'Deck The Hallmark' Podcast Hilariously Reviews All 37 Hallmark Holiday Movies

We've had Halloween, now it's time to get prepared for everyone's favorite holiday - Christmas. Hallmark is famous for churning out holiday movies specially dedicated to this time of year, so much so that they've got tons of titles under their belts. The network relies on us sentimental souls to keep going, but have you ever thought about what it would be like to sit down and critically review all 37 2018 movies? If you haven't, don't worry - three guys have decided to take one for the team and do it for all of us.


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Deck the Hallmark is a new podcast hosted by Brandon Gray, Daniel Pandolph and Daniel Thompson. These dudes get together on a weekly basis to talk about every single holiday movie that Hallmark is making this year, delving into the very guts of the beast so that the rest of us can stay sane. The hosts will talk about everything, from what ticked all the boxes to who in the production team will be on Santa's naughty list this year, and honestly, it's so hilarious that we may die of laughter before December 25th. RIP us.

Leann Rimes stars alongside Tyler Hynes for the November 10th offering, It's Christmas, Eve, but there are plenty of other recognizable (and not so recognizable) names in Hallmark's big "Countdown to Christmas". If that's not enough to wet your seasonal whistle, then we don't know what is. If you're not an avid fan of the cheesy-yet-snowy Hallmark movies, then don't worry - Deck the Hallmark is all about the controversy, sharing views from both sides of the fence. Gray told Country Living that it was quite a selfish move on his part, as he adores the movies. Thompson is the polar opposite and can't stand the sight of them, while Pandolph is the neutral Switzerland.

It's just as much about the interesting rapport between the three of them as it is the movies, so why not snuggle up with your hot cocoa, don your best Christmas stockings and give these guys a listen. Deck the Hallmark is available on iTunes, Spotify and Google Podcast.


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