10 Adorable Pet Otters You Should Follow On Instagram

A flash of brown across cuts through the water contained behind the glass of the otter exhibit at the zoo. You watch as they float on their backs upon its blue surface and you wish you could stick one in your purse to take home with you. Unfortunately, due to legal reasons, you can't, but you CAN follow these ten otters on Instagram to get your otter fix.

These Insta otters will give you the daily dose of adorable otterness you need in your life. You can see pictures and videos of these wild animals as pets in someone's home, doing things normal pets would do, so you can imagine what it would be like to own one. All of the cute faces they make and videos of their playtime at your disposal without the hassle of having to care for one yourself. Keep reading to see just how adorable these ten Instagram Otters are!

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10 @Kotaro_otter (The Videographer)

This is the motherload of otter videos and Kotaro is the star. It's the reality tv show of the otter world and should be called Keeping Up with Kotaro. You can watch as Kotaro learns to play a mini guitar or has fun in the bath. He is a ball of fun and constantly on the move, comparable to a water-loving cat.

Kotaro makes the cutest noises that will leave you with butterflies as you cry from happiness after your horrible day at work. It would take hours to get through the multitude of videos posted to this account, but it’s worth it because Kotaro is the best otter around.

9 @Chiro_Chiro3 (The Double Trouble)

This account is double the adorableness with not one, but two otters to watch. They solve hard math problems by using calculators or spend their time chirping at the dog. They love when their tummies are scratched, basking in the glory that is the life of a pet otter. Swimming is their favorite activity, twisting and spinning as they play with their endless supply of toy balls. It is a true life documentary showcasing an otter's sweet and sensitive side for you to admire and you won't be disappointed. 

8 @Ponchan918 (The Infectious Laughers)

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These otters' laughs would bring a smile to anyone's face. You can watch as they play with a little girl, giving her a back scratch from time to time. They wear cute hats and are constantly reaching towards the camera like they know you are watching, silently begging for you to hold them.


The bonus with this feed is you can see other animals besides otters, like goats and pandas to name a few. When you stop by their page make sure to watch the videos of them eating because it will leave you giggling in delight, almost as much as from their infectious laughter.

7 @Carteltheotter (The Selfie King)

Cartel is an overly expressive otter, constantly making hilarious faces at the camera. He enjoys wearing his Santa suit, which is the only Christmas present you will ever need. He loves using his waterslide to dive into the pool, the water his preferred element. A natural people person, he is always working the crowd, bringing laughs out of even the most stoic of characters.

Cartel even has posts from his time as an otter pup, which everyone needs to see before they die because who doesn't enjoy cute baby otters. This otter is a class act and one you will want littering your Instagram feed with his adorable faces.

6 @Babietheotter (The Outdoor Explorer)

One look at these three otters and you will be in love. They are pure adventurers, unafraid of anything and ready to take on the world. They endure encounters from unknown beasts with wagging tails and explore the great outdoors, always on the lookout for new challenges. They have taught themselves to be handymen, working on the cars in the garage when the wear and tear of their exploits take its toll. You will never be left dissatisfied as they tug on your heartstrings.

5 @Kiko_otter (The World Traveler)

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This otter is a world traveler, donning his leash and hoodie before exploring what the world has to offer a simple otter like himself. Day or night you can watch as he lounges across the city, going where the wind (or his leash) takes him.


Kiko is the manliest otter alive and refuses to be tied down to a simple life of indoor living. He lives for the rush of adrenaline he gets every time he goes somewhere new, and you can experience it with him through his Instagram page.

4 @Piptheotter (The Insta Queen)

Pip is an Insta goddess, her pictures as artsy as her adorable little soul. Her poses are nothing less than perfection, leaving you speechless every time she posts a new one. She understands lighting and facial expressions, highlighting her best features by adding the perfect filter. If there was an otter queen then she would be it. Pip doesn't stop as she takes the world by storm, exuding girl otter power. She is flawless and her photos will lead you to up your Instagram game as you drool over her posts.

3 @Otter.mylive (Otter Star Search)

This is a collection of a bunch of people’s pet otters, all posted in one place. You can watch videos or view pictures of otters in an assortment of baskets. The possibilities are endless and you never know what to expect. The next otter star could be discovered on this Instagram page and you could be one of the first ones to see it! There are otters of all shapes and sizes, but all of them are equally adorable and sure to make you smile.

2 @Oscarotter.05 (The Basketball Legend)

Oscar is living the dream with his own personal fountain to practice in. He loves playing with his otter-sized basketball, so for all of the NBA lovers out there, this otter is for you! He hoops it up in his watery playpen, ready to give LeBron James a run for his money. He's scrappy in a too cute sort of way, as he dives for every loose ball. Oscar is still learning to use only his paws rather than his teeth in the heat of a game, but you can follow his journey as his athletic prowess takes him to the top of the adorable scale. 

1 @Otter.story (The Otter Tell-All)

This otter tell-all is a mixture of multiple pet otters, but they also feature otters in their natural habitat. The cuteness factor is off the charts as you find yourself scrolling through the multitude of otters. You can find lounging otters and swimming otters, or otters sticking out their rosy pink tongues. The name of their account says it all, as it strives to tell their story and create a collage of all aspects of their wonderful lives. Lives filled with adorable faces and cute antics which otter lovers can't get enough of.


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