19 Cringey Kids Products You Can Actually Find At Walmart

If you're ever met a person who claimed that Walmart was a "pretty normal place", then they were lying and you've probably had your wallet stolen somehow in the process. As one of the world's largest retailers, the giant money-hungry Walmart is only one or two steps away from world domination. As you can imagine, with so many outlets across the planet, there's plenty of opportunity to trial new and improved items.

Sometimes, however, it's better to stick to the straight and narrow and focus on what you're good at. As you're about to see, whoever was controlling the toy shelves at these Walmart locations evidently tried to get a little too creative. We're not making this up, folks - these cringe-worthy items were actually found at Walmarts across the USA.

19 Helmets that hurt

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The average bike helmet is designed to protect the riders head, right? Sure, add some colours and some patterns, but that's where the line should be drawn. By slapping on a pointed horn and a couple of ears this helmet actually becomes more of a safety risk that a protective wearable. It's time for a rethink, Walmart.

18 Whatever happened to don't play with your food?

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Whatever happened to don't play with your food? This marshmallow shooter toy has taken the classic potato shooter and turned it up to 11. Walmart, we know that you mean well, but this kids' toy just seems like it's promoting a lot of negativity - mainly food wastage and unnecessary violence.

17 Get redneckognized

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Gone are the days where our kids have to learn how to become rednecks all by themselves. We live in a world where becoming white trash is easier than ever - simply head down to your local Walmart and pick up a How to Honey Boo Boo complete redneck guide. We can't believe this hadn't been thought of before.

16 Come, child... sit.

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We're sure that the intentions behind this car seat were nothing but positive, however, as you can tell, the end result doesn't scream buy me. In fact, if anything's gonna be screaming, it's gonna be the child forced to sit on Dora in between her unsettlingly large man-hands. At least there are cup holders...

15 The pig says moo

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Last time we checked, Hippos don't usually have ivory horns atop their head. Granted, we forget a lot of the things we learn in school, but this shouldn't be one of them. Primary school education aside, it seems like the designer (as well as the person who actually put this on the shelf) needs to revise their animals.

14 Hamsters have things to carry too

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What do you get your kid for their 6th birthday? A hamster, obviously. Then what do you get them for each birthday from then until the end of eternity? Hamster accessories! It might not seem like it but apparently, our little furry friends lead busy lives, so they need a bag to carry their business notes and packed lunches around everywhere.

13 Need a hand?

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Even though the creators of this toy likely had only good intentions, it seems as though the execution just didn't make it up to par. It seems like a half-princess, half-starfish, which could be just a little too weird for many kids. It might be hard to believe, but this actually was found on our beloved Walmart's shelves in the US.

12 Enough with the cringe slang, please

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Over the last handle of years we've seen a surge in funky, colourful, pattered, hey look at me and how hipster I am socks. Slapping on a word that makes any half-educated person facepalm, however, is probably taking it a step too far. The worst part is that kids are suckers for this stuff, so they'll undoubtedly want a pair.

11 Don't mess with the gnomes

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If you thought that goblins, trolls, pixies, or enchanted evil elves were intimidating, you've clearly never come across a hoard of gangster gnomes ready to wreak havoc on anything that crosses their path. These little dudes probably aren't too suitable for young kids but would certainly make for unique garden party talk.

10 Twinkle toilets

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Whether it's after a long night or we're just a tad shy, we all need a little push of motivation once in a while when it comes to toilet time. The concept of toilet stickers, in general, seems a bit farfetched, however, this particular design, with the wandering eyes seems both awkward and invasive.

9 We'd rather not be congratulated

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For whatever odd reason, it seems that the toy designers at Walmart just can't get enough of toilets. This toy hear is a simple sticker to slap on top of the toilet lid which is supposed to encourage little ones to do their business. However, it's abnormally creepy, and that's one of the weirdest smiles we've ever seen.

8 The Lash game is strong in this one

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Walmarts and toy stores have been no stranger to Barbie dolls and action figures over the years. Unfortunately, this Barbie seems to have taken here makeup game to the next level, rocking painfully long eyelashes. Little girls and boys idolize these dolls' appearance, so it seems like pretty poor form to set unrealistic expectations like this.

7 No words needed

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We really shouldn't need to justify why this is not okay to be sold in the kids' section of your local Walmart, but alas, it's because of its uncanny resemblance to, well, a no-no adult toy. If the visual wasn't enough to cause some uncertainty, it can also speak. Can you imagine receiving this as a birthday gift?

6 Watch out for the hug monster

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There's no denying that there is a lot of high-quality, lovable Elmo and Sesame Street toys out there on the market. This one, however, certainly does not fall into that category. Whether or not this kid actually wants a hug, you can bet your bottom dollar that he'll be getting one. Whatever happened to consent?

5 Fancy (no)pants

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Here we are again, slapped with an in-your-face, unnecessary Walmart kids product. This toilet sticker is evidently aimed at the kind of boys and girls who grow up with a separate butler for each of their nine kitchens. It seems like a waste of time and money and doesn't help to overcome any stereotypes, that's for sure.

4 Well, that's not creepy at all...

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While toy might only be a seasonal one that rolls around each Halloween, that doesn't take away from the fact that it's just incredibly unsettling. It's a messed-up head on a platter, but if that wasn't unsettling enough, the head also rotates, quotes lines from the Exorcist film, and has flashing red eyes. Uh, no thanks.

3 Why parents shouldn't dress their kids

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Oh, lord. Where do we even start on this one? A lot of people's pet hates is parents hammering down values and political agenda on their kids through fashion, and this seems right up that alley. Next time, mom, just buy little Sally a My Little Pony outfit and forget about it, please.

2 Turn your bathroom into a swamp

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Everybody poops. But let's be honest here, it's a pretty boring time of the day (or of the week if you've been loading up on carbs). So what do the geniuses at Walmart do? They take the toilet roll holder and turn it into a creepy, hand-painted, judgemental, staring alligator. This seems like it'd be a tad too intimidating for the kiddies.

1 We'll be skipping dessert...

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It's no secret that the majority of kids have at least a touch of a sweet tooth. Generally, however, they're pretty fussy eaters as well, so the idea of a Jellyfish Cookie seems not only outlandish and awfully peculiar, but also comes with a hint of jellyfish cruelty. Fudge cookies topped with marshmallow sounds amazing - Jellyfish Cookies does not.

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