Work Of Art: 15 Lame Custom Video Game Consoles (And 15 That Are Dope)

Even though a lot of people have made the move to PC, most of us got our start in the world of video games when we were younger, when we would sit down with a video game console to discover one of our favorite ways to spend the day! This is why a lot of us have a real soft spot for video game consoles, and while a lot of them are made to look as attractive as possible, that doesn't stop a lot of people from putting the work to make them look as cool as possible! That's not to say that all custom consoles look great though, which is exactly what this list is all about...

What we've done is pull together some of the best custom consoles out there for everyone to take a look at, the best that the internet has to offer on this, so that people can enjoy them as much as we have. However, we've also got the worst of the worst, the custom consoles that just don't look good, and were arguably better when they looked normal. We want these to be a warning to everyone thinking of giving their console a custom job!

So, we want to get stuck in so that everyone has a chance to look at some truly different consoles. We may have all moved on to the PC, but that doesn't change the fact that consoles are still out there alive and kicking!

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30 Dope: Nights Into Dreams Sega Saturn

via pinterest.com

Even though pretty much nobody would want to actually own this console because it allows them the chance to play a game— ourselves included— we do have to admit that we're interested in it just because of the way that it looks! It's no surprise that people like to show the world what their favorite game is, but most people don't manage to pull it off with this much style! There are a lot of consoles out there that try to look this good, and we're about to show everyone that there are a lot that just don't manage it!

29 Lame: Nike PS4

via imgur.com

We know that consoles are essentially just a commercial at this point, but that doesn't mean we're comfortable with this sort of thing at all! Who likes a clothing company so much that they want to put the name of one all over their console?! Look, we're sure that the people who own this console really do love Nike, but there's just something weird about this one to us. Throw in the fact that it's also pretty boring with just a single color and what we have here is a really lame custom console!

28 Dope: TIE Fighter N64

via imgur.com

It's widely accepted that two things all nerds love is both Star Wars and video games, so it makes sense that somebody out there decided to smash two of their favorite things together into this masterpiece. While there haven't been many good Star Wars games released in the past, that doesn't change the fact that there is a serious level of craftsmanship that has been put into this. We can't believe there's any Star Wars fan out there that wouldn't like to have this thing plugged in somewhere in their house!

27 Lame: Gears Of War Xbox One

via imgur.com

Look, we know that we're going to get a lot of hate for saying, but we just don't understand why people enjoy the Gears Of War series so much, especially not to the point where they could cover their console in a custom graphic that makes reference to the franchise! There are so many amazing game franchises out there, as evidenced by some of the other consoles we've included in this list, so why would somebody want to make reference to such a boring set of games, especially when the custom console comes out looking this boring as well!

26 Dope: Street Fighter Dreamcast

via pinterest.com

Street Fighter is one of the most well respected game franchises of all time, so it makes sense that somebody would want to make a reference to that through the use of a custom console. That's not the only reason we like this one though, as we think it looks genuinely great, with the choice to only use a small amount of covering actually working in its favor. It would look messy and cluttered if they'd tried to force anything more onto the controller or the console itself, so they definitely did the right thing by keeping it simple and subtle.

25 Lame: Super Smash Bros N64

via playingwithsuperpower.com

We all know that Super Smash Bros. is the name given to some great games, but we can't help but feeling that a lot of the people on this list think that plastering the name of a good game onto a console is enough to create something great. Consoles like this are proof that this just isn't true... By the looks of things, this may have been done by somebody who was young, so we can only hope that it was their first go at something like this and that as they've got older, they've moved onto making some proper quality custom consoles!

24 Dope: Star Wars PS4

via amazon.com

Not only does this thing look great, but it looks as if somebody has managed to make their PS4 portable?! Imagine going on a plane and pulling out a Nintendo Switch, only for somebody to pull out what looks like a laptop and start playing Uncharted on it?! Even people who don't like the Star Wars motif that comes with it have to admit that this is one of the best custom consoles out there, something that really gives us a look at what can be achieved when people put their mind to it and don't allow themselves to get bogged down with limitations!

23 Lame: Watery Xbox

via pinterest.com

Okay, do we really have to go into why this one just isn't worth looking into?! First of all, nobody has ever wanted to see their console get wet, as we're all taught from an early age that electricity and water just don't mix, so seeing something like this actually happen would break our hearts! Secondly, it just doesn't look any good! Rather than making it look like it has water droplets on them, the custom skin used on this Xbox console and controller just makes it look blotchy, as if the console has a skin problem...

22 Dope: Twilight Princess GameCube

via pinterest.com

While we're willing to go on record as saying that Twilight Princess was a pretty big let down when it comes to classic Zelda games, there's no chance we're going to say that this custom job is anything other than fantastic. The amount work that has gone into this one to make sure that it looks just right is perfection, and all of the little details that we can see in the design don't make the console look cluttered, instead adding to the overall vibe and atmosphere of the whole piece. We would've loved something like this during the GameCube era!

