20 Dark Secrets About Angelina Jolie

Everyone has a past, especially celebrities.

When it comes to A-lister Angelina Jolie though, her past seems extra dark and twisty, to some at least. She didn’t get the nickname “Wild Child” for nothing.

Throughout her life, Angelina has experimented with different substances, got married a few times, and even had a long, and creepy, make out session with her own brother. Yuck!

She has done a lot of good too though. Which can tend to help people forget all the bad. With her new Maleficent movie hitting theaters recently though, we thought it would be the perfect time to take a moment and remind fans of at least some of the things she has done throughout her life.

Here are 20 dark secrets about the super-hot Angelina Jolie.

20 She Casts Destitute Children For A Movie By Taunting Them With Money

Entertainment Weekly

Back in 2017, Angelina Jolie released a movie based on the memoir First They Killed My Father, which was hit with a lot of backlash due to its casting methods.

According to ranker.com, during an interview with Vanity Fair, it was discovered that the casting director would leave money for the Cambodian orphans to take. One girl won the lead role but ended up having to return the money.

19 She Appeared To Enjoy Kissing Her Own Brother A Bit Too Much


Angelina and her brother James Haven have a pretty close relationship that has gone from normal brother/sister status to Targaryen's brother/sister status at times.

According to ranker.com, Angelina brought James as her date for the 2000 Academy Awards, and while on the red carpet, she was seen locking lips with her brother and telling paparazzi she was “in love.”

18 She Once Tried To Hire Someone To End Her

POPSUGAR Australia

Angelina has gone through some pretty low points in her life.

According to ranker.com though, during an interview, Angelina talked about how she once felt suicidal and instead of doing it herself, she thought it best to hire someone to do it for her.

Luckily, the guy told her to take a month to think about it, and in that time, she realized it wasn’t worth it.

17 She Might Have Stolen Brad Pitt From Jennifer Aniston


Before Angelina and Brad were an item, he was with A-lister Jennifer Aniston.

According to ranker.com though, while still married, rumors started to swirl that he was hooking up with Angelina, whom he met on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

Angelina was quickly labeled a homewrecker, but she swears they didn’t start dating until after the split.

16 She Exchanged Vials Of Blood With Ex-Husband Billy Bob Thornton And They Wore Them Around Their Necks

Life & Style

Many might have forgotten about this, but Angelina was once married to actor Billy Bob Thornton, whom she shared a strangely close relationship with.

According to ranker.com, the two wore lockets containing one another’s blood. Billy actually commented to The Hollywood Reporter, “She thought it would be interesting and romantic to fill these lockets and wear them like one would wear their child’s hair.”

15 She Got Married In Rubber Pants And A “Stained” T-Shirt

The Sun

Before there was Billy Bob Thorton, there was Jonny Lee Miller, an actor that she met while filming the 1995 film Hackers together and married in 1996.

According to ranker.com, their wedding was a bit unorthodox, to say the least. Instead of donning a wedding dress, Angelina decided to wear rubber pants and a T-shirt with Jonny’s name scrawled in blood.

14 She Was Adventurous From A Very Young Age


Angelina has never been shy about her sexuality.

In fact, according to ranker.com, Angelina once claimed she was, “very sexual in kindergarten.” As she got older, her children games progressed, and she started to have intercourse at a young age.

It wasn’t enough though for her and during an interview with OK! Magazine, she admitted that she started introducing knives into the mix to feel closer to her boyfriend.

13 Her Backup Plan If Acting Failed Was To Be A Funeral Director

USA Today

Sometimes, a person’s dream of becoming a big-time actor doesn’t always come true. When this happens, its always good to have a backup plan.

According to ranker.com, Angelina’s backup plan was to become a funeral director. She got the idea due to the discontent she felt at how her grandfather’s funeral was done. As a teen, she even took an at-home course and got a mail-order certificate.

12 She Struggled With An Addiction


During a very dark time in Angelina’s life, she was addicted to some pretty hard substances. She even claimed that she was lucky to survive that period of her life.

According to ranker.com, there was even a clip that surfaced years ago of her pacing in a dirty apartment while on the phone. The sixteen-minute clip is from back in 1999 and it was shot by her dealer, with her permission.

11 Her Relationship With Her Father Has Mostly Been Confusing


Angelina has always had a rocky relationship with her father, actor Jon Voight.

