Dietitian Explains Why The Best Side To Have With Your Burger Is Another Burger

Next time you're trying to pick the perfect side to go with your burger, consider your health and maybe just add another burger to the mix.

What's your go-to side when you head out for a burger? Probably some fries, maybe a mess of onion rings, or perhaps even some mac and cheese. It might depend on where exactly you're eating that burger for a lot of people. Whatever it is, and wherever you are, chances are it is going to be something carbohydrate-based.

When it comes to sides, that's usually the norm. However, a dietician has pointed out why we should probably steer clear of the most popular side of all, the aforementioned fries. Usually, dieticians and nutritionists weigh in on issues like this to ruin our good time. Anyone remember the guy who stated the perfect number of fries per portion is six? Yeah, try per mouthful guy.

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This piece of advice is one we might actually take. Emily Field explained to Business Insider that instead of getting fries with our burgers, we should get an extra burger instead. That's the kind of thinking we can get behind. While the caloric intake is often similar, the nutritional balance of the burger is more beneficial than a portion of fries.

Field used McDonald's as an example. A regular hamburger from the fast-food giant contains 250 calories, while a small portion of french fries contains 230. Even though you'd be consuming a slightly higher number of calories if you traded the fries out for an extra burger, the burger contains less fat and a lot more protein. That means the meal will keep you feeling fuller for longer.

We like the sound of this, but have one issue with the example Field has used. When we frequent McDonald's, we're not ordering a plain hamburger with a small order of fries. Then again, as our burgers get bigger, so do our fries, so we'd imagine the same premise applies to an extent. Give it a try next time you pop out for a burger. Forgo the sides, get another sandwich, and chances are you'll eat less for the rest of the day.

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