21 Lame: Mortal Kombat PS1

via thegamer.com

Despite the fact that Mortal Kombat is a great franchise, one that has brought a lot of people joy in the past, we wouldn't say that this is the best way to commemorate the game. It is filled with so many characters that have some really great designs, and yet the only thing this custom console has on it is the boring dragon logo which isn't unlike a lot of other generic symbols that we've seen in the past! We're not saying it isn't a good effort, and the splatter on the controller is a nice touch, but it's nothing compared to some of the others.

20 Dope: Legend Of Zelda Gamecube

via pinterest.com

Legend Of Zelda is such a huge series at this point that people very easily just make a generic console about the franchise, using logos seen in almost all of them rather than focusing on a single installment in the series like some would do. We have to say that this is really the perfect example of how famous some of these franchises can become. When somebody can have so many different memories and video games come to mind just from looking at a single symbol, that's a sign that the franchise has definitely achieved its goals...

19 Lame: Medal Of Honor Game Boy Advance

via pinterest.com

We can see that a lot of effort has gone into this one so it hurts us to say it, but does anybody actually think that the final product looks any good?! Expending effort is only really worth it if the final product looks as if it had a lot of effort spent on it, which this Game Boy doesn't look like it did. If we were given it as a gift, it would be pretty cool, but we can't see anyone actually spending any money on this sort of custom job, so we're hoping that whoever made it did so for themselves and not to sell the thing!

18 Dope: Golden Sun Game Boy Advance

via imgur.com

More than anything, the thing we love about this custom job is that it is celebrating a brilliant franchise, one of the most underrated RPGs that we've ever had the pleasure of enjoying, and yet we never hear anybody talking about it. We're glad that there are some people out there playing the game, and that they're willing to spend their time referencing through this brilliant custom job. It's simple and clean, looking very good without having to resort to cluttering up the small space offered by a Game Boy Advance.

17 Lame: A Standard Snes?!

via instructables.com

Okay, so when we first saw this we assumed that it must just be a bootleg console or something, but no, apparently this is a custom job of a SNES, even though it just looks like an odd SNES... We understand that people can make their consoles look however they want, but why would they want just a slightly uglier version of what they could get as standard?! Not everyone's tastes are going to be the same as ours, but it stands to reason that there are some universal expectation when it comes to aesthetic beauty!

16 Dope: Psychedelic Game Boy Color

via imgur.com

This handheld console practically shimmers in the hands of whoever is playing it, looking like an oil slick on a rainy road, and we don't think that we've ever actually seen a custom console like it! We would've paid big money when we were younger for something like this, and we would probably pay it now as well! We don't want to know how it was made either if we're honest, as it would just spoil the mystery. The only problem we can see with this is that the custom work might actually get in the way of us paying attention to the game!

15 Lame: Legend Of Zelda N64

via imgur.com

We wanted to include this one to show that just because we enjoy the Legend Of Zelda franchise, it doesn't mean that we would like every single custom console that is referencing it. We will admit that the color purple on this console is brilliant, but the rest of it just looks a mess, with the blue on the corners being a specific bit of color blending that just doesn't work. It's a shame, because with a little bit of work this could be a genuinely good custom console, but as it is we wouldn't want it anywhere near our collection.

14 Dope: Wario Nintendo DS

via imgur.com

Wario is quite possibly one of our favorite underrated characters. People always talk about Waluigi, but even though he gets less video games than Wario, Wario is far more interesting. He has actually got a developed personality, and that's why we think that this DS is full of character! We're surprised that something like this hasn't actually been licensed and released by Nintendo. They must know that there are a lot of Wario fans out there because they keep putting him in his own games even though people keep screaming about Waluigi.

13 Lame: Fairly Standard N64 Controller!

via imgur.com

Can anybody tell us what this is supposed to be? The only way we think that this controller could be explained is that it is referencing something that we just don't understand otherwise it's one of the most boring custom controllers that we have ever seen! We'll admit that the red definitely pops unlike any of the standard colors on an N64 controller, but that isn't enough to make us think it's anywhere near dope! Either we're being ridiculously stupid here or people just like boring custom work on their controllers...

12 Dope: Majora's Mask N64

via imgur.com

This custom console shows the other Majora's Mask N64 we've seen how it's done, how to keep it subtle and make sure that the colors being used actually blend well rather than becoming murky and blurring into one another. Sure, the lighting in the photograph makes it easier to enjoy this one a lot more, but we bet that in person it still looks a lot better! We would like to think that we could put together a custom console like this one, but we know for a fact that it takes a genuine talent that we most likely don't have.

