10 Cute Dog Names For That Perfect Puppy

When you’re trying to find the perfect name for your puppy, you have a lot of things to consider. You want to make sure that you find a name that fits your puppy’s personality. It can be hard to find that name that fits just right, and it might mean hours of looking up names online. You also want to find a name that's fairly simple to say so that your dog can learn their name and respond to it. A lot goes into a name, and there are many great names for dogs out there. Depending on the breed of your puppy, their personality, and your own personal tastes, you have to take a lot into account when naming the new furry member of your family.

This list of 10 cute dog names is a great place to get started. Maybe you’ll find the ideal pick for your puppy on this list.

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10 RY

This is a really simple name that’s perfect for a male dog. This name is really easy to say which makes it great when training your puppy to know their name and respond to it while training. Plus, it could be a shortened version of a longer name if you like to give your dog a more formal or official name.

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Ry could by short for Ryan or Ryston or Ryder. Ry is a great name for a sweet dog who has a lot of spunk and a big personality. So, if you have a puppy that’s a small dog, it would fit perfectly.


Bandit is a more classic name for dogs. It’s a popular dog name, and it’s easy to see why. Bandit is definitely a name for a dog who has an adventurous soul and likes to roam and see the world. Maybe your puppy also is a bit of a food thief or gets into things he’s not supposed to.

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If that’s the case, Bandit is especially fitting. This name calls to mind a rebellious spirit but also has an element of sweetness to it. If you have a bigger dog breed, this is a great choice and will always remind you that your dog is descended of wolves and has a wild spirit.


If you love to name pets after people names, Gemma is an ideal choice. This name is very cute and elegant, but it isn’t overused. While popular dog names are great to choose from, it’s sometimes nice to have a more unique name that you most likely won’t hear for another dog when you’re at the dog park. This name has Latin origins and was popular in the UK for a while. If your dog is adorable, spunky, and has a bit of an elegant side, Gemma could be the right choice for your sweet puppy.


Food names are often popular for dogs as they are just really adorable. There is something so fun about naming a pet after a favorite, sweet snack. Plus, dogs are all about food, even though you definitely shouldn’t ever feed your puppy Oreos as treats.

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Oreo is the perfect name for a rambunctious and sweet-hearted pup who makes your heart just melt. It’s also a good choice as it can be used for a male or female dog if you’re not so into giving your pets gendered names.


Willow is a soft and beautiful sounding name that can be used for a male or a female dog who has an old soul. Even if your dog is still just a small puppy, if they have a more calm demeanor and disposition, Willow could be the name that just clicks. It’s also a great name for dogs who love to be outside and go on walks with you.


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Many dogs love to explore the world around them and “scout” out the area by sniffing and running around to follow the scent trails they find. If your dog is particularly good at finding food, squirrels, or toys, Scout is a perfect option.


Peanut is another food name that is super sweet and fun. If your dog is a tan color, Peanut is especially a good choice. This is a food name that’s great for a dog who seems a bit tough and gruff on the outside but is actually super sweet and kind when you get to know them better. Also, if your dog is a bit sassy and “salty” and likes to talk back and show some attitude, Peanut is definitely fitting.


Copper is a good name if you want to name your puppy after a famous dog from pop culture. Copper is the dog from Fox and the Hound and definitely one of the more popular Disney dogs. So, if you’re a big fan of Disney, this is a good option. Copper is a basset hound, so if your new puppy is some kind of hound dog, this name is particularly fitting.


Another popular dog name from pop culture is Otis. This is the name of the adventurous pug from the film Milo and Otis. If you have a beautiful pug puppy, or any other breed of puppy really, Otis is a great choice.

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This is a name for a dog who is smart, adventurous, and also wise beyond his years. If you want to give your dog a name that’s stately, definitely go for Otis.


Marley and Me is a movie that makes all dog owners cry. This movie is about the life of an adventurous golden retriever and his family. While Marley gets up to a lot of trouble, he’s a great and loyal family dog. If you have a puppy that is adorable but high-energy, Marley is a great fit.

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