The 20 Weirdest DC Toys Of All Time (And The 10 Best)

Toys are typically exclusive to children, but when it comes to superhero action figures and toys, even grown adults are willing to shell out hundreds of dollars on them. DC Comics have been putting out different lines of toys for years, and they're always making sure to constantly stay up to date with all of the new movies, comics, and television shows that are being put out. No matter how many negative reviews some of their films may get, it's undeniable that they're still making tons of money from dedicated fans that will see the movies multiple times and make sure to buy all of the collectible items. Collecting toys can end up being a huge investment in the future, as some toys turn out to be incredibly rare with time. The higher rarity of a toy, the more money you can get from it, if that line of toys is no longer being sold elsewhere. Even if you don't luck out with the most desired and expensive DC toys, you can still pass it down for kids in your family to enjoy.

Crazily enough, some of the more highly desired toys are also the most insane ones. You'd be surprised at how many super weird figures and toys have been put on the shelves, which is why I'm here to show some of the craziest toys you may have missed out on, and quite a few of the best. Keep on reading to check them all out!

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30 Weirdest: Superman Wonder Woman Motorcycle

Superman's crazy expression isn't the reason why this toy is completely absurd, it's mostly because of Wonder Woman. First of all, how come Superman is in a super cool motorcycle, while Wonder-Woman is just in a tiny vehicle? And why doesn't she even look like Wonder-Woman? Since when does she have ginger hair? This toy is just a huge disrespect to almost everyone's favorite female superhero, she could have at least gotten a better car to drive around in. Or better yet, put her on the motorcycle since Superman can fly anyway.

29 Best: Hall Of Justice Playset

Toys, in general, allow a kids imagination to run wild, but having a whole set-up of a specific location makes playing with your figures a million times more fun. Back when I worked at a daycare, we had this same exact play-set for the kids, and it was one of their favorite toys to play with. All of the kids gathered around, chose their character and engaged in adventures and plenty of games all surrounding this Hall Of Justice playset.

28 Weirdest: Thomas And Super Friends Trains

Superheroes can take on many forms, different outfits, and appearances - and apparently that even includes trains. Thomas the Tank Engine is such a popular brand amongst small kids, but even so, I don't see the point in turning the Justice League into a group of tank engine heroes. Turning all of these heroes into toys brings so many questions, for example, do they still have all of their ordinary superpowers? Because it would sure be crazy to see the Superman train fly.

27 Weirdest: Superman Pogo Stick

As unusual as this Pogo stick is, it's actually pretty rare and people have been selling it online for over 200 dollars, without even being in perfect condition. If you don't know what a pogo stick is, it's basically just a bouncy stick that you jump on. Even though I do get the appeal of this toy, and why parents would love it to just tire their children out, I'm not exactly sure having Superman's face plastered on it is very appealing or makes much sense.

26 Best: Rock 'Em Sock 'Em: Batman V. Superman

Everyone lined up to see Batman V. Superman for just one major reason: to see which hero would win in a fight. I'm sure no one even cared about the plot of the film and was just impatiently waiting to watch the two characters beat each other up. Which is why this is the best Rock 'Em Sock 'Em toy ever made. You don't have to repeatedly watch the movie to watch them fight, you can just constantly do it at home, and it's awesome.

25 Weirdest: Superman Bath Duck

Superman can fly, carry entire cars, shoot lasers from his eyes, but I'm pretty sure there's never been a comic book where he turns into a squeaky duck. It may have been way more fitting if the bath duck toy was of Aquaman instead of Superman. Turning Superman into a bath duck is probably even weirder than making a pogo stick out of him. So far we've seen his character as a stick, a train, and now a duck. Who knows what he'll turn into next?

24 Weirdest: Penguin Commandos

As much as everyone loves Penguins, do they really need to be sold as Batman toys? Even though these armed and ready to fight penguins look super cute, they're probably better off sold in an entirely different collection, or probably not sold at all. Without all of their war gear, these penguins look like they could be ordinary penguin toys, which would be great for kids that like to play with zoo animal toys. If you want some superhero figures, these penguins are an easy pass.

23 Best: Imaginext Batcave

Even though the design of the Batman toy itself isn't quite up to par with other action figures, the Batcave set in entirety is really well designed and the best part is that it's not overly pricey. This is a fantastic toy set for kids to play with, and even if you're an adult, this could be a cool looking addition to add in your gaming room or to have out on display. Replace the Batman figure with one of the better-looking ones from the list, and the whole set could look pretty great.