11 Lame: A Standard Game Boy Advance?!

via imgur.com

Okay, so they added different colored buttons, and that's it?! We are embarrassed on behalf of anyone who thinks that they can call this a custom console, rather than just a handheld console that has had the bare minimum done to it. We could also talk about the thing that is hanging off the bottom of it, but we're fairly sure that anybody could've attached one of those if they'd wanted to, rather than it being a custom choice... Out of all the lame custom consoles on the list, we think this one annoys us the most.

10 Dope: Yoshi's Island SNES

via imgur.com

Yet another example of how somebody can make something amazing with such a small amount of changes. That green is amazing and we think that it probably should be used on every console in the future if we're honest! Then we've got the game's name and logo casually placed on the console and controller to, showing us all that the subtle approach is so much better than cluttering the thing up in the hope that this will make it look better! If anybody is selling this, let us know, because we definitely want it right now!

9 Lame: Shining Force III Sega Saturn

via heypoorplayer.com

Ignore the fact that literally nobody owned or played a Sega Saturn, that it's one of those consoles that continue to be ridiculed and that nobody has any positive memories of, and what we've still got here is a total mess of a console. This is the definition of a cluttered custom job, something that somebody thought would look good but actually would've been better if they'd slowed down a little bit. The way that the image doesn't properly overlap the disc tray just shows that there wasn't enough thought put into how this would eventually look.

8 Dope: Lego PS2

via flickr.com

While we're pretty sure that this isn't a usable console, we had to put it on this list because it's possibly one of our favorite ones, and it has made us want to try and figure out how to create something like this that will actually play our games as well! We're not sure why, but even though we didn't play with Lego a lot when we were younger, we like anything that apes the look that they things. Throw in the fact that they can be used to actually invent working machines and we're even more impressed!

7 Lame: Purple N64

via ebay.com

Look, we know that the standard grey that the N64 comes in isn't to everyone's taste, but we would say that if people are going to make the effort when to change the way that their console looks they should put a lot more effort into it, or else it just looks pretty boring... In fact, if we're being totally honest, this purple looks pretty bland on its own, so we would rather have the grey on its own than we would this purple. We know it's a personal choice, but there we go! Maybe try and be a bit more creative next time...

6 Dope: Breath Of The Wild Nintendo Switch

via dontfeedthegamers.com

We cannot put into words how much we want this console. A custom job on this sort of thing can be difficult, as when we think about it the Switch is basically just a plastic dock with a portable touch screen inside of it. However, these sorts of custom consoles prove that with enough creativity and imagination, people and companies can come up with a way to make any console look better than it did before! Seriously, this is easily the best custom job that we've seen throughout this entire list. Just look at the green!

5 Lame: The Minish Cap Game Boy Advance

via destructoid.com

We can only hope that this was done by someone in their bedroom, somebody that wants turn their hand to proper custom jobs once they get older. All we can say is that if the sticker was done by hand then there's definitely some sort of potential here, but otherwise it's a pretty big insult to a game as good as Legend Of Zelda that this thing even exists! We know that sounds harsh, but there is nothing about this that is worth a second look if we're being honest, so here's hoping that whoever made it has now moved onto bigger and better things!

4 Dope: Double Dash Gamecube

via amazon.com

We want to start by saying that the red on this, the way that it  is worked with the white is enough to put it on this list, but when that is paired with the track markings on the top, the Mario Kart logo as well, there's absolutely nothing to dislike about this. This is definitely the sort of thing that Nintendo would license themselves and put it out into the world, but we would like to think that this was actually a passion project of someone, someone that just wanted to show how much they loved Mario Kart Double Dash.

3 Lame: What Even If This?!

via blogspot.com

Okay we're almost completely sure that this thing is just a bootleg console rather than a custom job done by someone on an already existing console. All we can say is, if we had paid somebody to take a look at our console and see what they could do, before turning up with this, we certainly wouldn't be paying! More than anything, it looks just like something that would be given to a young child, the sort of thing that makes noises whenever the buttons are pressed, rather than an actual games console!

2 Dope: An Altoids Portable Console!

via imgur.com

We're obsessed with the way that people are always looking for new ways to innovate, always wanting to prove that as human beings, we can do a lot more than has already been done. That's why this Altoid console just had to make it onto our list. We can only imagine what expression would come up on someone's face if they were shown this when the SNES had first come out. They wouldn't be able to understand how the technology could fit into their hands like this, or why it was in an Altoid's tin either for that matter!

1 Lame: Fancy Xbox One

via dualshockers.com

No matter what game this may or may not be referencing, we have to say that it really isn't anything worth looking at. People seem to think that anything is better than nothing, but we think that we've proved throughout the list that lame custom jobs like this actually look worse than the base hardware. We're not saying people can't have their consoles however they want, but if we had gone round to a friend's house and saw that they'd done this to their Xbox One, we would've felt pretty embarrassed for them if we're honest...

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