Day Of The Dead Barbie Is Appropriating Mexican Culture In The Best Way

Day Of The Dead Special Edition Barbie To Be Sold At Amazon, Walmart

Barbie is getting ready for her own Day of the Dead celebration by getting all dolled up thanks to a new special edition.

Call it cultural appropriation, but this doll is maybe the prettiest one you’ll ever lay eyes on. Just in time for Día de los Muertos, it’s Day of the Dead Barbie available now at Walmart and Amazon.

You’ll be paying a bit of a premium over the cost of a regular Barbie, however. Day of the Dead Barbie sells for a cool $75.00. That said, there’s a reason for the price premium as she’s wearing an incredibly intricate dress and has even more fine-detailed face paint.

For starters, Dead of the Dead Barbie is wearing a flowing black gown with skull, flower, and butterfly embroidery throughout. Butterfly appliques travel up the entire length of the dress with one even linking on her bracelet. A floral wreath crowns her head with yet more butterflies, while butterfly earrings bring it all together.

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The face paint is incredible. It manages to combine Barbie’s contemporary look with classic Day of the Dead skull designs. A ruby gold necklace follows the tradition of looking your best for your dead relatives, while Barbie’s hair is drawn back in twin braids with turquoise streaks throughout.

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Truly, this Barbie is breathtaking and well worth the investment. And she's out just in time for Day of the Dead, which begins on October 31st.

A multi-day holiday, Day of the Dead is actually several days from October 31st to November 2nd. It coincides with the Catholic All Saints’ Day and All Saints' Eve, although originally it was an Aztec holiday meant to coincide with the harvest (and as such, used to take place several months earlier).

Day Of The Dead Special Edition Barbie To Be Sold At Amazon, Walmart
via Mattel

While most consider death to be a somber or even fearful affair, Mexican culture views it as a natural stage of life. Grief is present with joy as passed loved ones, family, and friends are remembered. The souls of the departed are even said to take part in the celebrations.

You can pick up Day of the Dead Barbie now at Amazon and Walmart.

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