18 Cringiest Redesigns Of PlayStation Characters

This might not come as a particular surprise to many readers here, but there have been quite a few reboots of some pretty special games throughout the years. Now, when we say special we don't necessarily mean that they are precious to us. Some of them are also quite... unique and/or unfortunate as well.

Below are 18 redesigns of some pretty iconic PlayStation characters that can get rather cringey. We have to admit that one or two of these are kind of cool... but they still make us think something is a little wrong with the gaming world... so let's take a cringey stroll down Memory Lane!

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18 Sora


So, here is one of those redesigns that is kind of cool, but certainly cringey. There aren't going to be many Kingdom Hearts fans who are happy to see a Borderlands redesign of the KH hero, Sora, but there are probably plenty of Borderlands fans who now think that Sora is pretty cool.

17 Cammy


Cammy has always had the same signature and classic look in every Street Fighter game out there. Sure, she has had costume alterations and bonus outfits, but she has always had a standard and iconic look. So, why the sudden change? Did they think their most popular girl was just not doing it for them anymore!?

16 Blasto


Blasto was a ridiculous game and a ridiculous character. While we might like to look back on our time with that game fondly, trust us when we say the game itself is cringey and not worth the replay simply because of the controls. So, if the game is not worth the replay, why bother with the redesign that makes Blasto look more like a character from Duke Nukem?

15 Sly Cooper


Some people may only be able to tell that this is Sly Cooper from his staff and his raccoon tail. Otherwise, this redesign sort of screams anything but the classic PlayStation character. It is cool to re-imagine a classic character, but give us a bit more recognition. Don't just add a tail and call it a day.

14 Parappa The Rapper


Alright, aside from the fact that Parappa The Rapper is a game that should never be talked about again, let alone redesigned, it is just way too much to try and turn the character into a human being... who for some reason happens to have dog ears as well. This is another entry for the fiery furnace!

13 Kratos


It sort of looks like the studio went through some interesting ideas regarding what Kratos could look like in the latest game. Thankfully, this image is nothing to do with the studio and these are just some random renders of what Kratos could be if we didn't want to take him at all seriously... there might be one or two good ones here though.

12 Jersey Devil


The Jersey Devil is a very bizarre and already cringe-worthy game, to say the least. The gameplay was just sad and while the character concept was kind of cool, the execution was bad. Much like the human redesign of the titular Jersey Devil character, right here. Creepy? Yes, without a doubt. But very cringey too...

11 Heihachi Mishima


Sure, it does make sense that Heihachi ages throughout the Tekken series but when he just looks like an angry and chubby man who really takes personal grooming a little too seriously, we think that the designers have lost the plot somewhat on why Heihachi is the way he is.

10 Gundam Cloud


Nope. Just... no. It took long enough for Japan to get Gundam into the U.S. in the first place (let's not discuss Doozy Bots), so we really don't need to take away from the popularity of Cloud Strife by turning him into a mech. He's already lame enough as it is. He's just lucky the FFVII remake has a way better design team.

9 Sonic


Sonic may be a Sega creation, but he's been repping PlayStation for years now. In a rare twist of fate, fan backlash actually forced the Sonic the Hedgehog movie to stall its release so that the special effects team could completely redesign Sonic. Looking at his model, it's not hard to see why. Has anyone here ever held a hedgehog, by the way? They have spines all over. Sure, their stomachs and face are furry but...where are Sonic's spines!?

8 Big Daddy


We are honestly not even sure just what we are supposed to be getting out of this frightening redesign! This is meant to be Big Daddy from Bioshock and while we can sort of see the resemblance, we are more concerned with the fact that this creature looks like it was truly made by a creepy child in a horror movie... and everyone knows how that turns out!

7 Kingdom Hearts Cloud


There is only one character out there who can claim that one-winged angel status and his name is Sephiroth. Sorry Cloud, but this was a redesign that Disney and Square-Enix never should have greenlit in the first place. Sure, it makes Cloud look cooler than he ever was, but it gives him a quality that he never should have had.

6 Spyro The Dragon


Spyro The Dragon has been a fan favorite for years and years now. The reboot of the game has been long-awaited and people absolutely love it! Considering that the last time a Spyro game was made was back in the days of the PS1, it only makes sense people are clamoring for a PS4 version now... but look at this hideous attempt at Spyro pre-PS4 release!

5 Vivi


Alright, look. Vivi was already cutesy and annoying enough. He could only really get away with that fact because he hearkened back to the Black Mage character set of old from the original Final Fantasy. But this extra cute version is just too much. Especially with an army of them! Cleanse with FIRE!

4 Sweet Tooth


Speaking of fire, does anyone remember when Sweet Tooth was nothing more than an escaped mental patient in an ice cream van and not a jacked, superhuman clown with his head on fire? We certainly remember that and we think it was probably for the best to keep that original sad backstory.

3 Bomberman


What is even happening here. We can very clearly see the comparison here between the classic Bomberman and whatever this giant grotesque is... how did anyone think that turning a classic and cartoony character into a monster would at all help with sales. When was the last time anyone saw a popular Bomberman game since?

2 Pyramid Head


Pyramid Head is a very strange, ridiculous and yet quite frightening addition to the Silent Hill series. He has unnerved a lot of people. However, when he was brought into the light of the Soul Calibur stage, he really lost any credibility he ever had. He was never scary, it seems it was just the lighting.

1 Lara Croft


Sure, there are going to be some basement dwellers who think we're nutty for saying that Angelina Jolie is a bad redesign of Lara Croft... but she is. Sure, she's attractive, depending on the day and the outfit, but that is not what Croft is about. Check out the latest Tomb Raider game and then talk to us about Angelina.

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