20 Outrageous Demands Celebrities Made On The Road

It’s accepted that becoming a celebrity changes a person. No matter how humble they may have lived their lives, when someone becomes rich and famous, it’s all too easy to start living a huge lifestyle. That includes how often they’ll be making some pretty outrageous demands on the road. Hotel staffs are famous for sharing stories on celebrities making truly crazy requests and open demands for things and behavior that would blow away a normal person. Yet for them, it’s expected as just a way of life.

That includes rules in terms of travel. Some stars will be very particular in what type of cars pick them up or how they are inside. Others will insist on rules regarding their planes or what can be transported with them. Some requests are truly outlandish to the point of insanity yet the stars demand them. Some are just bigger than others to seem like something out of a TV comedy. Here are 20 celebrities who made truly outrageous demands on the road to marvel at for what they expect on a simple trip.

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20 Vince McMahon: No Sneezing


The WWE owner is notable for some odd quirks and behavior that his employees have had to handle. That includes demanding his drivers be ready to stop at a fancy restaurant at any moment. On the WWE plane or buses, it’s well known that no one is to sneeze or cough in Vince’s presence. For some reason, sneezes just drive Vince nuts and he’s been known to explode at someone who does it. In other words, if you have a cold, you can forget about traveling with McMahon.

19 Christina Aguilera: Police Escort


There’s no denying Christina Aguilera has some serious singing pipes that she’s used to become a huge star. However, the woman also takes the “diva” mentality to the extreme. That really came up during her time as a judge on The Voice as Aguilera made slews of demands for NBC. That includes the fact that she hates traffic so much that she insists on a police escort anywhere she goes. No one likes being stuck in traffic but that’s taking it to the extreme.

18 Kanye West: Drivers Only Wear Cotton


Obviously, Kanye West would have to pop up on a list of crazy demands. While a great rapper and media mogul, West is also known for a pretty outrageous ego. It appears he has his unique demands on the road and it has nothing to do with the cars. Rather, West will insist his drivers only wear 100 percent cotton clothing with no man-made fibers. This is one of the craziest “dress codes” for a driver imaginable which somehow fits West well.

17 Kim Kardashian: Greeter Service Everywhere


The reality TV mogul is getting attention for actually going to law school and become a lawyer. It’s pretty hard to see that given Kim’s infamous diva lifestyle. Obviously, this includes demands to be made on the road which has the rule that Kim requires greeter service everywhere she goes. Not just hotels but airports are expected to put out the red carpet (sometimes literally) for Kardashian to ensure she has the best service and valets ready for her every need. Maybe she’ll let that drop in the future but Kim is known for her diva attitude.

16 Connor McGregor: A New Car For Every Fight


It’s well known that sports stars can have their little superstitions they carry around. For Connor McGregor, it appears the UFC champion needs a new car for every fight. He already has a massive fleet he uses constantly and shows off on social media. It seems that McGregor will go ahead and rent brand new exotic cars before a big fight is coming. That includes hassles like “disrespecting” a Rolls-Royce which makes companies wary of letting McGregor rent a lot.

15 Dwayne Johnson: Portable Private Gym


Even though he’s left WWE behind, the Rock is still known for his incredible conditioning. That’s proven by his movie roles in the Fast & Furious franchise and showing off his incredible muscles on social media. As it happens, Johnson demands that wherever he travels, a full-scale portable gym is carried along that can be set up at a hotel or even on a bus. It may seem a bit much but are you going to say no to a man who can bench press 500 pounds?

14 Beyonce: No Coca-Cola and Set Temperature

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Beyonce is well loved for being more approachable than other big singing stars. However, even she has her wild demands on the road. First, no one on her staff or in busses is to drink Coca-Cola. There is logic here as Beyonce is a spokeswoman for Pepsi and wouldn’t want to mar that contract up. She also demands on a set temperature for the cars and rooms that is not to be touched in any way. Queen Bey always wants to be treated well.

13 Katy Perry: No Talk from Chauffeur


Katy Perry boasts some amazing beauty to go with her singing and acts like she’s a pretty down-to-earth person. But reports abound that she can be just as demanding on things as any other singing diva. That includes banning chauffeurs from talking to her or even looking at her directly. That means a driver has to be in total silence and avoid looking at Perry completely. That must make for some awkward drives to be sure.

12 Justin Timberlake: Clean Door Handles


In many ways, Justin Timberlake is a nice guy who is known for a love of cars. Yet even he has his odd quirks. It appears the man is something of a germaphobe as he’ll insist his staff ride in separate elevators and that every handle near him is cleaned off. That goes for cars too as Timberlake will demand on watching as the handles are properly cleaned before he touches them and the interior cleaned as well. There’s having a clean car and then there’s going a bit over the top.

