 15 Cringeworthy Harry Potter Toys That Actually Got Made.

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15 Vibrating Broom


There's a reason this cringey Harry Potter toy is at the top of our list. It's probably one of the most infamous Harry Potter toys ever made. The "Vibrating Broomstick" was such an obviously bad idea, we have no idea how this tow even made it store shelves.

Millions of children went happily home with their brand new vibrating broomsticks, and it didn't take long for parents to realize how strange this entire idea was. The reviews started to flow in. The internet mockery grew. And soon enough, the vibrating broomstick was pulled from production.

14 Harry Potter Toilet Seat


Here's another gimmicky item that was clearly meant to be a bit of a joke. Although it's certainly not taking itself too seriously, it still doesn't change the fact that it's also very cringey. After all, it's just an impulse item that people are supposed to buy without really thinking about it.

The sign is obviously referencing the Whitehall underground toilets, which served as entrances to the Ministry of Magic. It just seems a little cheap, and you'll probably take this sticker off your toilet after only a few weeks. Even Fred and George would probably yawn if they saw this jokey item.

13 Mounted Head Of Dobby


Let's face it - pretty much any Dobby-related product is going to be pretty weird. I mean, just look at this guy... If he wasn't in a children's franchise, we could totally picture him as some Saw-esque horror antagonist.

One of the strangest Harry Potter products we've found was a mounted Dobby head. Yes, the idea is that you'd mount Dobby on the wall - just like a deer or an elk. Maybe this product isn't cringey per say... but it's definitely strange. Unless, of course, hunting house elves on some bizarre magical safari is your idea of a good time.

12 This


Here it is - the meme, the legend, the unmistakable... Yes, we're talking about the Harry Potter Sonic backpack. Travel to some Asian countries, and you'll see lots of this stuff. The aim is to emblazon a product with as many familiar English phrases and cartoon characters as possible, and the result is... Well, it's beautiful.

We're not even going to lie. This isn't cringey. This is art. We're pretty sure we speak for everyone when we say that we'd be proud to own this backpack for ourselves. And if you're a fan of Harry Potter, Sonic the Hedgehogand politics, this backpack is a dream come true.

11 Harry Potter And Leopard Walk Up To Dragon


Even the most die-hard Harry Potter fans might not know about the forgotten, ninth Harry Potter book - the one that you won't find in any library or book store. Yes, we're talking about Harry Potter and Leopard Walk Up To Dragon. Undeniably one of the greatest literary achievements in human history, this Chinese book was probably way ahead of its time.

Due to some minor legal issues and a totally undeserved lawsuit, this book was quickly pulled from the shelves, never to be seen again. Here is a translated excerpt from this groundbreaking novel: "[Harry] lay in the high quality porcelain tub ceaselessly wiping his face. In his thoughts there was nothing but Dudley's fat face, fat as his Aunt Petunia's fat rear end."

10 Harry Potter Elbow Patches


One question: Why? I mean, sure - you could totally add some flair to your blazer with these Harry Potter-themed elbow patches. And clearly someone has worked diligently to produce these amazing knitted items. But are they really necessary? Isn't this going a bit too overboard.

And after all, these elbow patches only bear a very vague resemblance to Harry Potter's face. In fact, the picture looks more like a steaming dumbbell...  or a crescent moon rising over a bridge.

9 Harry Potter Clue


Okay, we know that Clue can get pretty intense. After all, it's a mystery game that can really test all of the players as they try to solve the puzzle. But a Harry Potter version seems to be taking this intensity a little too far. Just look at the pictures! This looks more like a Dark Souls-esque RPG, rather than a family-friendly board game.

Maybe this version of Clue is the best thing since sliced cheese. But as far as we can tell, this is just another effort to cash in on a profitable franchise, without really offering anything new and authentic in return.

8 Harry Potter Fidget Spinner


Let's wrap things up with one of the cringiest toys we've seen in a long time: fidget spinners. Why did these things ever become popular? Who knows. At the end of the day, this trend has pretty much passed us by, and the world is a better place as a result. At a certain point, fidget spinners were branded with pretty much every logo and franchise you can imagine, and Harry Potter was no exception.

These Harry Potter fidget spinners were hastily emblazoned with various Hogwarts House colors, and sold en masse. If you're a Harry Potter fan and you love fidget spinners, these are the toys for you. And if you had fun with them, then who are we to judge?

7 Harry Potter Make And Bake Pancakes


What exactly makes these pancakes even remotely Harry Potter related? Are they butterbeer flavored? Are they make from dragon bones? Or perhaps they'll make you turn into a boggart? Nope, this is another example of a company shamelessly cashing in on an established franchise.

Oh yeah - there's a Harry Potter card stuffed inside. Pretty cool, right? Well, some kids might have enjoyed collecting them, or trading them... Or something. We actually love the font used for the words "Traditional Pancake" on the box. Super wizardy.

6 Harry Potter Lush Products


Everyone seems to have their own opinion of the famous beauty/soap company Lush. It's true that they make some pretty interesting products, and they certainly focus on ethical production and natural ingredients. Die-hard Lush fans will probably remember the Harry Potter collab which came just in time for Christmas one year.

But at the end of the day, it came off as being a little cringey. It just seemed like Lush was trying to cash in on a franchise that pretty much everyone loved. And in reality, the products were only vaguely related to the Harry Potter world, anyway.

5 Harry Potter Perfume


Ever wanted to smell like the Gryffindor dormitory? Wait... what does the Gryffindor dormitory even smell like? We don't actually know. But if you want to find out, you can always spray yourself with this special Harry Potter perfume. There's a scent for each Hogwarts house.

If we had to guess, we'd probably say that the Gryffindor common room smells like a mixture of sweaty Quidditch pads, owl poop, cat litter boxes, and maybe some mysteriously boiling potions. But hey, that's just us.

4 Harry Potter Collector Stones


Nothing to see here - just another clear effort to cash in on a wildly successful children's novel series. What exactly are "collector stones," anyway? Well, they're exactly what they sound like - nothing less, nothing more. Just a bunch of suspiciously plastic-looking stones imprinted with various logos and words. Why anyone would want to collect these things is completely beyond us - but hey, who are we to judge. Why are they cringey? Well, they're rocks... Literal... Rocks.

3 Harry Potter Candles


Similar to Harry Potter perfume, these candles are supposed to help you create some of the most iconic scents from the Harry Potter universe in the comfort of your own home. Check out Etsy, and you'll find that there are a surprising amount of companies who offer Harry Potter themed candles. Honestly, these are probably some of the least cringey products on this entire list. At least someone has put some effort into making them.

2 Harry Potter Sorting Hat Etched Rock


If Harry Potter collector rocks weren't enough for you, you can always finish off your magical rock collection with this ultra-rare, state-of-the-art Sorting Hat rock. As you can see, a great deal of effort has gone into etching this rock with a probably unlicensed Harry Potter logo.

Honestly, the rock probably had more value before it was hastily branded with this corporate logo. I mean, at least you could put a plain rock in your Zen garden or something.

1 Hagrid's Lantern


Browse various eCommerce stores, and you'll find no shortage of Harry Potter products that may catch your eye. You could splurge on Lucius Malfoy's walking stick... Or maybe you'll buy a replica of Hermoine's wand... Or maybe you'll purchase your very own Time-Turner! All very cool options.

Or, you could buy Hagrid's Lantern. Kind of a let down in comparison to the products we've listed, don't you think? We can't even remember a time when he even used a lantern... it's definitely not as iconic as some of the other items. If someone saw this lantern sitting in your house, they wouldn't immediately say, "Oh my god, it's Hagrid's lantern!"

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