Make A Custom Stress-Relief Squishy With This DIY Kit

Make A Custom Stress-Relief Squishy With This DIY

Stop paying big squishy bucks by creating your own custom stress-relief squishy from the comfort of your own home.

Stress is unavoidable in today’s modern society. We all need something to help us get through. Some turn to music. Others, to mindless video games. Still more resort to adorable cat videos on Facebook and YouTube.

Perhaps one of the most effective forms of stress relief is brute force. But in most countries, you’re not allowed to take out your frustrations on the nearest available person, and giving the wall a good kick in anger can lead to some broken toes. Instead, try making these stress relief squishies and focusing your torment on them.

To start, you’ll need to get this do-it-yourself squishy kit from Japan. Or you could buy local and use this Amazon-sourced kit, but it’s several times more expensive and also gives you enough polyurethane foam to make 100 squishies (but hey, if you're really stressed, you might need them).

Make A Custom Stress-Relief Squishy With This DIY
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Either way, your next step is to get a mold. The polyurethane only creates that delightfully squishy material once mixed, and until then it's basically clear liquid. It needs somewhere fun and funky to set! Any no-stick silicone mold will work. Cookies and cupcakes are fine, but if you can find something a little more exotic feel free to use that. Some craft stores carry molds that look like adorable little animals and even popular cartoon characters. 

Next, mix your two (or in the case of Amazon’s kit, three) chemicals together. For the simpler Japanese kit, you’ll want a 10:4 mixture of Bottle A liquid to Bottle B. A small measuring scale will assist you greatly in this endeavor.

The reaction starts immediately, and within 30 minutes you’ll have your squishy. Keep in mind that the polyurethane will expand to basically twice its original size, so you should only fill your mold up halfway.


Congratulations! You now have a squishy. The only problem is that it’s probably very plain and boring. To decorate your new squishy you can use a number of different items depending on what you molded it into. Fabric paint works well for fine details, but for delicious-looking contours, nothing beats Puffy Paint. Layer it on like icing and wait for 10 hours for the paint to set.

This DIY video has even more details on how to make a squishy set of baked goods. Follow along and home and remember: doing it yourself can’t possibly be more stressful than homework or being at the office!


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