This Deaf Man Is Teaching His Deaf Dog Sign Language

This deaf man and his deaf puppy have taken the bond between man and dog to an entirely new level.

Humans have had a bond with dogs for centuries. Our canine companions haven't gained the moniker of man's best friend for nothing. Nowadays, not only do we keep them as pets, but they also aid us in our lives. Guide dogs help the visually impaired, sniffer dogs aid police officers, and therapy dogs help ease the stresses of those with a number of different problems.

However, this story courtesy of Metro might well take the bond between man and dog to a whole new level. Nick Abbot, a deaf man from Maine in the US, adopted Emerson when he was just 12 weeks old. Although Emerson was born with many brothers and sisters, he was left behind as his siblings found their forever homes. Due to health issues early on in his life, Emerson couldn't be adopted at first.

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Those aforementioned health issues also meant Emerson was left with some lasting problems. The pup is both deaf and visually impaired. That can be too much to handle for some potential dog owners, but not Nick. When Nick first met Emerson, the puppy came and sat at his feet right away. The Maine native knew then and there that the two of them were going to get along.

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Since both Nick and Emerson are both deaf, barking and speaking aren't going to do either of them any good. That's why Nick has been teaching Emerson sign language. Although the pup is visually impaired, he is not completely blind. When Nick signs the letter S, Emerson sits, and when he signs a straight line, the dog lies down.

It's a sad truth that some of Emerson's potential owners may have been put off by his health issues. However, Nick has explained that he is no trouble at all. The pup is more than happy snuggled up next to you or basking in a patch of sunlight. Although it's sad that it took longer than normal for Emerson to find his forever home, we like to think that fate intervened so he was still there when Nick came calling.


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