Their Dedication is Admirable, But These 15 People Probably Overcommitted, TBH

A few years ago we started buying vintage Care Bear stuff. We became so overzealous about it, we filled up our spare bedroom with collectibles before we realized we had a problem and that we had to stop before we ended up on an episode of Hoarders.

Sometimes, we get so caught up in something we lose sight of ourselves. Whether it's our job or our hobbies, we allow ourselves to get so involved, we fail to see that our passion has slowly been replaced by obsession. Our healthy love turns into a toxic addiction, and that's when we need someone to tap us on the shoulder and tell us to step back and get some perspective—which is exactly what we're gonna do to these 15 people whose dedication is admirable, but who probably overcommitted, TBH.

15 She's a dedicated-osaurus rex

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As often as we adults lose our heads, it's even more common for little kids to blow things out of proportion. Kids don't have the same experience that we grownups do. They haven't been through the ringer that is life. They haven't had to back burner the things they're passionate about to pursue a seemingly meaningless career which pays the bills, but doesn't satisfy their creative needs.

Kids are catered to and spoiled, and as long as it's all in moderation, we don't think there's anything wrong with that. We're just saying they're used to getting their own way, so their perception of reality is skewed, and it's difficult for them to judge when they're going overboard. So we're not surprised to see this kiddo obsessing over her dinosaur head.

14 If we go before you guys, please hire him for our funeral

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Part of us feels like this guy has taken his gift of being able to cry on cue too far. Maybe he should dial it back a bit. Stop this funeral attendee freelancing scheme and maybe pursue a career in acting. He may not be the next Humphrey Bogart or anything, but he could totally nail bit parts. He could make a nice living off of that.

Then again, another part of us is like, heck yeah. If you can make money blubbering like a baby at people who you don't know's funerals, you go for it, man. If we thought that we could swing that gig, we never would have wasted all those years at college. This guy isn't just a problem solver, he's an entrepreneurial genius.

13 Aww, he's showing!

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You pay for something, you expect to get your money's worth. That's not unreasonable. We mean, just what the heck was this guy supposed to do when his girlfriend forgot about their scheduled pregnancy photo shoot? Cancel it? Call the photographer, explain the situation and ask to reschedule? Call the whole thing a wash and decide to do a makeshift pregnancy photo shoot instead by asking a stranger at the park to snap a few pics of him and his girlfriend with his iPhone? Pfft! No, that would make too much sense. He wasn't about to do that.

This guy probably overcommitted, there's no denying that, but from where we're standing, he was just doing what he had to do. And, if nothing else, at least he made us laugh.

12 Who is this roommate, and how do we become friends with them immediately?

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Some people say wordplay is the lowest form of humor, but we're people, too, and, darn it! We say those naysayers are losers and wordplay is life, so what do you think about that?! Huh? Doesn't feel to good, does it, you anti-pun extremists?! Tell your friends!

Puns, rhymes, linguistic ridiculosity. We love wordplay in all its forms, and it does our hearts good to know that there are others out there who feel the same way we do. Admittedly, we think wordplay is all about going overboard, and, again, admittedly, sometimes we have a tendency to take things too far. But, in the end, it's all for a good cause because we're left with hilariousness like this. "Menstruation crustacean station". You can't say that without giggling. We love it!

11 That's just the price you pay for fandoms

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Oh, boy. Fandoms. Yeah, we'd be lying if we said we hadn't gone a little off our rocker for our beloved shows, movies and books. It sounds silly to those who remain unaffected by fandoms, but to those who, like us, have allowed their lives, their thoughts, indeed, their very souls to be consumed with overly emotional thoughts and theories about fictional characters, you begin to love your fandom more than life itself, so spending thousands of dollars on movie tickets so you can see your fandom's film without being interrupted by annoying other people is completely understandable, even sensible.

Hey, we're not saying this guy didn't lose his mind a little bit over the Star Wars movie premier, we're just saying we understand where he's coming from, that's all.

10 We need 28 gs of Hot Cheetos, STAT!

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Some people would probably call this borderline delinquent behavior. "Selling Hot Cheetos in tiny drug baggies for a quarter a pop? Why, it's only a matter of time before this little boy turns into a neighborhood drug dealer!" But we say with a killer work ethic like that, this kid's gonna go far.

Check out this little dude. He's a business major in the making. He saw a need, figured out how to meet the demand, then created a plan to profit from it. Heck, he was doing just fine up until "the man" stepped in and put a stop to his operation. And, yeah, okay. Maybe he got a little too committed, but you can't fault him for his dedication. We should all be more like him.

9 *Mobster voice* She did what she had to do

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Look at this picture. Not the DIY-ed radar, but those houses over there. Do you see that? Those suckers are right there, level with the asphalt. Those things were built in the middle of the road, meaning every time somebody steps outside, they're going to be just a few feet away from busy traffic. And have you seen the way some people drive? They're all over the place, in and out of lanes, doing 10 to 20 miles over the speed limit. That's not safe for any resident, but especially not children.

Alright, so maybe this mama got a little carried away with her arts and crafts project, but she was just trying to protect the neighborhood kids, so where's the harm in that? We don't blame her one iota.

