This Cup Noodles Vending Machine Takes Instagram Posts As Payment

In partnership with Nissin Foods USA, Foodbeast has created the #DreamMachines: a vending machine that lets you buy cup noodles with a post on Instagram.

If you have ever found yourself incredibly hungry but without enough change to buy something from the machines, then this collaboration is the best news for you. Now, all you need is to look for a place that will give you some hot water for your noodles.

While the idea of using Instagram posts as payment is quite new, vending machines that dispense cup noodles is not something new. The Japanese have about 5.5 million vending machines in the country, and of course, they have ones that give out cup noodles. Nissin Foods’ Japanese counterpart also have noodle machines around places where people sit for long periods of time, like in parks and at 24-hour cafes. These machines come with a compartment for hot water, so you can enjoy your cup noodles as soon as you buy them.

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The #DreamMachines give out prizes after users post Instagram photos with certain hashtags on their accounts. You push a button on the machine that will generate a unique hashtag, and you will have to pose for a photo with the device and post it on your feed—tagging @foodbeast and @originalcupnoodles, of course.

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After following some instructions that appear on the machine, you can claim your prize. The freebies given away include instant noodles, Cup Noodles merchandise, video games, and gift vouchers. There are currently two machines: one in Las Vegas and the other in Los Angeles.

Even though Japan is the land of vending machines, the United States still sets up some crazy, out-of-the-box vending machines for the American public. For example, last year, the Ohio Pork Council set up a bacon vending machine for a limited time at Ohio State University. Bar Moxy also set up their own soft-serve ice cream vending machine in New York City, complete with all the toppings you want on your dessert. If only these food machines were a permanent addition to American streets just like in Japan; we can only dream for now.

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