A Doting Dad Transforms His Backyard Into Jurassic Park

Backyard Jurassic Park - Loving Father Creates Dinosaurs Using Movie Magic

Most kids go through a dinosaur phase where they want to know everything about the large creatures that roamed the earth before our time. They'll read books chronicling their life before their extinction or watch movies about them. But imagine having your backyard turned into a real-life Jurassic Park. Well, that dream became a reality for seven-year-old Shelby Coram when her father created a Jurassic Park in their backyard.

Lyle Coram, age 48, used the knowledge he gained from working as a Las Vegas stagehand to transform their backyard. First, Coram set up a big movie screen that spanned the entire width of his living room. Second, he installed a short throw projector so that it seemed like there was no distance between the screen and the living room windows. This created the illusion that there was no backyard at all--just a lush jungle environment filled with ancient reptilian denizens. The project would play the Dinosaur Encounter by AtmosFX.com , to create the fantastical scene.

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Coram set up a camera in the living room to capture Shelby's reaction, but he had to wait for her to wake. While this may seem like a long grueling process, it actually took Coram an hour to get everything set up before his little girl woke up. Wandering downstairs to see a world filled with dinosaurs must have been a magical experience. First, a troop of velociraptors goes running past, with the last one paying Shelby the barest moment’s attention before running to catch up with his packmates. Then a Triceratops comes lumbering in to eat a patch of grass, followed by a Brontosaurus and her baby.

Of course, the Tyrannosaurus Rex comes in to stare down with its iconic yellow eye, recreating that terrifying scene from the movie Jurassic Park. While Shelby was frightened by the T-Rex's appearance, the doting dad wasn't too worried.

At one point, Shelby is even able to play with a Brachiosaur by holding up a giant rubber ball. This isn’t the first time Lyle has gone all out for his daughter. In a story posted to Love What Matters, he chronicles building a Disney-themed bedroom, complete with fireworks display and a miniature Cinderella castle. Now that’s a world-class dad.

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