Dark Knight: 15 Not-So-Heroic Things That Happened In The Batcave

Due to the fact that Bruce Wayne is an incredibly wealthy character, he has loads of equipment and vehicles that he has used during his crime-fighting career. On top of that, for someone with such a dark sensibility, he is surprisingly nostalgic about some of the keepsakes from his time as the Caped Crusader. For all of those reasons, Bruce had a liar constructed so it could hold all of those things and provide him with privacy.

For the most part, when the Batcave has appeared in any medium, it has been a place where the caped crusader works towards keeping the citizens of Gotham safe. However, that isn’t always the case as some pretty out-there things that have also taken place in this locale over the years. With that in mind, it is time to get to this list of 15 not-so-heroic things that happened in the Batcave.

15 Dehydrated Henchmen

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Long before Michael Keaton’s version of Batman became a box office behemoth, Adam West portrayed the caped crusader in a 1966 movie spin-off from the show that made him a star. Definitely a strange film, 1966’s Batman included a scene in which the Penguin sneaks into the Batcave with five dehydrated henchmen he makes big again by soaking them.

14 Bruce Wayne Rebooting Himself

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Back when Batman #49 was published, Bruce Wayne not only had given up the cowl, he no longer remembered any of the skills that allowed him to fight crime. Despite that, he decides to return to his former life and fortunately enough, a computer in the Batcave contains all of his old memories so he reboots himself. While some people may call this moment heroic, we think it is just weird.

13 Dr. Hurt Takes Control

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Arguably among Batman’s most sadistic villains, at times Dr. Hurt has even been considered a stand-in for Satan himself. As such, it makes perfect sense that he not only broke into the Batcave once but he then proceeded to torture Alfred. If that weren’t bad enough, while there Dr. Hurt also donned one of Batman’s most prized possessions, the Batsuit his father once wore.

12 Marvel’s Mole Man Takes Up Residence

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As one of the oldest Fantastic Four villains, The Mole Man has interacted with some of the biggest heroes from the Marvel universe. Despite that, when his world and DC’s collided in a crossover event, The Mole Man was transported into the Batcave since both it and his home are underground. Happy with the new digs, The Mole Man briefly lived in Batman’s sanctuary.

11 The Commissioner and Vampire Killing Explosion

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Evidently feeling that Batman is not a dark enough character already, at one point DC released a comic book about an alternate reality version of the character that was a vampire. Fortunately, for the people of that universe, Commissioner Gordon blew up the Batcave where Vampire Batman was sleeping and he lost his life as well in the process.

10 Difficult Negotiation

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Far from the best known DC villain, Neron still is something else as he goes around trying to make deals for people’s souls just like the devil does. As a part of that effort, he once broke into the Batcave and tried to convince Batman to give up his eternal being in return for the resurrection of Jason Todd. Certainly, an offer that was difficult to pass up, Batman still managed to simply say no in response.

9 Lethal Blackmail

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Since television is an extremely powerful medium, it makes sense that many PSA’s have been produced in order to teach the masses using it. That said, this PSA in which Batgirl refuses to save Batman and Robin who were tied to a ticking time bomb in the Batcave unless she gets equal pay was misguided.

8 Batman’s Full Body Scan

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Given the fact that the Batcave often has served as the equivalent of Superman’s Fortress of Solitude for the Dark Knight, it seems safe to assume that he feels at home there. Still, it was still shocking that during 2018’s Batman: Damned storyline, DC released a comic that included an image of Bruce from the front that left nothing to the imagination.

7 Batman’s Spine is Snapped

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Throughout Batman’s history, he has been known for a few things, his legendary detective skills, the incredible technology he employs, and his fighting skills. Sadly, during the Knightfall storyline, none of those things helped the caped crusader when Bane infiltrated the Batcave and snapped Bruce’s spine over his knee.

6 Molly Meets Her End

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Due to the blatantly over the top nature of Adam West’s Batman series, the show could get away with some pretty incredible things without having to take them overly seriously. For example, during the second episode of the show, a character named Molly meets her maker after dressing up as Robin, gaining access to the Batcave, and falling into a nuclear reactor.

5 Alfred Steals Batman’s Contingency Plan

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In the minds of most casual DC fans, Alfred simply is Bruce Wayne’s trusty and highly capable butler. However, in the comics, he has proven to be so much more than that. In fact, over the years they have even introduced alternate reality versions of Alfred. For example, during one storyline a villainous alternate version of the character broke into the Batcave and stole Batman’s secret plans to take out the other Justice League heroes.

4 Lost Limb

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Given the fact that The Joker is Batman’s most famous villain, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that he has broken into the Batcave in the past. Able to gain entrance to the Batcave in Batman #39, when Alfred tried to stand up to the clown prince of crime, The Joker proceeded to attack the butler and cut off part of his arm.

3 Talia Al Ghul’s Demise

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Unlike the majority of superheroes, Batman has a long history of getting romantically linked to women with criminal connections or those that bend the law themselves. Unfortunately for Talia Al Ghul, their connection wound up being lethal for her after the first Batwoman, Kathy Kane, fired on her from behind as she battled a poisoned Batman.

2 The Truth Chamber

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Always a character that was all too happy to embrace theatrics, Batman has never been embarrassed to admit that he uses the fears of his foes against them. Despite that, it was disturbing to learn that the Batcave contains a so-called Truth Chamber. Filled with mirrors, this room was designed to turn people mad in an attempt to force them to give up whatever information Batman wants and it has been surprisingly effective.

1 Batman Traps Robin

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Despite the fact that Batman is one of the best known and most popular comic book characters in history, he sure has been the butt of lots of jokes. For instance, his relationship with Robin has been mocked endlessly. However, if people knew that Batman once trapped Robin in the Batcave against his will and left him there with only rats and bats to eat, they may not think their relationship is so funny.

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