They Didn't Ask For This: 15 Photo Flops Featuring Animals

Whether it’s a kid, an adult or an animal, there is always one clumsy, fail-prone individual in every group. Everyone knows the type—the one person people always have to keep an eye on at the bar because they might not see that spilled vodka and go flying. Or the one that we never give anything valuable to hold because they may break it. Or the kid that’s always running into walls or tripping over things they could have sworn weren’t there a minute ago (pretty sure that fire hydrant was always there, Timmy).

Well, just like there are accident prone humans, there are also accident prone animals who just can’t seem to figure out how to seamlessly navigate through life. Sometimes, it's because they are overly confident and think they can fit through that fence (they never can). And other times it’s because they are not paying attention and go falling over something due to being excited about their human coming home, a snack or just their tail.

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15 Mondays be like...

Via: rolloid.net

Ever started the day off on the wrong foot and things just stay that way for the rest of the day? That's every Monday for us. Well, this panda is the epitome of that. While the rest of his panda friends are perfectly fine taking a nap on this green block, he just could not get comfortable. So what does he do? Instead of rolling over and trying to sleep on a different side, this panda decided to adjust his position a few inches. Unfortunately for him, he did not realize that this would result in a rather bad face plant. We’ve all been there, little guy.

The worst part is this panda is prone to this sort of thing and perhaps today was the day he swore he would keep it together. But alas, just like us in a Monday morning meeting, it’s near impossible to do so. At least his caretaker appears to spring into action almost instantly to scoop him up. What a job that must be to look after panda cubs that are kind of known for their mischievous behavior? If anyone has not had a chance to spend hours on YouTube watching Panda fail videos, then grab a computer and do it now. Those videos are truly a gift to the world.

14 The moment Jack realized she was letting go

“She said she would never let go," is what we imagine this cat was thinking at this very moment. We’ve heard it before, the infamous lie told by Rose as the Titanic was sinking behind her, “I’ll never let go Jack.” Well, Rose did because she just couldn't seem to make space for good old Jack on the door. He ended up sinking and now this cat is experiencing a similar sensation. For anyone who has argued multiple times that Jack could have fit on that door, according to Fortune, Director James Cameron says that it did not matter if he could fit because either way the script said Jack had to perish. So whether the door was big enough or not, either way, he was going down because the script said so.

Anyway, back to the cat. All he wanted to do was snuggle with his owner who always tells him that she’ll have his back and take care of him. But seemingly the moment things get a little tough, his owner is nowhere to be seen. As Jack started to slip off the couch, he stared at his owner in hopes that she would save him, but instead, she pulled out her phone to take a photo. So we don’t blame this cat for having such a look of indignation on his face. Talk about a betrayal.

13 When the skinny jeans no longer fit

Via: browzy.com

We can totally sympathize with this fat hamster who had no intention of getting fat this winter, but then it just sort of crept up to him. One day he was running on his little wheel, flexing and showing off to his female hamster love interest how lean he was. Then, just like that, out of nowhere it seems, he was stuck in a hole face down unable to pull himself out because his love handles had gotten too big. We totally understand what you are going through, Mr. Hamster.

It’s like trying on a pair of skinny jeans in the size you normally wear at a store only to get stuck in them and be unable to pull yourself out.

Or when you try a skirt on and you manage to yank it up, but then can’t yank it back down over your hips and have to call a store attendant to cut you out. Oh, this hasn’t happened to you? Erm, yeah, same. Or when you have a friend's wedding coming up and buy a dress ahead of time, but then you put it on the day of and have the zipper stuck halfway. Or even worse, you end up managing to squeeze into it and wear it out only to have it rip while you are on the dance floor. Anyway, we feel you, hamster.

12 When playtime takes a turn

We are not really sure how this polar bear managed to get his head stuck in a bucket, but at least he had the good sense to put it on the correct way. This definitely could have been worse if the polar bear stuck his head in facing the other way and temporarily blinded himself. At least this way it just looks like he’s wearing a helmet.

Although based on the look on his face we would say that he’s not all that happy about wearing it this way either.

In fact, he is probably wondering who thought it would be funny to give him a bucket to play with in the first place? Here, this polar bear is hoping to make a good impression on the other polar bears in the playground, only to make a fool of himself. So it is safe to say, things really took a turn for him. We do have to give him props for acting so chill despite his new accessory. We don’t know about you, but we think there is nothing worse than getting your head stuck in something and unable to remove it right away. Like the time you put your head through the railing. Or was that just us?

11 A lesson learned the hard way

Via: giphy.com

And that was the last time this baby chimp sniffed his fingers. Hasn't anyone ever told this little guy not to fall for the old trick of "pull my finger?" And if they did and he well knows what comes after you simply pull a finger, why is he not concerned with what comes out of one's body after doing so? It's never anything good we assure you. We also assure you that you probably would have smelled whatever your body created there in a matter of seconds if you had just allowed it to reach your nose. But instead, you decided to let curiosity get the best of you and used your fingers to get a whiff of it all quicker. Wasn't very pleasant now, was it?

