8 Current WWE Stars Triple H Loves (And 8 He Doesn't Care About)

Triple H has become one of the most important people in WWE with various backstage roles. Fans have associated him mostly with the success of NXT. Triple H clearly has a different presentation in mind for the wrestling product than what Vince McMahon likes on the main roster. The talent hired by WWE is also an area where Triple H makes the final calls with his team in charge of the roster.

Every wrestler certainly would love the support of Triple H since he is expected to run the company whenever Vince needs a replacement. Not every wrestler has the love of Triple H as he has been quite selective about those he likes to endorse. We will look through the entire WWE roster to find out which talents are on his love list and which just don’t matter. These are eight current WWE stars loved by Triple H and eight he doesn’t care about.

16 Loves: Bayley

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The women’s evolution in WWE started back in NXT when Triple H gave the female performers a fair chance. Bayley was one of the major stars for NXT that helped the company grow. Triple H has always been one of Bayley’s biggest supporters and is likely a huge reason she’s on top of Smackdown to end 2019.

15 Doesn’t care about: Luke Harper

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A recent interview from Triple H saw him take some shots at the WWE talents that requested their release and posted about it on social media. Luke Harper is one of the wrestlers that did this to upset Triple H. WWE is rarely using Harper at all and shows no interest in approving his release any time soon.

14 Loves: Seth Rollins

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Seth Rollins was the first NXT Champion due to Triple H viewing Rollins as the right man to build the developmental brand around. The success of Rollins on the main roster showcased Triple H’s vision of knowing talent. Rollins has been linked to Triple H on-screen and behind the scenes for having a close relationship.

13 Doesn’t care about: Matt Hardy

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Triple H has the reputation of not caring much for the veterans on the roster outside of the massive draws. Matt Hardy returning to WWE with the Broken gimmick would see him get very little opportunities to breakout. Triple H is clearly looking for the future stars rather than caring for veterans like Hardy.

12 Loves: Andrade

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The NXT Championship is one of the most protected titles in wrestling. Triple H only allows talents he views as main event caliber stars to win it. Andrade winning the NXT Championship showcased just how superb he can be. Triple H was the one to sign Andrade and unmask him since he felt the look would make him a mega-star on the main roster.

11 Doesn’t care about: Alexa Bliss

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Alexa Bliss is one of the few main roster breakout stars that did not have a great run in NXT. The time in NXT was mostly spent as a manager and a lower card wrestler. Bliss never had a match on any of the TakeOver specials showing a lack of faith from Triple H. WWE pushed her to the moon despite this.

10 Loves: Drew McIntyre

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Triple H was one of the biggest supporters of Drew McIntyre during Drew’s first run in WWE. Even though it ended in disappointment, McIntyre became a huge star on the indie circuit and returned to NXT. Triple H pushed him hard to the NXT Championship spot and helped him get back to the main roster in a big way.

9 Doesn’t care about: Oney Lorcan

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The previously mentioned comment about Triple H disliking wrestlers venting their frustrations about wanting a release came shortly after Oney Lorcan did it. Lorcan was one of the unsaid names he clearly meant. The cruiserweight responded on social media by saying it was unprofessional to react that way in an interview.

8 Loves: Adam Cole

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The current NXT Championship reign of Adam Cole has shown how much Triple H trusts him. Cole was the man selected from NXT to have matches with Daniel Bryan and Seth Rollins that essentially started the Survivor Series brand war. Triple H has made Cole the face of the brand during NXT’s most important transition to USA Network.

7 Doesn’t care about: EC3

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EC3 was one of the hot NXT signings that never really did much in the promotion. Triple H even criticized him a little in a post TakeOver interview with Cathy Kelley stating stars that thrived in prior promotions needed to step up to shine in NXT. EC3 has been completely buried on the main roster with seemingly zero supporters.

6 Loves: Asuka

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Triple H loved the skillset of Asuka from day one in NXT. The plan of her having an undefeated streak lasted all the way until she joined the main roster. Triple H even requested Vince McMahon allow him to keep Asuka in NXT longer than expected due to her star power of the brand. McMahon sadly never saw the same magic in Asuka as Triple H did.

5 Doesn’t care about: The Miz

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There was an infamous clip of The Miz returning backstage to the gorilla position after winning his first WWE Championship in 2010. Triple H looked unimpressed and hesitated to shake Miz’s hand. A future segment even saw Triple H hit Miz with a comedic Pedigree to make him look foolish. Miz just doesn’t seem to be someone Triple H cares much for.

4 Loves: Finn Balor

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The success of Finn Balor in NXT helped put the brand on the map. Balor clearly thrived in the environment with both parties benefiting from his time there. Triple H and Balor made an agreement for him to return to NXT with a heel run after the lackluster main roster stint. Finn is set to become a face of Triple H’s brand again with Triple H loving every second of it.

3 Doesn’t care about: Lana

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Triple H has been one of the biggest proponents about creating a credible women’s division. Lana likely would have become the biggest star for the women’s division in almost any prior WWE era. Triple H’s vision essentially removed her from the equation since her in-ring skills never were good enough for the women’s division today.

2 Loves: Kevin Owens

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Kevin Owens was one of the biggest signings that Triple H made the final decision on. The time in NXT made Owens a huge star and gave him a fast track push to the main roster. Owens even won the Universal Championship thanks to Triple H’s help and stated it added to the moment to have his biggest supporter in the ring with him.

1 Doesn’t care about: Dolph Ziggler

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The era of wrestlers to join WWE before NXT often sees them get overlooked by Triple H. Cody Rhodes claimed Triple H has no interest in them since the NXT guys have a closer bond with him. Dolph Ziggler perfectly fits that description. WWE never did much with Ziggler when he had momentum. Now that’s he lost fan support, neither Triple H nor Vince have much love for him.

Sources: Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE Network

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