10 Disney Dog Names To Bring Your Favorite Character To Life

From princes and princesses to animated canines, these are the best Disney-inspired names for your pooch!

Disney is full of many characters, from inspiring ones to adorable ones to funny ones. If you’re getting a new dog, whether it be a puppy or an older dog you’re adopting, finding the perfect name is important. You want to find the name that fits your dog and their personality. When finding that ideal name, going for a Disney character name is a great place to start. There are so many wonderful names to choose from. Some which are even named after Disney dogs.

Here are 10 awesome Disney dog names that are perfect for your new pup.

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Flynn Rider is the suave thief with a heart of gold from Tangled. He’s definitely a handsome and sweet Disney Prince character that many people adore. If you have a dog who is very cute but also likes to get up to too much mischief, Flynn is a great choice. 

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Flynn might be adventurous and a bit reckless, but he’s also the type of character who will always have your back. If this sounds like your dog, the name could be a perfect fit.


Bolt is the adorable dog and title character of the movie Bolt. When this little white German Shepherd realizes he doesn’t actually have the actual powers he thought he did while starring on a TV show, he ends up having to navigate the streets of New York to find his owner. If you have a super cute pup who has an adventurous soul and is a little daring, Bolt could be the perfect name. This is the perfect choice for a puppy of any breed.


Ruby is a more obscure Disney name as it’s the name of a dog on Lady and the Tramp 2: Scamp’s Adventure. However, it’s just such an adorable name for a female dog it had to be included on the list. 

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Ruby is a good fit for a dog who has an element of classiness about her but still is a little bit rambunctious. Ruby would fit well as a name for a smaller breed or really any breed.


Belle is definitely a favorite Disney princess. She’s smart and independent, and this makes her a fan favorite. If you have a female dog that is exceptionally smart and also beautiful (Belle does mean beauty, after all), then this name could be the right one to go for. Plus, you’ll always be reminded of one of the classic Disney princesses when you call your dog's name which makes it a perfect way to give your dog a great name while showing off your love of Disney.


Dodger is the Jack Russell Terrier from the movie Oliver and Company. This endearing film was a must-watch for many '90s kids, and Dodger is a street-wise dog who is also super cute. In fact, Chris Evans actually has a dog named Dodger, which makes this name doubly connected to Disney since Evans plays Captain America. If your dog has a bit of an attitude but is a big sweetie deep down, you should definitely consider naming him Dodger.


Lucky is the name of one of the most well-known puppies on 101 Dalmatians. This super cute little puppy gets his name because he’s really lucky. If you have a dog who started life out with some health problems or other difficulties and you’ve now given them a better life, Lucky is the perfect name. It’s also an especially good name for your dog if you have a Dalmatian, but it’s a pretty generic name so it would be a good choice for almost any dog breed.


Penny is another name of one of the Dalmatian puppies from 101 Dalmatians, making it a great name for a female Dalmation or any other female dog.  

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Plus, Penny is also the name of Bolt’s owner from the movie Bolt, making this choice doubly representative of Disney pets. If your doggo is sweet and snuggly, Penny would be a very fitting name.


Felix is the name of a character from Wreck-It Ralph. While Felix might not be the best character from that movie, the name is definitely a great one. Felix is a perfect name for an older rescue dog who has a funny personality and a wise soul. 

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Or, if you love that movie but want to name your dog after the title character, Ralph is also a good name for a dog who is a larger breed. When it comes to naming dogs after Disney characters, it’s always fun to think outside the box and figure out how to match your dog’s personality up with characters.


Stitch, from Disney's Lilo and Stitch, is such a perfect character to name a dog after. Stitch starts out very wild and bad and is always getting into trouble. He doesn’t listen at all and seems to be rather mean, but he’s actually just looking for a family and someone to love him. He’s super smart and loyal to Lilo. If your dog is one that is disobedient and bratty, but really just needs a lot of love and care, Stitch is the perfect name. Some dogs are a little harder to train than others, but they are just as deserving of love.


Pluto is the quintessential Disney dog. As Mickey Mouse’s dog, Pluto has been in the Disney world for decades and is the perfect name for you to choose if you just love Disney and always have. Pluto is a really smart and loyal dog. He might get into a little trouble here and there, but, at the end of the day, he is always looking out for Mickey. If your dog is super devoted to you, and you to them, Pluto is the ideal name.

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