Disabled Farm Animals Find New Home At Israeli Sanctuary

The Freedom Farm Sanctuary rescues disabled and abused farm animals, as well as those destined for the slaughterhouse, and gives them a new life.

A group of disabled and/or abused animals have found refuge at an animal sanctuary in Israel.

Freedom Farm aims to educate people on animals and the practices that have landed them there. With a roster of adorable cows with prosthetics, fluffy ducklings, and innocent lambs, this is the kind of sanctuary that benefits everyone involved.

Covering just over 5 acres in the beautiful countryside of Moshav Olesh, Freedom Farm boasts rolling hills, vegetable gardens, and modern facilities for both people and animals to enjoy. For the 240 animals in its care, the farm was their last chance at life. The majority of the animals were saved from nearby slaughterhouses, though some were rescued directly from abusers or even found on the roadside.

The photos on Freedom Farm’s Facebook are tear-jerking, to say the least. With baby goats in sweaters, ducklings being embraced by children, and lambs wearing stylish socks, it’s easy to forget where these beloved animals came from. Though there are plenty of heartwarming rescue animal stories, the backstory of the animals at Freedom Farm make their new lives even more satisfying.

Nir, a calf whose leg was broken and then amputated, holds the title of the first cow in Israel to wear a prosthetic leg. Without the help of the sanctuary, he would have been put down.

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There’s even Gary, a sheep who doesn’t let leg splints keep him from being stylish. Sporting pink socks and a perfectly cuddly demeanor, he’s almost enough to make you book the next flight to Israel.

Cuddling with the animals is one of the biggest draws of Freedom Farm. Since it’s been proven petting animals is a stress reducer, it’s no wonder people find such catharsis in visiting them. According to Hurriyet Daily News, the owners, Adit Romano and Meital Ben Ari, know this is the best way to forge an important connection.

“If you want people to open their hearts toward these animals, we have to bring them close," Romano said.

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via: Facebook

While the sanctuary draws people in with the promise of cute animals, it also provides educational experiences for visitors to really understand why cows try desperately to escape slaughterhouse trucks, and why animals react so profoundly to being rescued. According to their website, a museum informing people of inhumane slaughterhouse practices and the effects of the meat industry on climate change is due to open soon.

If the photos weren’t enough to make you tear up, perhaps the stories of these rescued animals was. We’re so overjoyed to see something this wholesome happening in the world and making such a powerful impact on the animals living here. From slaughterhouse trucks and abusive owners, to lazing around in meadows with pink sweaters, it’s safe to say these animal's lives have been turned around in the best way possible.

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