Disgruntled Gamer Bought “Fallout 76” Add-On Web Domain Just To Rip Apart Bethesda

After Fallout 76's $99.99 USD subscription service- Fallout 1st- turned out to be beyond broken, many fans only grew angrier at Bethesda Softworks. The massive company had released a live service video game that had upset both gamers and critics for its lack of content (among other things). So to see the company create a pricey subscription service was even more upsetting. But to discover that this pricey subscription service was a mess pushed many over the edge.

One fan went so far as to buy a Fallout 76 add-on web domain to rip Bethesda apart. The fan's name is David Chapman, and he snagged this domain right from under Bethesda's nose. The idea for it- aside from his anger- was also to have fellow Fallout 76 fans see his critique if they were to look up the game's broken subscription service.

"My motivation stems from a frustration with Bethesda. And in general the current trend of the gaming industry. They said players had been asking for this - players never asked to pay a subscription for features hidden behind a pay wall. That was the straw that broke the camel's back and made me make this website," Chapman explained in a recent media interview.

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"I've been a fan of the series for some time. But I haven't played Fallout 76 in eight months. I love the response. The point I knew I'd done good was when someone said after they heard about Fallout 1st they just typed in [the domain I took] and got my site," he added.

Chapman bought the web domain in question by using the Fallout 1st name- something that Bethesda didn't think to purchase beforehand. This purchase only cost Chapman $27.46 USD, but he wouldn't mind selling the domain to Bethesda. Having said that, he would only do so under one very specific condition.

"I would like to sit down with [Fallout 76 director] Todd Howard and have a constructive discussion about Fallout 1st. I care about their games and the direction they are heading. I would love to be the mediator between Bethesda and the gaming community," Chapman concluded.

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