Dancing With The Stars: 17 Rules The Contestants Cannot Break

With its 28th season just around the corner, Dancing with the Stars has been on television since its debut in 2005. It hosts a cast of professional dancers and Hollywood stars like actors, singers, Olympians, athletes and famous personalities, that are paired with a dancer for the duration of the competition, with the main goal being to train them to master traditional ballroom dances. The last-standing couple will win the coveted Mirror Ball trophy.

Dancing with the Stars is a show that is not unfamiliar to the North American public, and considering the fact that it has been running on television for so long, you would think that we know all there is to know about it, and what goes on behind the scenes—more specifically, the rules contestants must follow during their time there.

For 17 rules contestants can’t break while on Dancing with the Stars keep on reading.

17 Everyone Has To Use The Show’s Makeup Team


While it is comforting to have someone you know closely to do your own makeup, or simply desire to do it yourself, the contestants on Dancing with the Stars are not permitted to have their personal makeup teams.

Instead, they must use the show’s in-house team of professionals.

16 They Must Give Up All Creative Control


Though it may seem like the stars have a general say in their weekly performances, they actually give up full creative control to the show’s producers who select the song, dance style, and put together the interview package that rolls before a performance.

15 Everyone Gets Spray Tanned On Sunday


Ever wonder why all the dancers and contestants look so sun-kissed, all the time? Well, that’s because they have, what’s been dubbed “spray tan Sundays.”

Every Sunday, the cast go to touch up their spray tan, so that they look glowy, toned, and bronzed for the week ahead.

14 No One Can Take Home Their Costumes

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Unless they’re willing to pay a hefty sum of money, contestants on Dancing with the Stars can’t just sneakily take home their favorite costumes as a keepsake.

The costumes used on the show take many hours and resources to custom make, with each worth about $5,000.

13 No Use Of Double-Sided Tape To Prevent Any Malfunctions


Reinforcing contestant’s costumes with double-sided tape to completely ensure that they don’t endure a fluke wardrobe malfunction is not an option on Dancing with the Stars.

This is because double-sided tape would remove the many layers of tan and body makeup they wear.

12 Pack A Bag On Every Elimination Night


Due to the fact that no one knows which couple will be sent home on elimination nights, all contestants must have an overnight bag packed should they be sent home, so that may fly directly to New York to conduct an exit interview on Good Morning America.

11 Let Whatever The Hair Stylists Do Anything To Keep Hair In Place


The dancers and contestants do some pretty rigorous moves on the show, so hairstylists use whatever they can to keep their hair in place.

They use anything from dental rubber bands to non-slip hairpins, and even eyelash glue and contestants need to sit and let them do their thing.

10 Put In Work To Make More Money


It’s no secret that the celebrities on Dancing with the Stars get paid for their time on the show. But if they want to get the most money possible they need to put in the work.

It’s simple—the longer they last on the show, the more money they make.

9 Follow The Storyline Guide They’re Given


Though it’s categorized as “reality television” not all the stories are real on Dancing with the Stars.

Should producers sense romantic chemistry between a pro and a contestant (especially one fuelled by media rumors), they are given a romantic storyline to follow throughout the season.

8 Follow Whatever Instructions The Beauty Team Give


The beauty team not only dictates the physical aesthetics of each contestants performance looks, but they also require that they undergo extensive preliminary beauty preparations like full-body exfoliation and body makeup and bronzer, to make sure they look nothing short of perfect.

7 Participate In All Show Related Press And Obligations

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Though a big part of the contestant’s role on the show is to show up for weekly performances, they must also take part in press interviews, rehearsals and dress rehearsals, camera blocking and costume fittings, on a weekly basis as well as any other tasks related to the show.

6 They Need To Rehearse For A Certain Amount Of Time


When it comes time to rehearsing, contestants need to put in work for around 30 to 50 hours a week.

Despite this being an average estimate, there are contestants who work for way longer than they’ re required to in order to take home the prize.

5 Wear Whatever The Costume Designer Gives You


With the contestants giving up creative control, they subsequently lose their ability to select their own costumes each week.

The costume designers tailor-make the costumes to perfectly fit their bodies, dance, and theme. So even if they aren’t big fans of rhinestones or glitter, they’ve still got to wear them.

4 Rehearse Wherever You Are Sent


Much like the fact that their microphones must always remain on, contestants must always be recorded while rehearsing and performing, regardless of what is being discussed.

Most importantly, the footage collected can be used in any capacity producers desire.

3 Must Keep Filming No Matter What


Much like the fact that their microphones must always remain on, contestants must always be recorded while rehearsing and performing, regardless of what is being discussed.

Most importantly, the footage collected can be used in any capacity producers desire.

2 No Turning Off Your Microphone

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When participating in the show there’s no such thing as privacy, especially when it comes to documenting your every word.

Unless they need to use the restroom, contestants must never turn off their microphones, so that the producers never miss anything they have to say.

1 Can’t Have Any Ballroom Dance Training


This is pretty much a given, considering the whole premise of the show is to try to groom celebrities into the best ballroom dancer they can be, with the more successful individual reaching the end, thus winning the competition.

So, no formal ballroom dance training is permitted.

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