Darcey Da Silva: 10 Facts About The 90 Day Fiance Star

Darcey Silva is one fierce cougar. The 44-year-old business woman gained a whole lot of attention when she appeared on the reality television show 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days. It was here where the well-known entrepreneur took a chance on love with a twenty-something-year-old personal trainer who lived halfway across the world. As we watched these two lovebirds navigate the often choppy waters of the dating world, we could not help become a little curious about this strong woman's personal life outside of her new man. Who was this character? Here are ten things that most people don't know about Darcey Silva.

10. She has a single

Darcey came back in season two of the hit reality show looking like a million bucks and singing a whole new tune, literally. It seems that television and fashion aren't enough to keep this firecracker satiated, so she and her twin sister Stacey decided to check out what the music biz had to offer. The Silva twins dropped a dance/pop song called "Lock Your Number". Curious as to what this sounds like? Check it out here and judge for yourselves. Of the tune, Silva said it is bound to make listeners want to get up and dance as it creates "feelings of empowerment to enjoy life at any age or phase."

9. She has a bit of a jealous streak

Following the couple's debut on 90 Day Fiance, Jesse started to garnish quite a bit of female attention, from women who were NOT Darcey. Silva was not so thrilled with these women suddenly throwing themselves at her younger man. To be fair, we can't blame her for getting a little bit territorial. Not only is she a lot older than Jesse, which can trigger insecurities in some women, but he is a total babe. Seriously. Look at the guy's social media pages. The 25-year-old personal trainer is pretty yummy. Ladies beware. If you go after Darcey's man, you might end up with a whole lot more than you bargained for. This is one tough cookie.

8. Sisterly squabbles

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While sisters are known to love one another through thick and thin, sometimes skirmishes happen, and in the case of Darcey and her twin sister Stacey, one sisterly brawl got so bad that the cops had to be called! Back in February of this past year police were called to an apartment in Middletown where the twins were throwing down. Both sisters ended up arrested for their parts in the argument and were charged with Disorderly Conduct. So what did Jesse have to say about all of this? Nothing! It seems the couple was on a bit of a break when the altercation took place.

7. Reality television has been a longtime dream of Darcey's

So by now, we all know that Silva gained some notoriety and attention for appearing on 90 Day Fiance with her much younger boyfriend Jesse Meester. Before Fiance though, there were some rumors placing her on another reality dating show. Story has it Silva was on Millionaire Matchmaker before 90 Day Fiance. The rumors have never been confirmed and considering she has an identical twin it is possible that her sister Stacey is the one who we see on Millionaire Matchmaker. The sisters also filmed a pilot episode back in 2010 with her sister and family called The Twin Life.

6. Her ex-husband has moved on

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Before Jesse there was Frank. Frank Bollock is the father to Darcey's two daughters, and while the pair is no longer married, they seem to co-parent fairly easily, so it seems. As much as Darcey takes to social media to air out dirty laundry, she seems to leave the Frankster out of her rants. While her new man is a personal trainer with a buff bod, Frank is a "has been" rapper. The rap game never quite panned out, and Frank eventually left his musical dreams behind to work in sales. Frank has since found love once more and is remarried.

5. She is a twin

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If you ever catch a glimpse of Silva standing next to a strikingly similar woman in an Instagram post or a magazine and feel like you are seeing double, it's likely because you are. Darcey is often photographed alongside her identical twin sister, BFF, and business partner Stacey. The sisters made the jump into the business world to help one another take care of their children as they both suddenly found themselves trying to make ends meet as single mothers. Obviously, they did something right with that plan because Silva's net worth is estimated to be around one million dollars!

4. She regrets her time on 90 Day Fiance

We all live with a regret, or two and Silva is no different than the rest of us in that respect. While she doesn't regret taking up with a much younger man, she does have some regrets about choosing to appear in such a revealing reality television show. After Silva filmed her episodes and saw how the production team was portraying her, Darcey wasn't thrilled and voiced her concerns over the light that she was being shown in. She shared her frustrations on her Facebook page saying, "Wow. I'm so sad and lost for words!!! I'm already feeling not portrayed well here."

3. She runs a successful clothing line

Darcey Silva was pretty well known before she was ever on television, at least amongst the fashion and business world. She, along with her sister, started the fashion brand House of Eleven, and now the gals are raking in the big bucks thanks to their creativity, artistry, and business savvy minds. Some famous faces have already noticed the brand, and the buzz is only growing. Stars like Jessica Alba and Nicki Minaj have been spotted out and about rocking the House of Eleven digs and Demi Lovato wore the fashion line's pieces for her album cover.

2. She is a mother

On top of being a successful fashion designer and a reality television star, Silva is also a mother to two beautiful daughters. Her teenaged daughters, Aniko and Aspen, are said to be very supportive of their mama's endeavors saying that if mama is happy, then they are happy too. If this Snapchat pic is any evidence of that joy, we would say that they are telling the truth there. The girls, along with their mom and her man, were all smiles as they make their way around New York City. What a lucky mom to have kids like these. Not all teens would take too well to their mother being on a show like 90 Day Fiance.

1. She is an East Coast girl

Because Silva and her beau have an entire ocean separating them at times, she has had to become a bit of a jet-setter. Her 25-year-old boyfriend, Jesse Meester, is Dutch, so the pair has spent quite a bit of time in his hometown of Amsterdam as well as Greece and New York City. While traveling is fun and all, Silva continues to call Middletown, Connecticut home base. It is there that the fashion designer lives with her two teenage daughters. So will Jesse be moving in anytime soon and joining his East Coast gal permanently? Only time will tell it seems.

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