The "Dad Bods & Dogs" Calendar Promotes Pet Rescue Using What The Internet Loves

Dallas, Texas photographer Ricki Beason specializes in photographing rescue animals that are in need of adoption. In order to bring more awareness to the cause, she decided to bring together two things that the internet goes crazy over. That's how the "Dad Bods and Dogs" calendar was born. She recently shared her project with Insider, and the result is a serious cuteness overload.

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Each dog in the calendar is up for adoption, which makes sense since the whole point of the project was to raise awareness for pet adoption. The dogs come from three different adoption shelters in the Dallas area: Asastia's Angels, Rescue Row, and The Love Pit Rescue. Beason has done work for all three shelters in the past.

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You won't find photos of men and their dogs just chilling out, although that would be adorable as well. In every picture, the guys and their furry pals are doing some sort of activity. One photograph has a duo getting pampered, another has a pair working out, and one even has them hanging in the pool.

Via: Insider

Beason revealed her photographs focus more on what life will be like for the dog once it is adopted. There are too many photos of dogs in cages at shelters, which is heartbreaking and sad. She wanted to showcase the joys of being a dog owner, as well as dogs loving life.

Initially, she did a "Heartthrobs and Hound Dogs" calendar, but she realized there were too many "sexy man" calendars. If she wanted her calendar to stand out and really raise awareness, Beason was going to need a different concept. The dad bods idea came about because she thought of attractive men that were also good guys and placed them in everyday scenarios that dads of dogs would do.

Via: Insider

"Dad Bods and Dogs" is a 2019 calendar and can be purchased for $20 on Ricki's website. We will definitely be ordering one for us, as this is one of the greatest calendars we have ever seen, plus it is for a good cause. Although we have to warn you, it will make you want to adopt every single dog featured in the photos.

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