Discarded Milk Is Helping Struggling Farmers While Feeding The Hungry

Over the last couple of years, Pennsylvania has lost over 100 dairy farmers due to lack of milk products being consumed in favor of non-dairy alternatives. Those that are still in business were struggling to find a way to use their discarded milk. Sadly, they could not afford to pay to have the milk processed into cheese or yogurt.

As the hunger problem and farming struggles began taken over Pennsylvania, the non-profit company Philabundance decided to come up with a plan. They were able to secure funding from the Pennsylvania Agricultural Surplus System, as well as donations from the dairy industry. Philabundance collected over 12 tankers of discarded milk from farmers. They took the milk to local cheesemakers, where thousands of pounds of cheese and yogurt were made, then given solely to food pantries.

The non-profit company not only paid the farmers for the discarded milk, they were able to use it to feed those that were hungry. Their initiative has been so successful that Philabundance has taken the new venture even further. They started to buy milk outright from the farmers and have it turned into cheese to be sold.

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Philabundance created the brand Abundantly Good Cheese and started selling it at fancy, gourmet cheese shops. For each pound of cheese that is sold, $1 goes right back to the farmers, so they can process the excess milk into cheese for the hungry. They are now venturing into paying the framers to process the milk into yogurt, then buying the yogurt from the farmers and giving it to people in need.

The Abundantly Good brand is all about community. It was created to help not only struggling farmers but also those who are hungry. They have come up with a way for farmers to earn additional revenue, as well as for the brand to make money that always goes back to the community.

Although the process of how it all works is still a little confusing, one thing is for sure, Philabundance has stepped up to help the people of Pennsylvania in a cool, innovative manner. Perhaps we should all think a little bit more outside the box to come up with creative solutions to unfortunate issues such as this one.

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