20 Ridiculous Demands WWE Stars Make On The Road

Traveling can bring out the worst in people, even more so if you are expected to perform once you arrive. This is true for musicians, sports stars, and it is true for superstars of the WWE. These super athletes spend most of their time on the road in between shows with very little time to recover, so they do what they can to make their time on the road as comfortable as possible.

Some of these demands are pretty out there while some seem reasonable until you hear the backstory behind them. Some of the diva behavior that WWE stars exhibit backstage have even gotten them banned from communal areas.

Grab your VIP pass and favorite pro-wrestler shirt as we shine a light on the most ridiculous demands that WWE stars have made on the road.

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20 Kofi Kingston Won't Travel Without His Sneaker Collection

via wwe.com

Kofi Kingston is such a huge sneakerhead he even shuns the WWE wrestling boots, preferring to wrestle in sneakers. His wife recently admitted he has over 80 pairs of sneakers in his closet at home. Kofi won't travel unless he has two large tote bags packed full of sneakers, reasoning that he needs to look fresh since he’s on HD TV.

19 Shinsuke Nakamura Has Banned Police Dogs From His Tours

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Shinsuke Nakamura was the center of a bizarre incident that led him to refuse to enter a venue under certain conditions. As part of a regular sweep, the police explosives ordnance disposal team were using dogs to make sure a venue was safe. Shinsuke got too close to one of the dogs as was bitten on his lower leg. Since then, he won’t enter an arena if police dogs are working inside.

18 Someone Has To Watch AJ Styles Belongings At All Times

via sportingnews.com

When AJ Styles was at a show in Arkansas at the State University, he was the target of a robbery and lost $1,000 USD, $7,000 Japanese Yen, an iPhone, small TV, Xbox 360 and his Beats headphones. The goods were never recovered and ever since the theft, AJ Styles gives one of his team members the job of watching his stuff while he is on stage.7. Big

17 Cass Has A Strange Bathroom Habit

via wrestlingnews.co

Big Cass had a strange incident on a tour bus when the lock of a toilet door malfunctioned, leaving the WWE star locked inside. He thought that one of his costars was playing a prank and had locked him in there. He did what wrestlers do best, and destroyed the toilet in an attempt to free himself. Ever since then, he is understandably mistrusting of tour bus toilets and refuses to use them.

16 Seth Rollins Wants Fans To Leave Him Alone

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When you travel frequently, you can be forgiven for not always being in the best mood. Seth knows this all too well after he blew up on Twitter, telling fans to stop ‘gathering intel on flights, staking out baggage and intrusively demanding autographs’. He explained that he doesn’t mind random fan interactions but there is a line that shouldn’t be crossed.

15 Lio Rush Refuses To Help Anyone With Their Bags

via wrestlingworld.co

Lio Rush took a hard stance against the WWE’s tradition of getting the juniors to carry their bags when touring. It’s an unwritten rule that the youngest member is in charge of fetching water and setting up the common area. Lio just flat out refused, citing how he had fought against inequality all his life and everyone in WWE was capable of carrying their own gear. To this day, he refuses to help anyone with their bags, whether they are in need of assistance or trying to keep an old tradition alive.

14 Brock Lesnar Wants Everyone To Leave Him Alone

via inverse.com

Brock Lesnar has had a difficult past few years with controversy following him wherever he goes. This has affected the way it would most people – by turning him into a social recluse. His costars have said that when Lesnar wants time alone, there’s nothing you can do but give him some space. And there is one famous incident we can’t repeat that resulted in him chasing an over-enthusiastic fan around a gym locker room.

13 Roman Reigns Reserves The Right To Kick Anyone Off The Tour Bus

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As the (self-appointed) tour roster leader, Roman Reigns claims he has the ability to hand out discipline as he sees fit, including booting wrestlers who cause trouble off the tour bus. Enzo Amore knows this all too well, falling foul of Reigns after annoying everyone by boasting about how much money he made.

12 Lio Rush Must Have His Wife With Him At All Times

via 24wrestling.com

Being on tour is tough, and most guys just want to hang out or relax between shows, without having to worry about anyone else. Lio Rush has caused some drama with his costars who want to do just that, by insisting his wife goes with him everywhere on tour. This led to a backstage incident with Finn Balor, with the pair almost coming to blows.