In fact, according to ranker.com, the two feuded for over a decade after Jon made claims that Angelina had “serious mental problems,” back in 2002.

In response, Angelina went off on him about his inability to stay faithful to her mother and how he left his family.

Over the years though, the two seem to have reconciled.

10 Her Mother Passed Away


Angelina might not have had a close relationship with her father growing up, but she did with her mother, who was her rock.

According to ranker.com, during a 2013 interview, Angelina opened up about her mother who passed away after losing a battle with ovarian cancer. “My mother was a full-time mother. Everything was for her children. She was such a generous and loving woman.”

9 She Lashed Out As A Kid With A Lot Of Extreme Behavior

The Frisky

According to ranker.com, during an interview in 2010, Angelina opened up about how her struggles as a child with anorexia, substance and abuse and even self-harm.

“I used to cut myself or jump out of airplanes, trying to find something new to push up against because sometimes everything else felt too easy.”

8 She Ghosted Mick Jagger Who Was Obsessed With Her

Neue Presse

Back in 1997, Angelina performed as an extra in the Stone video “Anybody Seen My Baby?”

According to ranker.com, Mick Jagger fell instantly in love, but at the time, Angelina was married to Jonny Lee Miller and there were rumors that she was having an affair with another actor.

Mick didn’t care about either though and asked her out, which they did for a week before Angelina ghosted him.

7 She Almost Dated Rosie O’Donnell

NY Daily News

While in an interview with Howard Stern back in 2009, Rosie O’Donnell opened up about how she almost had a thing with Angelina Jolie.

According to ranker.com, their relationship didn’t go very far though. “She gave me her phone number,” Rose explained, “we talked on the phone two or three times, and that was that. There was a tentative plan to have dinner, but that never came through.

6 She Has Some Serious Skills With Butterfly Knives


There is a reason that Angelina does so well in action roles.

According to ranker.com, Angelina has been an avid weapons collector since she was a child and has some major skills with butterfly knives. Skills that she demonstrated on stage while promoting her movie Gia on the late-night Conan O’Brien Show.

5 She Was Featured In A Few 90’s Music Videos


Before her acting career took off, sixteen-year-old Angelina could be seen doing cameos in several music videos back in the 90s.

According to ranker.com, Angelina starred in Lemonhead’s “It’s About Time,” Lenny Kravitz’s “Stand by My Woman,” Rolling Stone’s “Anybody Seen My Baby,” and Meat Loaf’s “Rock and Roll Dreams Come Through.”

4 She Had Both Her Ovaries And Her Breasts Removed


Angelina Jolie not only lost her mother to cancer but also her grandmother and her aunt. Because of this, she decided to take some preventative measures as a way to reduce her risk.

According to ranker.com, after finding out she had a mutation in the gene BRCA1, which raises her risk of breast cancer to 87% and ovarian to 50%, Angelina had her breasts and ovaries removed.

3 Sony Execs Called Her A “Minimally Talented Spoiled Brat”


According to ranker.com, an email exchange between Sony execs Amy Pascal and producer Scott Rudin was leaked and in it, Angelina was dragged through the ringer.

Angelina wanted David Fincher to direct her movie Cleopatra instead of Jobs, but Scott told Amy that he didn’t want to “waste his time on this” and that she was a “minimally talented spoiled brat.”

2 Japanese Nationalist Called Her A Demon After The Release Of Unbroken

USA Today

After the release of Angelina’s film Unbroken, Japanese nationalists were not happy.

According to ranker.com, in the film, Japanese soldiers are seen brutalizing and cannibalizing American prisoners of war. In response, they claimed that those events never happened and that the movie Unbroken was a work of “pure fabrication.”

The Japanese and even threatened to ban Angelina from the country because of it.

1 She Almost Lost Her Lead Actor in the Ocean While Filming Unbroken


While filming for the movie Unbroken, Angelina almost watched her lead actor, Jack O’Connell, drift off to sea.

According to ranker.com, Jack was playing the part of former Olympic runner and Japanese prisoner of war during WWII, Louis Zamperini.

During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, she commented, “If you saw that first shot and my reaction to it, you’d be absolutely sure that this was going to be one of the great disasters of film-making history.

Sources: ranker.com

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