11 Cutest Small Dog Breeds

All dogs are great dogs, but there’s just something so adorable about little dogs that makes them really lovable. Little dogs can have a lot of personality packed into a small frame, and different breeds have their distinct looks and traits. If you are looking to get a small dog, and you really want a dog with a cute look to make your heart melt, here are some of the cutest small dog breeds out there.

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These dogs have very different looks, but they are all adorable and will make you say awww.


The corgi is definitely one of the favorite dogs of the internet. These dogs have pleasant personalities and are very athletic for their small size. They make great companions and are affectionate but not too needy.

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They are only about 11 inches tall, and they are really smart and like to play with their owners. With their big ears and stout legs, Corgis are definitely known for being adorable little bread loaves.


These dogs are the national dog of Cuba but have gained popularity around the world. Havanese are known for being playful as well as smart. They have cute, dainty faces, and they are very small, making them an ideal lap dog. They are also good at dog agility and love to play. Havanese dogs will definitely make you smile with their friendly personalities.


A pug is one of those dog breeds that is very distinct looking and even a little strange in one sense, but this is what makes them so cute. Pug dogs are popular in pop culture, and people will definitely notice your cute pug as you walk down the street. They have a distinct, curled tail and big eyes which adds to their cuteness. Plus, they have adorable and curious personalities that owners love.


Yorkies are definitely one of the most popular breeds. They are a toy breed that is really small, but don’t let their size fool you. These dogs have big personalities and are known for being affectionate, curious, and having a lot of energy.

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With their tiny faces and perky ears, Yorkies are also known for being one of the cutest breeds out there. If you want a tiny dog who is perfect for apartment or city living, the Yorkshire Terrier is a great choice.


The French Bulldog is another distinct looking breed. They have large ears that look like a bat, and their faces are a little smushed and remind one of a baby or even an old man. These dogs are really cute and won’t be mistaken for any other breed.

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French Bulldogs have muscular bodies and are only 13 inches tall. Plus, they have fun personalities and love to show affection. This breed is also quite smart, making them great to interact with.


Pomeranians are little fluff balls and just really, really cute. They are known for being confident and having extroverted personalities. They might be really tiny and puffy, but they don’t know that they aren’t fierce. They have faces that often look like they are smiling, which adds to their cuteness appeal. As far as their personality, Pomeranians have big personalities and are quite spirited. They make a great companion dog and are perfect for city living.


The Miniature Schnauzer is the smallest of the three Schnauzer breeds, and they have really fun personalities. These dogs don’t get very big, so they are ideal for apartment living, but they are sturdy enough that they can also enjoy outdoor activities. Schnauzers love to “talk” and interact with their owners and make good family pets.

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With their intelligent, lively, and distinct personalities, Miniature Schnauzers are well-loved by their owners. With their little beards and thick eyebrows, there is something so endearing about their strong look. They also have a sturdy body and cute little legs.


A Boston Terrier makes a great companion animal as they are really smart and will make you laugh. They have compact bodies and don’t usually weigh more than 23-25 pounds. Their coasts are also very distinct, and they have deep, dark large eyes that make their facial expressions really noticeable. Boston Terriers have large ears and a slightly droopy face that you’ll just want to touch and cuddle. With their black and white coats, they have a particular look that is super endearing.


Papillons are toy dogs that have a very unique look that is beautiful and cute. They have a look of refinement about them, but they are also rather hardy and athletic. They are known for having upbeat and friendly personalities and will alert you if anything is wrong. Since they are so little, they are perfect for city living. Their large ears with a winged-look make them appear super intelligent and sweet. Papillons are also great agility dogs and are good at competing in these competitions.


West Highland White Terriers, often known as Westie, have been adorable dogs that are popular with their owners for hundreds of years now, While they are small in size, they are also quite sturdy and are a very popular breed of terrier. With their white coats and dark eyes, they have striking faces and are really adorable. They were trained to hunt rodents, so they are stronger than you might think. Their personalities tend to be alert, active, and independent. They are also quite loyal.


The Toy Poodle was bred for elegance, but they are tiny and make a great companion animal. They have a hypoallergenic coat, so they are a good choice if you have allergies. These dogs are under 10 inches tall, and they have fluffy, curly coats. With cute faces and different coat colors, they are super sweet looking. Sometimes, they have a teddy bear look about them. But, don’t let their small bodies or stereotypes about Poodles fool you. Toy Poodles are athletic and smart dogs, and they are eager and aware. They like to be treated like a human member of the family.

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