Given that he literally toppled off the tree in this GIF after smelling his fingers, we imagine it's a smell you wouldn't even want your worst enemy to encounter. Poor guy had to learn the hard way. May we suggest the next time you pass wind, you casually walk away and act appalled when the smell reaches you like most gassy humans do in public settings. It really is a classic way to save face in such a situation.

10 When the calculations don’t work out

Via: imgur.com

“Come on, not another blonde joke” is what this dog probably thinks as he glances over at his smirking owner. This dog could have sworn that he calculated every one of his moves accordingly and that he would be able to move from the window onto the couch in one swift motion. However, what he forgot to take into account is that he was up against blinds that would undoubtedly try to hinder him.

Instead of taking a moment to pause and think things through, he decided to wing it and jump onto the couch to see what would happen.

Well, the same thing happened as it always happens and he got stuck in the blinds. Why isn’t this Labrador learning from his mistakes? The truth is he’s probably optimistic that one day he will be able to get away with it. Now, we are not sure how factual this is, but we have been told that a dogs memory does not work the same as a human. Whereas we may keep ourselves up at night dwelling on something silly we did that day, dogs do not operate in the same manner. So while we are laying wide awake at night thinking about how we tripped on the sidewalk while on our phones, our dogs are definitely not laying there thinking about how embarrassing it was when they got stuck in the blinds. And that’s why they don’t learn from their mistakes.

9 Not today, Junior

Via: tumblr.com

Don't you hate it when you are trying to enjoy a meal, and someone is hovering over you? Whether they want a bite of your food or they just want you to hurry up and finish, it is never a pleasant feeling.

This image from the San Diego Zoo, in particular, rings true for mothers who are already exhausted enough as it is nourishing their child all the time.

Sometimes, they just need a few moments for themselves. So when this mama panda decided to take a break from parenting for just one brief second when her baby climbed on her back, well, you can see the reaction for yourself. The truth is that she just wanted two minutes of serenity to enjoy some leaves, but alas, her needy child wasn't having any of it.

It is like those times you see a parent take their toddler out for a nice meal only to not even get to take a bite of their own food because they’re too busy feeding and entertaining the toddler the whole time. Except that humans have to behave and can’t just ignore their kid like this panda did but you get where we’re going with it. So we can't really blame the mama bear for having such a reaction and gently tossing her child off her back. Sometimes you just gotta do you? Sorry, kid.

8 Too bad he can’t read

“I told you I couldn’t read” screamed the polar bear as he slipped on ice and a bystander shook his head at him. There’s just one problem with placing a warning sign for the polar bears to proceed with caution on slippery ice—they have absolutely no idea what a sign even is. This is basically the same thing as when you go to exit a place and a sign clearly says push to exit and you stand for 10 minutes trying to yank the door open. Except that we are capable of reading so have absolutely no excuse, whereas polar bears are animals and have slightly more of an excuse for this happening.

Although, at the same time, one would think that a polar bear that has dealt with the harsh elements of winter his whole life would have figured out how to walk on ice by now, but it seems that he has not. Perhaps he was just having one of those days when things just don’t go your way. Like those mornings when you get out of bed and stub your toe and then splash water all over yourself as you wash your face. Sometimes being clumsy is unavoidable.

7 Not the best hiding spot

Clearly, this hedgehog hasn’t learned yet that just because you can’t see them does not mean that they can’t see you. Based on this photo, if we had to guess, we would say that this hedgehog is playing hide-and-seek for the first time. Or perhaps, he was just straight up playing and thought that the toilet paper roll was a tunnel, only to realize when it was too late that it was not.

Then, the next thing he knew, he was sitting in darkness wondering what on earth was happening to him.

The thing about hedgehogs is that they're super adorable, but they're still animals. So, this guy may not have the sense to figure out that he’s merely stuck in a toilet paper roll. So while he’s sitting there in a panic wondering why the lights went off or why he can no longer see, his owner is taking his sweet time to rescue him. That’s the trouble with social media, we all are far too worried about capturing the perfect moment for Instagram rather than worrying about our hedgehog’s feelings. OK, we’ll admit do not have a hedgehog but after seeing this, we would like one.

6 Frisbee-1, Dog-0

Give a dog a heads up when you about throw a Frisbee at its head, would ya? This poor dog was either not expecting to have the Frisbee thrown at him or he was simply not in the mood to play, but his owner did not listen. Generally, when a dog sees a ball or a Frisbee, their tail starts wagging, their tongue hangs out and they are acting excited to play. On the flip side, if they do not display such signs of excitement, then that’s typically a sign for the owner that they are not in the mood to play.