11 Curtis Axle Won't Sign Your Autograph

via cagesideseats.com

Curtis Axel has his own headaches with fans which amplify tenfold when he travels. Even when fans travel to welcome him home at the airport he refuses to sign autographs for them, claiming he just wants to go home and rest. And if you show up at 4 am when he’s in an airport you’ll get the cold shoulder as well.

10 The Miz Demands A Football Helmet Filled With Cottage Cheese At Every Show

via youtube.com

This rumor started out as a backstage joke, then it was performed as a skit between Miz and his personal assistant for the cameras. But apparently, The Miz found the joke hilarious and has rolled with it, demanding a real football helmet filled with cottage cheese be a part of his rider at every show.

9 Vince McMahons Unusual Lunch

via pwmania.com

Vince McMahon's request may not be ridiculous but it certainly is unusual. The man who has enough money to eat whatever he likes has just one request for his food rider backstage – a turkey sandwich on whole-wheat bread with a little mustard on top. Apparently, Vince sees food as fuel and not something to be enjoyed, a habit from his hardcore gym lifestyle.

8 Mark Henry Insists On A Cleaning Roster

via wrestlingnewsworld.com

Even though Mark Henry has retired from professional competition he recently threw his weight around when one of the senior WWE stars told a junior wrestler to clean up the locker room during a tour. The young wrestler refused and Henry, who was backstage, didn’’ take too kindly to the older wrestlers' comments. He said times were changing and he was going to enforce a cleaning roster.

7 Enzo Amore Insists On Bringing Guests Into The Locker Room

via adventuresinpoortaste.com

Ever since Enzo Amore got himself kicked off a tour bus, he decided to further inflame the situation by bringing guests into the locker room. This is usually a space that is off-limits to anyone who isn’t involved in the show but Enzo has been involved in a long-running argument by inviting his friends into the sacred space.

6 Chris Benoit Didn't Let Anyone Eat Around Him

via sickchirpse.com

Chris Benoit displayed signs of extremely controlling behavior early on in his career, instructing other wrestlers to not eat around him outside of the canteen. The Miz ignored this, taking a piece of fried chicken into the locker room when Benoit was there. He didn’t respond favorably, kicking Miz from the locker room and telling him not to come back.

5 Brock Lesnar Demands A Private Locker Room

via youtube.com

Brock Lesnar typically plays a long game that he never stops taking part in, to give himself as many advantages as he can. He rarely interacts with other wrestlers and demands to have his own locker room, away from everyone else. Of course, he is probably the only wrestler who would make such a ridiculous demand, and be granted it.

4 John Cena Gets The Prime TV Viewing Position

via cagesideseats.com

During every WWE show, TVs are set up in the locker room and every match is streamed there. This is not only so the wrestlers can follow the action, but also gauge audience reaction. John Cena still appears regularly in the locker room of WWE events, and when he does, he makes himself at home, claiming a prime position in front of the TV so he doesn’t miss a thing.

3 Becky Lynch Prefers To Travel Alone

via irishamerica.com

Becky Lynch really loves fighting and doesn’t care if it’s inside or outside a ring, in a dressing room or on a tour bus. She had to ditch her old travel partner Charlotte Flair because the pair were constantly feuding, and she even took a virtual swing at Conor McGregor, claiming she could break his arm in three short seconds. It makes you wonder if she prefers to travel alone, or her costars prefer traveling without her.

2 Bayley Wants To Drive Herself Around

via gossipgist.com

Bayley caused an unexpected tidal wave of controversy when she revealed during an interview that she drives herself everywhere on tour. When quizzed about why the WWE doesn’t pay for a driver considering their budget Bayley tried to explain that she actually preferred driving herself. She refused to get drawn into the controversy further and the interview has since been deleted.

1 Seth Rollins Must Try The Local Coffee

via cagesideseats.com

The only thing that Seth Rollins loves more than pummeling Brock Lesnar, is drinking a freshly brewed cup of coffee. Rollins revealed that his touring schedule is unbelievably tight and he doesn’t get much time for sightseeing. But the one thing he is insistent on is demanding free time to visit a coffee shop to sample the local coffee.

Sources: Wrestling Inc, Bodyslam and Ringside News.

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