20 Cosplays Of Daenerys Targaryen Every Guy Will Want To See

While Game of Thrones fans breathe a collective sigh of relief now that the series has finally wrapped, allowing them to get on with their lives again, the show isn't done making waves yet. The cultural impact of HBO’s mega show is apparent not just in other TV shows, but in the public and on social media as well.

Cosplayers have been dressing up as their favorite Mother of Dragons, Daenerys Targaryen, ever since the show started airing. Now that the show is over though, it’s time to revisit some of the most gorgeous cosplayers to ever don the Mad Queen’s garbs.

We’re going to look at cosplayers dressed up as Daenerys Targaryen that even give Emilia Clarke a run for her money.

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20 Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea

via Pinterest

This cosplayer not only achieved the Daenerys look but decided to get into character for the photoshoot. She’s looking out on the horizon and holding a dragon egg while wearing a contemplative face.

The only thing that throws it off is the guys walking in the bottom left of the frame, who look like they’re headed to a convention.

19 Passable Daenerys

via Popsugar

This cosplayer may have taken some liberties with her Game of Thrones costume that deviates from the show, but she's got enough elements to convince the public she's Emilia Clarke.

The crown and dress aren’t from the show, but her hair and the setting makes her look more like Daenerys.

18 Dragonscale

via Reddit user commonvanilla

This is one of the more revealing costumes Daenerys wears, which crops up in season four. As the site Michele Carragher Embroidery notes, many of her costumes throughout the show incorporate Dragonscale, which explains why many of the edges look rougher and shiny.

One can see those elements on this cosplayer’s costume, especially on her shoulders.

17 The Breaker of Chains

via deviantart by DyChanCos

There’s a lot of work and time that goes into making a cosplay costume. This cosplayer, who goes by the name DyChanCos on DeviantArt, gives some insight into the labor necessary behind this wig.

She had to wear the wig while meticulously doing the curls and braids, which likely made her arms sore.

16 Angelina Daenerys

via Reddit user Sleep1ngSun

A cosplay so good, one photo wasn’t enough. She’s got the hair, the beauty, and the costume to pull off Daenerys. Her dress resembles one that Daenerys wears in season three, which has a notable cleavage window.

Not only does she give off Emilia Clarke vibes, but looks like Angelina Jolie too.

15 Mother of Dragons

via Daily Mail

This cosplayer decided to portray Daenerys when she emerges from Khal Drogo’s funeral pyre. She even brought a few stuffed animal dragons along too, which represent the ones that hatch from their eggs during the show's iconic scene.

Fans can also appreciate the small details like the black smoke in patches across her forehead and torso.

14 Wife of a Khal

via deviantart by NatalieCartman

This costume is a reference from all the way back in season one of the show. When Daenerys marries Khal Drogo, she goes by Khaleesi henceforth. Factinate notes that this title means wife of a Khal.

Even though it looks like Daenerys is wearing rags at this point, which also takes on a more minimal appearance, this cosplayer pulls it off.

13 Khloé Daenerys

via People

Even the Kardashians are fans of Game of Thrones. Khloé showed her love for the hit show back in October 2017 when she and her then boyfriend at the time dressed up as Daenerys and Khal respectively (People).

Their costumes may not exactly be accurate, but it’s the effort that counts most when cosplaying.

12 Protector of the Realm

via Twitter user Otaku HD

It almost looks like this girl is only halfway invested in this cosplay. Her hair isn’t exactly like Daenerys’ and she isn’t exactly wearing a costume from the show.

She does, however, have the character's silver hair and looks like she could pass for Daenerys when she comes out of the pyre.

11 The Unburnt

via deviantart by MeganCoffey

One of the more recognizable traits about Daenerys is her silver hair. The show deviates greatly from the books regarding her hairdo. According to Factinate, she loses all her hair after going through Khal Drogo’s funeral pyre.

While she grows her hair back throughout the books, the TV show takes a different approach, opting to never make her bald.

10 How To Train A Daenerys

via fiveprime

There are technically two franchises on display in this cosplay. The cosplayer here looks just like Daenerys wearing a familiar blue dress reminiscent of one she dons in season two.

She also added a dragon on her shoulder, though it isn’t one from the show. Instead, it’s Toothless from the animated series How To Train Your Dragon.

9 Heat Resistance

via Ranker

A lot of viewers think Daenerys is a hot character—and it doesn’t just apply to her attractiveness; it’s also part of the story too, as she’s able to withstand hotter temperatures.

According to Factinate, the writer behind the series, George R.R. Martin, said Daenerys isn’t invincible to fire, however.

8 Halfhearted Daenerys

via refinery29

This cosplay lacks some effort compared to others on the list. However, she looks a lot like Emilia Clarke and has just enough elements to make it a passable Daenerys. First, she’s got the silver hair, which is the most crucial part. Secondly, she’s got a dragon.

Last but not least, she has a black shirt that says, “Mother of Dragons,” in case there was any doubt about who she’s portraying.

7 Protector of the Seven Kingdoms

via IG

Some cosplayers go to great lengths to make their appearance as close to the original characters as possible. This cosplayer, who posted her Daenerys Targaryen look on her IG account sladkoslava, gets bonus points for having purple eyes.

This detail reflects more the Daenerys from the books, however, than it does her portrayal in HBO’s show.

6 Professional Cosplayer

via DiasporaBR

A favorite costume among cosplayers for Daenerys tends to be when she becomes a Khaleesi. This cosplayer not only looks like Emilia Clarke and has a costume of Daenerys’, but also added some sparks as if there's a nearby fire.

It’s a nice effect that ups the quality of the photoshoot.

5 Stormborn

via deviantart by FenixFatalist

Like many great characters from books, movies and TV shows, Daenerys comes from a tragic upbringing. The site Factinate reminds viewers that she calls herself “Stormborn” because a storm decimated her family's fleet of ships.

This tragedy helped shape her into the complex character viewers see on screen and read about in the books.

4 Queen of the Andals and the First Men

via deviantart by Anastasya01

Anyone who’s watched Game of Thrones knows what this object is she’s holding. It’s a dragon egg, which Daenerys takes with her to Khal Drogo’s funeral pyre.

Once she lights the pyre, she walks into it and survives going through it. In addition, the eggs she puts on the pyre hatch into baby dragons.

3 Selfie Daenerys

via Twitter user Otaku HD

A far cry from others on the list, this cosplayer went with one of the more regal looks for Daenerys. We imagine if Daenerys had an iPhone and took a selfie, it’d look something like this.

This girl looks so much like Emilia Clarke, she could practically double for her on set.

2 Battle-Hardened

via deviantart by TrishaLayons

One aspect to Daenerys’ character is she’s a formidable commander on the battlefield. According to Factinate, she assumed control of 200,000 men and a fleet of boats for the Battle of Winterfell.

This cosplayer went all in by capturing a scene from the show that shows Daenerys looking down on a map with an emotional weight.

1 Dedicated Cosplayer

via Imgrum

It wouldn’t be surprising if this cosplayer went to a real location where they actually shot Game of Thrones. The landscape looks like it’s taken straight out of an episode.

Factor in the fire effects and costume on top of that and this cosplayer managed to pull off one of the most stunning photoshoots.

Sources: Instagram, DeviantArt, Factinate, Michele Carragher Embroidery, People

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