The Most Dangerous Items Found In A Typical House

A house might seem like the safest place for you and your family, but there are plenty of things inside of it that can be considered dangerous. These items will cause harm if used in the wrong way, and it could even lead to premature death. Homeowners need to be mindful of these items, especially when children are around the home.

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We have created a list of the most dangerous things you might find in your home. You should ensure these are kept in safe places and away from prying hands that have not been taught the proper safety precautions of these items. Keep reading to learn about the ten most dangerous items found in a typical house!

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10 HVAC Systems

The issues with these HVAC units happen when people neglect to care for their cooling and heating systems with proper maintenance. They can cause fires, spread toxic fumes, or even lead to a gas leak. The biggest danger is the silent and odorless killer called carbon monoxide which is a gas that many furnaces produce.

It could cause issues like organ or brain damage, but in most cases it causes death. This can be easily prevented, but as an added safety measure you should always have a carbon monoxide monitor plugged in so you can be immediately alerted if there is a leak in your home.

9 Large Wooden Trunks

These may seem like a harmless way to store a pile of blankets or old memories from your ancestors, but they can be extremely dangerous. They not only lead to a number of crushed fingers, but young children can suffer extreme brain damage if the lid happens to fall on their head. You should look into putting a lock on the wooden trunk to prevent your child from opening it, or even move it to an attic where they can never find it.

8 Power Tools

Your garage might be a haven for your immense power tool collection, but this area should be kept off-limits to your children. There are so many dangerous outcomes that can happen if power tools are mishandled that could lead to death or dismemberment.

The electric saws and power drills are just a few of these devices that could take your child from the Earth forever, and even some adults if they are not properly trained on how to use them. You should always wear safety goggles, form-fitting clothing, and keep any hair tied back from your face. It is also a good habit to unplug any cords and maintain proper maintenance on your tools so no accidents occur due to a malfunction.

7 Lead Paint

If your home has chipping paint, then this is a major sign that it might contain lead. This was banned in 1978, but if your home has not been painted in years then there is a good chance it might contain this toxic chemical.

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It is not dangerous if it is kept in good shape, but the moment it begins to chip it becomes an entirely new ball game. It is also dangerous if windowsills or baseboards that your child or pet likes to chew on are covered in the substance. The danger occurs when it builds up inside of your body and it can affect your physical and mental health, as well as become fatal.

6 Extension Cords

Extension cords are a major fire hazard, especially when they are overloaded with too many plugged-in devices. They should only be used temporarily, and not as a permanent solution, and many people ignore the signs of overheating.

The cords should be regularly checked for any signs of fraying or a decrease in its integrity as this could lead to a fire. They should also be kept away from high traffic areas and out of reach of children and animals as chewing on them could lead to a harmful shock that no one should ever have the pleasure of experiencing.

5 Flea and Tick Products

These products may help protect your pet against the harmful effects of fleas and ticks, but they could be doing more harm than good. The FDA says that all of these products contain isoxazoline which can cause neurological damage to certain animals.

These effects can occur with both the tablet and solution forms of anti-tick medication and cause things like tremors, seizures, and ataxia. This isn't to say it will happen to every pet, but owners should watch for negative side effects. They should also ensure this product is kept out of reach of both pets and children as ingesting any or the incorrect amount could be harmful to their health.

4 Non-Stick Pots and Pans

These pots and pans are amazing because the food comes off easily and cleanup is a breeze, but they are dangerous if used improperly. They are coated with something called polytetrafluoroethylene, which can release toxic fumes if heated above 600 degrees Fahrenheit.

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These fumes can cause a person to have flu-like symptoms and some even say it can cause cancer. There are other older non-stick pans that flake due to overuse and age, and they should be tossed as these are not healthy for your digestive system. 

3 Pools

A pool may make your house the coolest thing on the block with all of the neighbor kids, but it also turns it into the most dangerous. Accidental drownings happen every year and it only takes a few moments for things to turn deadly when it comes to water. The pool should be watched at all times if your children plan to play near it, or a fence should be erected if it is an in-ground pool.

You might think it wouldn't happen to your children, but country singer Granger Smith thought the same thing before his son drowned in their pool. The point is to always be mindful of what's going on because no family should ever have to suffer through the death of a child.

2 Cleaning Solutions

There are numerous cleaning solutions that use harsh chemicals to clean different items within your home. The most prevalent are oven cleaners and ammonia, both of which have damaging effects if swallowed.

You also should be careful never to put your bleach and ammonia near each other, as mixing them can cause the formation of chlorine gas, which is a chemical weapon. The products should be kept on a shelf away from prying fingers or under lock and key as the poisonous effects these chemicals can have on the body is nothing to mess with.

1 Mothballs

Mothballs are common in houses, especially in things you might have in storage. They can be very useful, but to children and animals, they can become deadly. They generally look like small round balls, similar to a piece of candy or other small food items, and it leads to children sticking the item in their mouth.

The active ingredient in mothballs, naphthalene, can damage red blood cells if it is ingested, which can lead to organ damage and possibly even death. They are considered a pesticide, so if you think your child has ingested it then you should call poison control immediately and rush your baby to the hospital before it is too late.

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