The 20 Dumbest Decals Spotted On The Road

People often enjoy customizing their cars to make them seem more personal, individual, and uniquely their own. This is always a great thing to do, as self-expression is something that should always be celebrated. But sometimes people fall a bit short of the mark, are a bit too offensive, too annoying and inconsiderate, or customize their car in plain bad taste.

This is especially true when it comes to car decals, bumper stickers, car wraps, and really anything graphic that people apply to their cars for cosmetic reasons. What gets done mechanically to the car can be annoying and baffling at times, but often what is done cosmetically proves to be much more frustrating to have to look at, or just plain funny. Let's take a look at 20 of the dumbest decals spotted on the roads.

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20 Must Speed A Lot

via reddit.com

This person must get pulled over a lot, so much so that they decided to get a decal on their window that reads "Let me guess. . . license and registration," clearly there just for the officers that pull the car over. It is a brightly colored sports car, which cops are known to profile unfairly.

19 Shouldn't Be Out In Public

via cleantechnica.com

Customized Teslas are a pretty rare thing to come by. Most people who buy them are fairly unimaginative, and usually buy a Tesla because they like it just the way it is. Otherwise, why would they buy a Tesla? Goes to show that maybe they really are best without these kinds of decals.

18 Municipal Decals Can Be Dumb, Too

via motor1.com

The term "po-po" is a colloquial one that is used in every day and informal vernacular to refer to the police. Keywords in understanding the proper use of this word are "informal," and "colloquial," meaning that it shouldn't be turned into an official decal on an official cruiser.

17 Tiny Baby Hulk

via danquahinstitute.org

The bright green on this second generation Ford Focus ST from Britain is in fact stock, surprisingly enough. The over the top decal of the superhero Hulk isn't, though, and really it's a strange choice when it comes to decals as Hulk is massive, this compact car just plain isn't.

16 You Make A Good Point

via whoismaryrosh.com

This bumper sticker, while at first glance, looks like it would prove to be offensive or too aggressive, actually makes a pretty reasonable point. While the car in question is not pictured, it could be an old pickup truck of some kind or even better yet an old VW bus. Both of which go very slow.

15 Spaghetti Or Toilet Paper, Anyone?

via cars.com

This giant car-sized sticker is pretty out there on the scale of crazy things to put onto a car, yet it's picturesque background is perhaps the strangest thing about this photo, as well as the mysterious reason it's on a pedestal. Some questions are best left unanswered.

14 Clever, A Smart Person Joke

via stemedcaucus2.org

Aside from the absolutely unconscionable amount of dirt covering this car, the bumper sticker is something that too many people would be just annoying. I personally don't find bumper stickers all that annoying, so this joke is actually kind of funny, at the very least clever. And most assuredly dumb.

13 Not The Minions

via straitstimes.com

It's pretty safe to say that the Minion craze has been a scourge on humanity, a blight that has affected almost every facet of culture there is, from Minion Tic Tacs to Minion decals on cars. It's a travesty of pretty grand proportions, and this car could not be any dumber because of it.

12 Childish, Isn't It?

via aliexpress.com

The strange abstract fiery decals along the side panels of this beautiful Porsche convertible really don't do a good thing for the car. They don't look nice, they don't amplify the elegance. In fact they do just the opposite, as these kinds of things are quite puerile.

11 Sure, That's What It Is

via cars.com

While this decal is pretty funny, especially if this window belongs to a Subaru or even an older Volkswagen, the fact is that it's still pretty dumb, as the fact is a leaky engine is never a good thing, and it's in no way going to add to the power of the motor. Plus it's so bad for our waterways and oceans.

10 Those Decals Don't Make It Faster

via clubcj.com

This mostly stock Mitsubishi Evo looks quite ridiculous in this parking lot, especially next to one without a bunch of silly decals all over it. Adding a decal of the Nurburgring most assuredly does not make you a racing driver, your car a rally car, and especially if you've never driven the car around it.

9 Pink Floyd To The Max

via pinterest.com

This person is a serious fan of Pink Floyd. Not only did this person find satisfaction in listening to the music all the time, appreciating it for the truly legendary music that it is and embodies, but they took it to the next level and decked their car out with all kinds of Dark Side Of The Moon graphics and decals.

8 Well That's Obvious

via scoopwhoop.com

This bumper sticker says that it's a bumper sticker, and it doesn't say anything else at all. Talk about a pointless thing to do. Though I guess it is true that many people find much humor and amusement in things that are this blatantly obvious.

7 Not Relevant At All

via twitter.com

This decal is particularly dumb because Toyota and Yoda, don't have anything in common. One is a car from Japan, one is a fictional sci-fi character from a movie franchise. You can't call it a play on words and you can't call it clever. It's just illiterate and annoying.

6 How Many Savage Stickers Does It Take?

via YouTube

This photo lays out a very fascinating question that frankly no one was asking: How many stickers does it take to cover over an entire Honda S2000? The real question that everyone is asking is "Why would you do something like that to a perfectly sports coupe?" Now that's a question worth asking.

5 A Little Over The Top

via hippymotors.blogspot.com

I'll be first to say that I am always a proponent and firm believer in flower power and, as the van says, "feelin' groovy," alas I am not unwilling to admit that this van has taken things a little bit too far. Okay, way too far. This decal job is about as over-the-top as it gets.

4 Advertising Done Right Or Wrong?

via thestir.cafemom.com

This is a pretty funny take on the stick family craze that, annoyingly, can be found on thousands of cars across the country of America, and a vaguely inappropriate one, too. Looks like the two parents have gone through something that has led to mom no longer around, and now the position is up for grabs.

3 Generational Prejudice At Work

via reddit.com

Millennials catch all kinds of flak for many things, especially from older generations who don't see all the things they're forced to deal with, all the disadvantages they have inherited. While manual transmission is by no means a disadvantage, the fact is that many millennials do know how to drive a stick. I, for example, am one of many.

2 Silly Dated Graphics

via reddit.com

I personally find this decal kind of cool, though it's easy to see why it would be dumb, because frankly, it is. The design comes from an old cup graphic known as the "Jazz design," according to huffpost.com, that was popular in the '90s and had a pop-culture revival in the past few years. In some ways now it's timeless.

1 Even Stock Can Mess It Up

via journal.classiccars.com

The Porsche is often likened to being the thinking man's car, a cultured, refined option for true motorheads who are fascinated with supreme machinery, craftsmanship, engineering, and raw performance. Alas, this, the fastest 911 model, comes stock with decals about as garish as they can get.

Sources: Motor 1, Reddit & Clean Technica

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