These 20 Custom Xboxes Are…Really Something

Gaming consoles have evolved massively over the last few decades. Modern examples are sleek pieces of hardware that don’t look out of place in a stylish living room or bedroom. The Xbox One is no exception to this rule when it comes to looks. Despite their polished designs, though, it is still possible for the various Xbox One consoles to look even better – and in some cases far worse – than normal.

This is because Microsoft and other companies are willing to create one-of-a-kind custom consoles. They are often made to help promote a new game or movie but are sometimes also given away in special competitions to lucky winners. In either case, these custom Xbox can range from fabulous looking to downright ugly. However, one thing you can be certain of is that they are all very unique.

20 Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 Baby Groot Xbox One X

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Guardians of the Galaxy is undoubtedly one of the most popular Marvel film properties and it appears that the people over at Microsoft are also big fans. The company sent director James Gunn a custom made Xbox One X. Sitting on top of the console is a large figure of baby Groot.

19 Godzilla Xbox One X

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Thanks to the film Godzilla: King of the Monsters, this striking Xbox One X was given away in a competition. A collaboration between Warner Bros. and Microsoft, four consoles were designed featuring different monsters. However, it is the Godzilla version that is most striking with its spines and textured surface.

18 Make-A-Wish Jack Black Xbox One X

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Jack Black designed this Xbox at the request of Microsoft. He was one of a number of celebrities asked to take part in a special initiative to help raise cash for the Make-A-Wish foundation. The console, which sports a purple color scheme and a picture of Black playing the saxophone, was auctioned off in 2018.

17 Air Jordan III Xbox One X

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Out of all the possible collaborations for a gaming console, a mashup between Microsoft and Nike might seem like one of the most unlikely. It is exactly what happened in 2018 when the two companies created a series of special Air Jordan III Xbox One X consoles to celebrate the launch of the new shoes.

16 Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Xbox One

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Easily one of the best looking custom Xbox consoles ever made, it was designed to help promote Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. As well as the wood casing and mounted replica sword, it also has a beautiful matching controller. The end result is an Xbox One that would not look out of place in feudal Japan.

15 The Chainsmokers Xbox One S

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As part of an initiative to create unique Xbox One S consoles with well known public figures, Microsoft designed this piece of hardware. They teamed up with DJ duo The Chainsmokers for this Xbox, which doubles as a light show. This Xbox features a special processor that syncs the in-built lights with the sound in the room to create a dynamic display on surface of the console that constantly changes.

14 Game Of Thrones Xbox One S Consoles

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Game of Throne has been hugely popular over the last few years and these one-of-a-kind consoles more than make up for a disappointing finale season. In total, three themed Xbox One S digital consoles were designed. One featured a Night King aesthetic, the second resembled the House Targaryen sigil, and the third took inspiration from the Iron Throne.

13 World Of Tanks Xbox One X

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Fans of World of Tanks had the chance to get their hands on a special Xbox One X in 2018. Designed by French artist Tsuchinoko, it was part of a limited run that only saw 11 consoles produced. Xbox site TrueAchievements teamed up with the developer behind the game to give away one of the hand made consoles.

12 Make-A-Wish Post Malone Xbox One X

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For those wanting a Post Malone Xbox One X to go in their living room, this console fits the bill. As part of a collaboration with the Make-A-Wish foundation, the musician designed and signed this custom piece of hardware. The Xbox was auctioned on Charitybuzz to help raise money for good causes and had a starting bid of just $350.

11 Super Bowl G.O.A.T. Xbox One

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Winning a Super Bowl might be out of the question for most people. Thanks to Microsoft, though, it was still possible to be a winner with this custom Xbox One. However, what makes this console so special is that it came with a genuine diamond ring so that you could really feel like the G.O.A.T. The bundle was given away in a sweepstakes and had a value of $10,000.

10 Paul Walker Tribute Xbox One S

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Anyone familiar with The Fast and Furious might recognize the color scheme of this console. That’s because it is based on Paul Walker’s car from the first movie in the hit series. Microsoft commissioned this version of their Xbox One S console as a tribute to the late actor and to help raise money for Reach Out Worldwide.

9 Make-A-Wish Minecraft Xbox One S

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Microsoft teamed up with the Make-A-Wish foundation in 2018 to help raise money for the Consoles for Kids auction. Along with a number of celebrities, some developers helped design special limited edition custom Xbox consoles. This example came from Mojang and shows what an Xbox One S might look like if it was in the Minecraft universe.

8 Sea Of Thieves Xbox One S

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Sea of Thieves was the first original title to come out of Rare in a very long time so fans were excited to see the game release. While the title might not have been everything people hoped for, it did lead to some very nice looking merchandise. One such example is this custom Xbox One S. The developer auctioned it off to raise money for charity SpecialEffect.

7 Halo Xbox One X

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Microsoft’s own 343 industries helped to design this special Halo themed Xbox One X. The console was created to be auctioned off to help the Make-A-Wish foundation. It features the autographs of many of the developers for the series as well as an intricate design. Along with the other consoles, it was hoped to raise at least $30,000 for the charity.

6 Cuphead Xbox One S

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Players eagerly anticipated Cuphead ever since it was first revealed. Its eventual release led Microsoft to team up with the developer to create a limited edition custom Xbox One S in 2017. The end result was a stylish yellow console with a distinctive look along with a matching controller and accompanying LP.

5 Coco Custom Xbox One S

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Disney-Pixar and Microsoft partnered to create this Xbox One S. Themed around the film Coco, it was designed to help promote the movie and the fact that the console can play the film in 4K HDR. It was given away in a sweepstakes competition and came with a matching custom controller.

4 Stark Industries Iron Man Xbox One

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Captain America: Civil War was one of the most highly anticipated movies of the year when it hit cinemas in 2016. Therefore, it was always likely to attract attention from other companies looking for tie-ins. Featuring the Stark Industries logo and a replica Arc Reactor that Iron Man uses in his own suit, it is a truly stylish and unique console.

3 Forza Horizon 3 Audi R8 Xbox One S

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In celebration of the launch of Forza Horizon 3, Microsoft Germany released a special Xbox One S. This console was designed to look like an Audio R8, including a grill, license plate, and headlights. While other regions had more standard looking products, this version certainly stands out with a distinctive style.

2 Jurassic World Evolution Xbox One X

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To help celebrate the release of the park building game Jurassic World Evolution back in 2018, Takeoff Creative designed this custom Xbox One X. The publisher then took the console, along with a specially designed PS4 Pro, to E3 to help promote the title. The fine details made it look like a dinosaur had attacked the hardware, exposing the circuitry underneath.

1 Black Panther Xbox One X

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Microsoft isn’t a stranger to working with media partners for tie-ins when it comes to custom Xbox consoles. Yet, few have ever ended up looking quite as good as this Black Panther Xbox One X. Only five of them were manufactured and all were given away in a series of sweepstakes competitions in 2018.

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