8 Take a good look because this is #RelationshipGoals

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This boyfriend's dedication is nothing if not admirable. Most men have very little experience in the realm of choosing hoop earrings. It's a tough business. Sometimes we women don't know what size hoop earring we want to get even after we've tried them on. It's a science, so for this guy to undertake the task is a testament to his love for his girlfriend.

Still, he probably overcommitted on this one. You send your guy to the store to buy hoop earrings, even if you draw a circle on his hand the size you want them to be, the chances that he'll end up having to choose between several pairs of different sizes and, therefore, screw it up, are good. The risk here is quite high. It's starting to make us nervous.

7 What the heck kinda stuff goes on at SeaWorld?!

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What? What, what's the big deal? The instructor told his students to gently kiss their dolphins, and that's exactly what this little boy is doing. If the instructor didn't want the kiss to include tongue, surely he would've specified.

Our biggest question here is, why is the dolphin instructor so keen to watch his students kiss the dolphins? Like, hey, thanks Mr. SeaWorld, but we're getting enough action on our own, we don't need to start making out with marine life. We appreciate your attempt at being our wingman, but you need to reign it in, there. Maybe you're the one who's overcommitting here. You want to see people find love, why not start a dating service or something? But, as it is, you gots ta stop.

6 *Puts tin foil hat on head*

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We're not saying that house belongs to a conspiracy theorist, but that house belongs to a conspiracy theorist, and we've concocted our own conspiracy theory to support this claim. Rack your brains and ask yourself, who would need constant access to every TV station in the world? Who would need to stay connected to every media outlet and be able to tune in to any one of them at any time, day or night? Surely, only someone who comes up with crazy claims and accusations would require such a thing, yes?

Alright, maybe not. We guess it's possible that the person who owns this place simply enjoys collecting satellite dishes. Or maybe they just like watching TV. Maybe we're the ones who jumped the gun this time. Who knows?

5 This has got to be the worst birthday party ever

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Birthday cookie? Green bean candle? Fire? Friend? Pic? What? What is going on here?! We've got a lot of problems with this Tumblr post, not the least of which is that the birthday boy or girl in question bit off way more than they could chew by investing in a birthday cookie (utter nonsense, by the way, but more on that in a minute), and shoving a green bean into it and lighting the thing on fire. Explain to us how that's not going overboard. See? It can't be done.

This person needs new friends and/or birthday having lessons. You can't just replace a birthday cake with a cookie and call that sufficient. That's as unacceptable as using a pod as a candle. This whole situation needs to stop.

4 That's one party we're glad we weren't invited to

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The line between fandom and cult is fine. Both are religiously devoted to whatever it is the fandom and/or cult revolves around. Followers/members of both display a seemingly blind faith for their chosen subject. Yes sir, they're pretty similar, so it can be hard to distinguish between the two sometimes. However, in this case, it's clear to us these banana lovers have crossed over from the realm of healthy affection for potassium to destructive worship of an element.

These banana be-suited people have jumped the shark. They've gone too far. Hey, we like bananas, too, but you don't see us dressing up like fruit, chanting the names of vitamins and minerals like a group of benedictine chemist monks. Honestly, what the actual swear words is going on here?!

3 He may've failed the test, but we're giving him an A+

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This guy really dodged a bullet by not being roped into picking out hoop earrings for his girlfriend. It's just too bad he was convinced to dress up as her and take a test for her, instead. Guess every romance novelist who has existed since the dawn of time was wrong. There really is such a thing as being too devoted to a person, after all.

If we had thought our cat could be convinced to dress up like us and take an exam for us back when we were in school, we'd have talked him into it so fast, your head would spin. But for a boyfriend to go through with this? That girl better marry him, that's all we got to say, 'cause this is clearly true love.

2 His taste buds must have given up a few years back

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The fact that there exists a child somewhere out there in the universe who can eat an entire watermelon scares us. And if you're smart, it'll scare you too.

When we were little, we heard all about the old wives tale that if you swallow a watermelon seed, a watermelon will grow in your stomach. We stopped believing in that load of nonsense when we were eight (well, actually, when we were 18, but what's it to you?). What we would really like to know is, what happens to you if you consume the watermelon rind? We know some people pickle them, but what about if you gnaw on them raw? That can't be good for your intestines. It would be like flipping the bird to your entire gastric system.

1 Even when dogs are bad boys, they're still good boys

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Yeah, yeah, we hear you. We promised to show you 15 people whose dedication was admirable, but who probably overcommitted, TBH, and we know that this isn't a people but is, in fact, a dog. But, come on, now. Look at that good boy. That's an admirably dedicated doggie who deserves recognition, even if his undertaking was ill-advised. Cut us, and him, some slack.

'Course, we can laugh about this. It's not our feet that had to walk on cold floors, nor our toes that had to sustain itchy, uncomfortable chilblains all winter long because our Golden Retriever stole all of our socks and hid them under a mound of snow for a few months. Well, at least he's happy about it, anyway. Look at that tail wagging. So cute!

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