22 Weirdest: Infrared Batman

Possibly the most pointless Batman action figure of all, the infrared Batman makes no sense whatsoever. This figure is supposed to be designed similarly to Bruce Wayne's design in Batman: The Animated Series, but the infrared concept has nothing to do with the series at all. Batman just looks like he has a really weird, oddly shaped orange space helmet on his head. As weird as Batman in space sounds, it would actually make way more sense than Infrared Batman, considering he has tons of hero friends that have actually been there.

21 Weirdest: Night Glider Batman

Batman has worn of a variety of different suits in both films, comics, and series, but this one has got to be one of the worst. Having a glider isn't out of character for Bruce Wayne, but these colors do not suit him at all. I'm not saying superheroes shouldn't explore different looks, but orange and blue is better suited for less mysterious and dangerous heroes such as Booster Gold. I'd really like to know why so many Batman toys put him in the color orange when it's clearly not working for him.

20 Best: DC Collectibles Kid Flash

Whether you love or hate CW's The Flash, you can't deny that this action figure looks superb. From all of the episodes I've seen of Wally West on The Flash, I can tell that this toy was so well designed and actually looks exactly like the actor. While his appearance is just like the actor, his costume is comic-book accurate which is perfect. Out of all of the Flash comics and animated series I've seen of Wally West, CW's The Flash is my personal favorite interpretation of the character.

19 Weirdest: Anti-Virus Bruce Wayne

Bruce Wayne has clearly dealt with a lot in his fair share of comics and films, but don't you think it would make more sense if toys were made based on stuff he most notably dealt with? Anti-Virus Bruce Wayne may not be the most random thing on the list, but it sure is weird. This toy doesn't even specifically mention what the virus is that he's fighting against, or who created it? Also, the toy display shows Bruce Wayne impractically wearing the virus, which makes no sense.

18 Weirdest: Sofubi Bizarro

DC's Sofubi lines of superheroes are probably the weirdest collection they've made. The figures come in at around 10 inches tall and look quite spooky. They're made with oddly huge heads and very wide, bulky bodies. I'm not trying to insult toys made out of Sofubi here, I'm sure other variations are great, but it sadly doesn't work out so well for DC heroes. Instead of getting cool, Japanese-style DC heroes, we ended up with scary figures that don't work out so well for kids or adults.

17 Best: Justice League Bendable Boxed Set

Many parents have to go through the struggle of their kids breaking toys and losing parts, which is why the Justice League bendable box set is probably a dream come true. These figures can be completely bent, stretched, pulled on, and thrown without taking much serious damage. If you don't have kids and want them for a shelf, they also look pretty great on display too, with their comic book accurate costumes and intriguing design, I'd say these figures are a must-have.

16 Weirdest: Squeaky Batman

As cute as this toy is, this is the least accurate Batman toy on the entire list. Is this Bruce Wayne as a toddler? Or maybe it's supposed to be baby Damian Wayne playing dress-up. Batman's baby appearance and pudgy figure isn't what makes this toy the most unusual, in fact, this Batman is actually a squeaky toy. Unlike the real Batman, if you give this guy a squeeze, he'll make a squeaky noise while smiling and waving hello.

15 Weirdest: Bob

If you asked me or literally anyone in the world who Bob from Batman is, I would not be able to tell you, but that didn't stop the toy developers from making an action figure of the unknown and unpopular Bob. Apparently, Bob is one of the villains in the 1989 Batman film. He wasn't even a major villain, more like an evil minion, and probably one of the most forgettable villains to ever make an appearance in a Batman film. Seriously, Batman has so many iconic rivals, so why make a figure for Bob?

14 Best: Deluxe Batgirl Of Burnside

Batgirl is one of my favorite superheroes and I personally think this is one of the coolest action figures of her ever made. Even though the Batgirl of Burnside comics aren't a personal favorite of mine, her costume design, style and charisma make this figure definitely a part of the top 10 best toys. It may be debatable whether or not this one is actually a toy or a collectible though, since it will cost you a good $54.

13 Weirdest: Ground Assault Batman

With all of the technology, batmobiles and everything else Bruce Banner could afford, did he really need to have his own hover-board? The packaging on the box calls it a "motorized turbo-powered ground jet" but let's be real, that's just an incredibly fancy name for a hoverboard. I never watched Batman: The Animated Series, but with all of my research, I'm pretty sure Batman never even used his fancy little ground jet in the show, so I have no idea why this toy was made.

12 Weirdest: Talon Strike Robin

Yet another completely random figure, Talon Strike Robin is completely unrelated to anything that has ever happened in a Batman comic or film. Sure, Robin does have the name of the bird, but he has never really expressed much desire to be similar to a bird, nor does he have any bird-like abilities. Talon Strike Robin sounds like the kind of idea that came from a toy designer that has never read a comic in his life.