There’s no doubt that this dog on is probably thinking, “classic Becky not paying attention to what I really want.” Now, not only did this dog have to endure a frisbee to the head but the whole thing was also recorded for Instagram, Snapchat and who knows what other social media application. We can only imagine what our dogs would say to us if they could speak in a moment like this. In the meantime, if we had to wager a guess, we would imagine whatever this dog would say would make him sound super unimpressed.

5 Total flop

Fortunately, for this baby penguin, it seems that clumsy does not run in the family. While this father penguin is supposed to be showing this little one the ropes, he's not precisely succeeding as the mama penguin would have hoped. Here, she thought she was sending her daughter and penguin daddy out for a pleasant bonding stroll, but the whole thing almost ended in disaster. While walking along this dad was probably too busy consumed with telling his little girl to hurry along and pay attention to her surroundings that he almost wiped out himself.

What sort of example are you setting?

Evidently, the kid took after the mother penguin and held her own as the dad almost fell face first into the ice. Although, we do have to hand it to him for his recovery. Nice flipper work, dad. This reminds us of those moments where you tell your kid or a friend “Watch, this is how it’s done,” and then it ends in a fail. Like when we were kids and were trying to show another kid how to skateboard the “right” way only to hop on the board and just as quickly land on our faces.

4 Does this count?

Via: browzy.com

We can’t imagine that this reptile was too delighted when he munched into a Croc, only to realize that it doesn’t taste like anything edible. We bet at first he was so proud of himself for finding a snack before all of the other gators, only to have failed immensely at it. Not only does a Croc (the shoe) taste bad but it looks horrendous too. That’s right, Crocs are just about as delicious as they look and that’s really saying all that you need to know. So talk about a major fail on this reptile's part. Unless, of course, his intention all along was to destroy this ugly shoe? In which case, bravo Mr. Gator you have done a huge service to the rest of the world.

Ain’t nobody got time to be looking or wearing such unattractive shoes. Whoever threw that Croc into the water in the first place, what kind of a monster are you polluting the rivers in such a manner? It’s bad enough to litter, but then to throw a plastic croc in with a couple of real crocs? Well, that is just all sorts of savage. How about next time you leave the alligators out of it when you are trying to dispose of your unattractive shoes.

3 Frenemies

What kind of a friend treats their other friend in this manner? Not a very good one at that. The polar bear in the water already looks like he's struggling to stay afloat with his paw raised for help and then his friend decides to relieve himself. He literally has a whole ocean around him to pee in, but instead chooses to do it right on his friend's head. Talk about a frenemy.

We bet when he was done, he probably played it off like, "Hey man, sorry, I didn't see you there."

Meanwhile, we all know that that is a blatant lie. Convenient that he turns his back away from his friend in the water to feign innocence. Photos don't lie and this photo surely blew this bad friend's cover? It seems like the polar bear in the water is going to have to start making smarter choices when it comes to his friendships. We've all been there, don't worry. This reminds us of our friends who have played us like this before. OK, not quite like this as none of our friends have ever done this to us but they have committed other friendship crimes. Like letting us walk around with smeared lipstick across our faces and on our teeth.

2 Yard work is not for everybody

Via: imgur.com

Yardwork...need we say more? The truth is that yard work is not for everybody. In fact, it's not for most people. There's just something tedious about mowing the lawn, watering the lawn, trimming the hedges, etc. that make us feel like we are fighting an uphill battle. Just like this cat who probably had no idea what he was getting himself into before taking a crack at the lawn hose. Little did he know within a matter of seconds he would have his whole body trapped inside of the hose.

Not to mention, the more you resist it, the harder it becomes to escape it. It's like when you're a kid and your parents are forcing you to do yard work but you keep saying now. But instead of listening to you, the more you resist it the more they would insist that you do it. We feel you, kitty. It’s a hard hard situation to get out of but on the bright side you have nine lives and chances are this would not even put a dent in one of them. Perhaps next time you should be a little more cautious when choosing where to take your afternoon nap.

1 Nice try

Say what you want about this clumsy kitten, but at least we can all give him brownie points for effort. Perhaps, this kitten is not that great at measuring distance yet. Nor, is he that great at being realistic and perhaps he has an inflated confidence. But despite these possible shortcomings, this kitten is not afraid to live his life. Even though he may have just lost one of his nine lives at least, he can say that he tried and looked mighty cute doing it while he was at it.

There is nothing that we love more than an overly-confident kitten.

It's just a lethal combination of curiosity and bravery that almost always ends in disaster, but also makes for some adorable footage. So while he may not have completed the jump this time, there's always next time. Although chances are that next time will end in a similar manner because, let’s face it, kittens do not really take such fails to heart. And quite honestly, we would not have it any other way. We would much rather a curious clumsy kitten than one who just sits away from us all day with judgmental eyes (there’s plenty of time for that when the kitten turns into an adult cat).

References: Fortune

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