Demon Cat Performs Highly Vocal Summoning Of Beelzebub In Japan

Demon Cat Performs Highly Vocal Summoning Of Beelzebub In Japan

A Japanese cat has a very bizarre vocalization that has the internet divided on whether or not he’s sick or trying to summon a demon.

We’re on the fence here at TheThings head offices. Half of the sentient ball of haze we call an editor thinks that this cat is engaging in dark arts and attempting to summon Beelzebub, the Archduke of Heck. The other half thinks that the cat has been possessed by the spirit of an ancient Jewish grandmother and now cannot stop speaking in Yiddish.

Sora News 24 points out that the strange vocalizations sound a bit like “ololiloliloliloliloliiiloli,” which looks almost like the cat is trying to laugh in internet-speak but just can’t quite get that “e”-sound in “meow” to leave.

We have owner LLR伊藤智博 to thank for posting this either strange or hilarious video to his Twitter feed earlier in November. The demon-summoning cat is named Chobimaru, and he’s one of four cats owned by our Japanese friend.

Chobimaru’s vocalizations aren’t just alarming to his owner, who writes “Chobimaru is talking again…Scary…" in his Twitter post. One of LLR’s other cats also wanders over to see what the hubbub for Beelzebub is, gives a few concerned sniffs, and then leaves when it’s determined there’s nothing that can be done to prevent Chobimaru from bringing about the end of days.

Another cat can be seen looking on from a cushion with absolutely zero flips to give.

You can hear Chobimaru make quite a few loud sniffs in between bouts of demon summoning, which led quite a few Twitter users to posit that poor Maru is actually sick. More than a few commented that this is a very similar noise made by their kitties moments before they puke all over the floor.

LLR posted a follow-up pic to let everyone know that Chobimaru is "calm and have a good appetite,” according to Google Translate. We’re sure the bad grammar is Google’s fault and not Chobimaru’s.

Of course, this being the internet, a week is more than enough time for someone to make a hip-hop remix of Chobimaru’s vocalizations. We’ll leave that here to be the soundtrack for the rest of your day.


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