11 Best: Batman Animated Series Collection

There are so many ridiculous toys based on Batman: The Animated Series, that it's very refreshing to actually see very accurate toys of the show. These figures look so much like the real characters on the series, you'd think they walked straight out of the television. Personally, I was never a huge fan of the way Bruce Timm (the shows artist) designed the female heroes, but these figures are very loyal to the series and look great overall.

10 Weirdest: Laser Batman Beyond

It's getting to the point where I'm starting to think DC toy creators are heavily relying on people not actually watching the content from which the toys are supposedly based on, just so they could invent some of the most absurd designs ever. Seriously, is that supposed to be Batman or Butterflyman? There's no doubt Batman has access to lasers but does he really need to wear a ridiculous outfit in order to use them? Laser Batman looks like an entirely different superhero.

9 Weirdest: Street Biker Robin

Street Biker Robin is supposed to be based on Robin from Batman Forever, but the weird thing is that Robin never even looks like this in the entire film. Actually, I'm pretty sure Robin never dressed like this in the comics either. We all know that Dick Grayson sure loves his motorcycle though, he's also quite young and cool, but Street Biker Robin looks more like he belongs in the 1979 Warriors movie.

8 Best: Dawn Of Justice 2-Pack Figures

These two action figures are actually really well-made collector's items. Most people who purchase this probably wouldn't consider them "toys" but hey, they have bendy parts and I'd play with them if I got my hands on them, so I'm calling them toys. DC figures tend to be the best when they go for a more classic and natural look, rather than picking a random idea from a box and then designing it. These figures are very accurate to the film and are also quite affordable, which is why they're one of the best on the list.

7 Weirdest: Sky-Dive Batman

If there's two things that just don't go together at all, it's Batman and the color orange. Hear me out, I know Batman has a special suit for nearly every task, and it does make sense for him to have a suit just for sky-diving, but does that suit have to be bright orange? Come on! He looks like he just escaped from prison, not like he's getting ready to jump out of a plane and save the world.

6 Weirdest: Fist Fury Batman

No one really asked to see Batman without a shirt on, but they did it anyway. Honestly, I don't even know what's the most absurd part of this action figure, is it the neon pants or the fact that he's shirtless and has basically no armor on? From the neck down, this toy doesn't even resemble Batman in the slightest form. If you look at his face, Bruce Wayne doesn't seem so happy about his outfit either. This is one action figure that was probably better off unmade.

5 Best: LEGO Wonder Woman Dorm

Lego's may not be everyone's favorite toy brand, considering their ability to seriously injure many of our feet, but this Wonder Woman dorm room set looks incredibly fun to play with. Also, it looks like Wonder Woman actually gets the cool motorcycle she deserves in this toy set, unlike the unfortunate toy we've seen earlier. For a lego toy, her costume design and features actually look really good too, so it's great that Lego was able to do the character justice.

4 Weirdest: Superman Flying Hero

I do get the appeal of being able to see Superman fly for yourself, but is it really necessary to have a toy that just launches him in the air? Personally, this seems like the kind of toy you want to use as a weapon when your little brother is annoying you. Realistically, any kid will take this toy to their backyard, shoot it as high as they can into the sky and then never find Superman ever again, making this toy a huge waste of the ten bucks its worth.

3 Weirdest: Barbie Catwoman

Out of all of the possible Catwoman inspired Barbie dolls they could make, why would they make one out of one of the worst and most widely disliked DC superhero movies of all time? No offense to Halle Berry, she's a fantastic actress and all but she was sadly put in one of the most horribly made films, and I think all of us would rather just forget it. Having a Barbie doll based on the film is not helping.

2 Best: DC Superhero Girls Figures

These DC Superhero Girls figures are absolutely amazing toys for both little girls and boys to play with, and could also be a great addition to someone's collection. Seeing an entire collection of just superhero girls makes my heart so happy, and it's amazing that young kids can enjoy the show and have new toys to play with. Most action figures of female DC heroes tend to display them with a particular gaze, but these superhero girls are a perfectly accurate representation of what real women would wear and clearly weren't made just to appeal to boys.

1 Weirdest: Superman Justice Jogger

Superman's Justice Jogger is supposed to be a device that helps Superman chase and track down his villains, even though he's able to fly and most likely doesn't need this at all. Honestly, this toy looks like a high-tech massage chair designed for Superman. Not only is it incredibly random, but it's also just completely out of character and looks like something that would be better in the hands of Charles Xavier, who isn't even part of the DC Universe.

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