11 Jennifer Lopez: Never Bother Her in First Class


There are websites filled with stories on Jennifer Lopez’s often outrageous diva behavior wherever she goes. She’s been known to throw fits at things like wrinkled bedsheets or not the right type of chocolate. While she often takes a private plane, Lopez does travel first class a lot. By all reports, she has a rule that she is not to be bothered in any way. Attendants have to speak to one of her handlers, never Lopez herself and are encouraged to avoid eye contact as much as possible. She’s come a long way from the Block.

10 Jay Z: Only a Maybach for Pick Up


The rapper is known for his outrageous lifestyle so it should be no surprise he’s pretty demanding on things on the road. A huge fan of exotic cars, Jay Z has plenty of his own to use. However, he demands that wherever he goes he gets a brand new Maybach 57 or 62, each of which runs at least $300,000. That’s a pretty huge demand for a guy who already owns a fleet of flashy cars himself.

9 Madonna: 200 Person Entourage


At 60 years old, the Material Girl shows no signs of slowing down. She still puts out hit albums and huge tours to win fans over. It’s well known the woman has a huge personal staff around her yet it’s mind-boggling that she often travels with a 200 person entourage. That means that not only does Madonna have her own private plane but her staff has their own private plane. That’s without things like 20 landlines per room and even her own furniture

8 Will Ferrell: A Scooter


One wouldn’t expect Will Ferrell to be making huge demands on the road. The popular comedic actor doesn’t exactly live a huge flashy lifestyle. However, in 2008, Ferrell was embarking on a tour to help promote his new movie Semi-Pro and insisted on carting around a massive three-wheeled scooter. That was on top of a mobile staircase and a fake tree. While it was meant to be funny, it’s also more dramatic in demands than Ferrell is known for.

7 Barbara Streisand: No T-Shirts


In terms of outrageous divas, you can divide it into two categories: Barbara Streisand and everyone else. The multiple award-winning singer/actress is infamous for her ego and often wild behavior on movie sets. It should thus be no surprise she has her demands when it comes to the road. Among them is the fact that no one on her staff is allowed to wear t-shirts in her presence. It doesn’t matter what time of day or the weather, no t-shirts are allowed to show Babs prefers having a high-living lifestyle wherever she goes.

6 Dionne Warwick: No White Limo


Dionne Warwick has become rather infamous for some quirky behavior that includes working with a “psychic hotline.” However, the woman is still well regarded as a terrific singer who could sell out concert halls easily. Even today, she can travel in style but has the odd demand that none of her limos be a white color. She also prefers new limos over used yet it’s always any color but pure white to carry her around in.

5 One Direction: Coolers Fit in Cars


The once-huge boy band appear to be splitting for solo careers. That will no doubt be a relief to the handlers who had to deal with some of their demands. That included in 2015 when the group insisted that for any car ride lasting more than 15 minutes, coolers would be installed in the cars. That they couldn’t go that long without refreshment appears pretty odd. You can pretty much insert a “15 minutes of fame” joke in here very easily.

4 Justin Beiber: Luxury Convoy


For a guy who seemed a nice clean-cut kid from Canada, Justin Beiber has transformed into a wild guy in music. He’s known for an ego and crazy behavior so it’s no shock he has made some pretty outrageous demands. During a trip to Dubai, Beiber demanded not just a Rolls-Royce but a fleet of ten luxury sedans to be following him constantly. That’s a full scale convoy without the two Volvo buses he also demanded. Beiber really had a wild demand to be on the road.

3 Alicia Keys: 50 Pounds of Ice


The sultry singer is known for her dynamic voice and terrific hot performances. Ironically, Keys has a major affinity for ice in her travels. She tends to get hot on tours a lot and insisted that every one of her buses have exactly fifty pounds of ice on board, no more or less. No one is sure why that was such a critical number but went along with it. One can hope Keys was able to cool down properly with all that ice on board.

2 Ja Rule: Driver Sleeps on Different Floor


Jeffrey Bruce Atkins has gone from one of the biggest names in hip-hop to something of a joke. However, he still has a lot of amazing demands when he is on the road. This includes demanding his tour bus lighting be only 30 amps. That’s nothing compared to how Ja Rule demands that his driver always sleep on a different floor than he does. That’s taking a different level altogether.

1 Paul McCartney: No Leather Seats


Ever since his days with the Beatles, Sir Paul has been used to some major travel on the road and treated very well. He does have his quirks however, one of which involves no leather seats in his limos, cars and planes. The reason is that McCartney is a strict vegetarian and won’t have anything to do with harming animals. That includes refusing leather as much as he can, even his clothing. It may seem strange but the guy is a knight so has the right to do as he pleases.

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