Disney To Remake Lady And The Tramp With Real Dogs

Lady and the Tramp

Disney is going to remake Lady and the Tramp but use real dogs instead of rampant CGI.

The past few years have been rife with Disney live-action remakes. First we had Maleficent, which still had real-life actors, then we went on to Puff the Magic Dragon which saw some CG creeping in. Then after that, we had Beauty and the Beast with even more CG, until finally we get to the remake of the Jungle Book which was almost entirely made with computer graphics save for one lone Indian boy.

Now we have The Lion King set to release without a single live animal shown, and Disney has the gall to call it a live-action film!

Somebody at Disney needs to explain to their marketing department the difference between live-action and computer-generated animation.

And it looks like somebody just might have done so. According to a new report from Collider, the next Disney remake will be Lady and the Tramp and it will feature 100% real life dogs on camera.

The report comes from an interview with actor Thomas Mann who will play the seldom seen human male figure in the movie, although the humans will take a more active role than in the 1955 Disney classic.

Mann also revealed a few more tidbits: the director will be Charlie Bean (from The LEGO Ninjago Movie), Lady will be voiced by Tessa Thompson (Thor: Ragnarok, Sorry to Bother You, Creed and Creed II), and the Tramp will be voiced by Justin Theroux (The Lego Ninjago Movie, The Spy Who Dumped Me).


We also know that Disney will release this film on their streaming service, Disney Plus, rather than as a theatrical release. This likely means it’ll be a bit lower budget than all the CG blockbusters we’ve been seeing, but that doesn’t matter so long as there are real dogs.

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We know that Lady will be played by a pupper named Rose who looks almost exactly like the movie version. Apparently, Disney was more interested in dogs that looked like the originals rather than well-trained dogs, which meant that filming was a bit of a chore. Some of the dogs were trained for only 3 months before the start of filming, which is not a long time.

When this movie will come out is still a bit of a mystery, as is whether or not some CG will be used to make it look like the dogs will talk or if we’ll just stick with the mind-speaking found in Homeward Bound. Either way, so long as the CG is kept to a minimum, we’re sure this will be a great remake.


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